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WARNING: This post may cause hurtie feelings syndrome and violent Jihad

Fransen (pictured), the head of anti-Islamization group Britain First, relentlessly exposed the pedophilia-condoning Muslims, forcing them to ultimately pack up and retreat. (Photo source: YouTube)

I am not responsible for any actions taken by any person who chooses to be offended by this post. I am fortunate in New Zealand as I am currently not risking death or jail time when I exercise my freedom of speech. Already in The Netherlands, France, Sweden, Canada and the United Kingdom citizens are not so fortunate.

Jayda Fransen in?this video risks both as she is a member of the Political party Britain First. She points out the inconvenient truth about the inherent acceptance of paedophilia in Islam because the prophet Muhammad is considered the perfect man and all his actions the perfect example for mankind.

Many politically correct people claim that the majority of Muslims are moderates and they base this belief on the fact that it is a tiny minority of Muslims in the West that stab, bomb, run over or behead unbelievers. They are wrong to think that extremist belief is just about committing violence it is also about ignoring it (not reporting extremists to the police) ?condoning it, assisting it and celebrating it. It also includes values that we in the West find repugnant.

The “moderate” majority is still reading from the same Quran and following the same prophet as the extremists and the Quran justifies pedophilia.

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Turkey has no moral right to demand visa-free travel but they have Europe over a barrel


While Turkey fails to protect Syrian refugee children from child rape which is widespread, it continues to hold Europe over a barrel ?as it threatens to tear up a controversial migrant deal if ?its citizens are not granted visa-free travel within the European Union.

The facts on the ground indicate that the sexual abuse of children in Turkey is extremely widespread and the Turkish state authorities are not acting responsibly.
When Syrian babies and other children, as well as women, are being raped and treated horribly in Turkey, and their abusers go free; when journalists covering these abuses are threatened; when publication bans are imposed on the crimes committed against Syrians, and when criminals are given “good conduct abatement” by courts, Turkey seems to be one of the last countries on earth to have the moral right to demand visa-free travel in Europe or anywhere else.

…A 9-month-old Syrian baby was raped in the Islahiye district of Gaziantep on August 19.

…Huseyin Simsek, the journalist who covered the incident for the newspaper Birgun, said that that he and the newspaper received countless death threats on social media for reporting the rape.

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Raped by a refugee? don’t ask a Liberal for help

We think of Liberals as being caring and the social conscience of our countries. After all they often describe conservatives as heartless and selfish so they must be the opposite. Liberals are the ones that want to bring in more refugees. They are the ones that want open borders and do not value western culture.When their open door policies have terrible consequences for women and children you would think that they would do all they could to help and protect them. After all aren’t Liberals feminists and don’t they hate the patriarchy? Unfortunately when refugee girls and women are brutally raped by other refugees within Liberal run asylum centres, the Liberal employees in many cases do not want to know. They are suppressing inconvenient truths as they do not want to admit that their big social experiment is having disastrous consequences.

After a 10-year-old girl was raped by a fellow refugee, she went to asylum center employees, only to be given an equally sickening response.

A little girl was lured into a migrant man?s room at an asylum center and brutally raped while her screams for help went ignored. When he was finished, she ran to the liberal worker and told them what had happened. However, instead of calling the police and helping the injured and traumatized child, they had just one concern.

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The NZEI can no longer lie that they did not know…

Continuing on from my previous post, the NZ Herald has discovered that the NZEI did, in fact, know about child rapist?Robert Burrett.

Robert Burrett’s spiral from principal to child rapist started when he triggered a mass exodus of pupils from a small town school, according to a new document uncovered by a Herald investigation.

During Burrett’s controversial two-year tenure as principal of Lake Rotoma School, near Rotorua, the school roll was cut by almost half, forcing the board to fire a teacher.

The roll dropped from 70 pupils to just 41, according to a 1993 report from the former board chair to the Ministry of Education.

The board report, released to the Herald under the Official Information Act, was only discovered by the ministry after the Herald asked it to check its records again on complaints against Burrett.

The document highlights how the Rotoma community, parents and teachers united to fight against Burrett before he was officially removed in 1992.

School teachers called in a union representative to help ease their tensions with the principal and at least 60 members of the Rotoma community signed a petition to force the board to sack Burrett amid allegations of poor teaching and incompetency.

The battle to force Burrett out of Rotoma put huge stress on the school, with three staff members resigning and morale “at an all time low,” the report written by former board chair Jenny Michie states.

“The board’s biggest concern at this time is the school roll, which as it stands will leave us in the unenviable position of having to drop a grade A teacher… Naturally, our two teachers [are] extremely worried about their future… as are we all,” according to the report.

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We should start pursuing parental neglect as a serious crime

Who is looking after the children?

In many cases where the answer is “not their parents”, safe and sensible alternatives will have been put in place by Child Youth and Family (CYF). But given news of the awful neglect of two young children in Christchurch, it would appear CYF intervention may not always be for the better.

The case exposed this week makes for shocking reading. An 8-year-old girl and her 7-year-old brother are the victims of serious neglect, suffering from appalling health issues which are entirely preventable and treatable. They have been cared for by a grandparent since they were babies.

Last month, the children’s carer rang the home of a family friend to ask if she could pick them up from school. The friend was subsequently horrified to discover how their health had suffered since the last time she cared for them, about a year earlier.

The girl had psoriasis, a boil caused by malnutrition and the worst case of head lice their doctor said she had seen in a decade. The boy was seriously underweight at just 18kg and had impetigo on his chest, which had been covered over with two dressings. Both were sick when they were fed by the friend.

After taking the children to CYF the following day, she kept them at her two-bedroom flat for another night before visiting the doctor and returning them to their mother, because she feared she would be reported for “kidnapping them” if they stayed with her. The children have since gone back to their carer’s home.

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The Mark of the Beast?


A convicted child sex offender has cut off his ankle bracelet and is on the run from police in Wellington.

Police have grave concerns for Daniel Livingstone, who is subject to an extended supervision order following his release from prison in 2014.

They were called to his Upper Hutt address this morning by Corrections staff when the tamper alarm on his monitoring bracelet was activated. Officers gained entry to the address and found the bracelet.

He may be in possession of a medium-sized dark blue suitcase with a hard shell, or a large maroon suitcase, but is not thought to have access to a vehicle.

Livingstone was convicted in 2006 for the abduction and rape of a 10-year-old girl in Whangarei.

A real poster boy then. The fact he cut his ankle bracelet off is one thing, but at least this caused an immediate response. ?Didn’t it? ? Read more »

Throw away the key

Caution ?- ?the material in this article deals with child rape.?

I thought long and hard about drawing attention to this. ?But in the end, I think it is important we know what goes on in our communities

A ”high-risk” Timaru paedophile who recorded himself raping three young girls has been sentenced to 18 years in jail.

Phillip Brendon Page, 36, was sentenced in the High Court at Timaru today on 26 child sex charges by Justice Rachel Dunningham, who imposed a minimum non-parole period of 10 years.

The 26 charges Page had admitted included five of sexual violation by rape, six of sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection, 11 of doing an indecent act on a child, two of doing an indecent act on a young person, and two of doing an indecent act with intent to insult or offend.

When he pleaded guilty in the High Court at Christchurch last year, the Crown said the offending involved four girls and two boys and took place over several years.

He began encouraging and instructing a girl aged five or six to expose herself so that he could take pictures. Police found 151 photographs and 11 videos on a compact disc.

He photographed himself raping the girl while she appeared to be sleeping, and took two photographs of another rape.

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Evil Trifecta: Child sex abuse, Catholics and teachers

I continue to wonder why this continues to be exposed n Australia, and somehow New Zealand seems immune.

So far.

A Catholic principal encouraged a parent to let the school deal with child sex abuse complaints against a teacher rather than police, an inquiry has heard.

The father, known as KQ, says his daughter, known as KA, told him she had been touched on her breast by her teacher at a Queensland primary school in September 2007.

KQ has told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse that he had immediately called the principal to report the allegations.

A few days later KQ and his daughter had a meeting at the school with the principal and a student protection officer.

KQ says they told him there were two ways to deal with his daughter’s complaint – to treat it as an informal complaint and for the school to handle it internally, or make a formal complaint in writing and call in child protection officers and police.

KQ told the inquiry he was unsure how serious the complaint against the teacher was, and that the principal gave him the impression it would be easier to deal with informally.

“I expected the school would look after things,” KQ told the inquiry, which is sitting in Brisbane.

“I did not know they had a duty to tell police.

The Catholic Church ?may have a standing order for brushing sexual abuse under the carpet, but being teachers, additional laws come into play. ? Read more »

Bye Bye, Pope (Warning: Course Language)

Vatican abuse of power: Shields Pope from Growing Prosecution Efforts


Abby Zimet at? reports

Amidst growing efforts by international law advocates to arrest and?prosecute?Pope Benedict for the Church’s cover-up of child sex crimes, Vatican officials have announced they will give the retiring Pontiff?sanctuary, arguing that otherwise he would be “defenseless” – a feeling likely familiar to the Church’s many victims of sexual abuse.

A week before his resignation, the Pope reportedly?heard?from an undisclosed European government that the?International Tribunal into Crimes Against Church and State?(ITCCS) had called on “all people of conscience” to “disestablish the Vatican,” and?seek?Benedict’s and others’ arrests for crimes against humanity. ? Read more »