Childhood obesity

Time for a fat-bastard tax


Forget sugar taxes, fat taxes or anything else based on ingredients. We should be taxing the fatty not the food the fatty scoffs.

Kiwis are porky and dangerously deluded about it, a new study has found.

While we might tout ourselves as a sports-mad nation, the reality is most of us are hopelessly inactive.

According to a study comparing 11 countries, Kiwis were not only the chubbiest, but were “wildly off the mark” in estimating how fat they were.

While six in 10 were overweight or obese, most thought only 45 per cent of us fitted that description, independent research for the annual Cigna 360? Wellbeing Score found.

Health and nutrition experts are not surprised.?”I think it’s normal to be overweight now,” New Zealand Nutrition Foundation dietitian?Sarah Hanrahan?said. ? Read more »

CLAIM: Fat chicks as big a threat as terrorism

Terrorist in training

Terrorist in training

The UK’s Chief Medical Officer says the obesity threat for fat chicks is as big a risk as terrorism.

Obesity poses as big a risk to the nation as terrorism, says the Chief Medical Officer.

Dame Sally Davies wants the obesity crisis in women to be classed alongside flooding and major outbreaks of disease ? as well as the threat from violent extremism.

Her extraordinary claim comes as she warns today that being overweight affects all stages of women?s lives ? including in the womb.

It may lead them to being teased as teenagers, having higher-risk pregnancies and possibly developing breast cancer or heart disease after the menopause. ? Read more »

Will New Zealand parents with fat kids be charged with child abuse?


Feeding your kids up so much they are junior fat bastards is child abuse.

Perhaps a Fat Bastard Tax should be levied against the parents.

The Government aims to have nearly all obese children referred to a doctor by the end of 2017.

The target is central to a new plan to reduce childhood obesity, announced today by Health Minister Jonathan Coleman.

Alongside it are public information and physical activity programmes, but there are no plans to put a tax on fatty foods.

The Government isn’t going to try to regulate the amount of sugar in food and Dr Coleman says evidence that taxing fizzy drinks reduces obesity is inconclusive. ? Read more »

EXPOSED: Ministry of Health funded group running #dirtypolitics


State-funded group Agencies for Nutrition Action can now be exposed for running a campaign straight from the playbook of dirtypolitics.

Under the guise of reducing childhood obesity under the banner of #protectourkidsnz this trougher group has pulled together ?a group of motivated people? a group of other troughers to lobby for:

  1. Healthy food polices in all schools and early childhood services (?getting the tuckshop to match the classroom teaching?)
  2. Restrictions on junk food marketing to kids (?it is unethical to allow junk food ads targeting kids in the middle of a childhood obesity epidemic?)
  3. Taxes on sugary drinks (?to reduce consumption and provide funding for childhood obesity prevention programs?)

Some would say if that is what it takes to reduce obesity in kids, then that?s a good thing.

But that?s not the point.

It?s their covert lobbying strategy specifically designed to put heat on the Government and their paymasters at the Ministry of Health and the Health Research Council which will be their undoing.

Let?s break this down and see what they?re really pushing for: Read more »

The mediterranean diet will save our kids from obesity…oh wait!

We have been told by many, many health jihadists that our kids are fat and that if we modelled our diets on the mediterranean diet to solve this.

But wait…the heftiest kids in the world are fatties who eat the mediterranean diet…ahead of our kids.

Matthew Yglesias?writes at Vox:

Most people know that the United States has a childhood obesity problem. Less well known is that according to?the latest data from the OECD?is that we are not actually the world leaders in experiencing this issue. It’s Greece and Italy who have the most overweight kids:


overweightkids Read more »

Greens are going to spend $100 million on feeding fat kids

You might think my headline is a bit over the top.

But that is the reality of the situation. The Green party website is filled with references of the problem with child obesity, particularly for kids in poor families.

Source/ Green party website

Source/ Green party website

In 2012 Kevin Hague was banging on about obesity too.

?As soon as it was elected the Government dumped – for irrational ideological reasons – the healthy food standards that the Green Party had managed to get implemented,? said Green Party health spokesperson Kevin Hague.

“This new study, reported in the New York Times, shows that banning unhealthy food and drinks in schools reduces obesity. The Health Ministry’s nutritional guidelines released last week demonstrate the importance of healthy food to child achievement.

“The guidelines say under 18-year-olds should not be consuming energy drinks, and highlights how schools can be role models for healthy eating.? Read more »

Enterprising, but wait till the whingers try to shut him down


The market gives up all sorts of opportunities and customers wants and needs must be met.

Entrepreneurs find those niches and cater to the wants and needs of those customers…until the wowsers move in and try to shut them down.

With a car boot full of fizzy drinks, crisps and sweets, it is hardly surprising that he is popular with pupils.

But parents and teachers are furious at the mobile trader who has set up shop at the gates of their school.? Read more »

How long before Boyd Swinburn advocates this here?


Social Workers in the UK have found another reason to meddle with families…fat kids…and they are taking the kids off the parents essentially saying obesity is akin to child abuse.

Part of me thinks this may be a good idea but it is really thin end of the wedge stuff…what if another person like Boyd Swinburn gets a bee in their bonnet about kids playing on a Playstation or an X-Box…will social workers come and take their kids then as well?

What about houses where parents don;t believe in global warming…will the social workers come for them too?

Obese children have been taken away by social workers after being overfed by their families, it has been revealed.

The super-size youngsters were placed in care across the UK amid fears their weight was wrecking their health.? Read more »

Are their eyes painted on?

Is there a problem with parents using their own eyes to determine?whether their kids might overweight in comparison to every other kid?in the same age bracket?

Trougher Boyd Swinburn raises his well subsidised head again and moans because parents aren’t being told their kids are enormous fat bastards. No doubt he will be applying to the Ministry Of Health for more government funding.

Parents are ?not being told when their child is overweight or obese because health officials are worried they will be upset.

This is despite New Zealand slipping back “markedly” in child obesity prevention because the Government has done away with key policies such as the Healthy Eating, Healthy Action plan, according to Boyd Swinburn, the professor of population nutrition and global health at Auckland University. ? Read more »

Fatties Breed Fatties

? NZ Herald

It isn’t really a surprise that fatties breed fatties. Though I guess there has to be some research done so Cat Pause can feed at the public trough:

Have you been to the food court lately? It’s school holiday time and all around the country, these places are filled with the joyous sounds of kids and adults chowing down on their favourite treats.

I was at my local food court in Auckland’s St Lukes mall the other day and there were people walking everywhere, with plates piled high with greasy, glistening mountains of deep fry from the buffet. The sheer volume of food some people can put away is quite something – and this was just before lunch.

It’s difficult to know the right way to say this, without sounding like a preacher and a prat, but judging by the food court scene, it’s no wonder New Zealand has an obesity problem. The people carrying those big plates of food were big – some very big – and they had large kids in tow.

Dollars to Donuts when you see fat parents you see fat kids….look at the Chawners FFS.