When does a boy become a man?


by Bloke in Takapuna

Two separate events happened today that got me thinking about a topic not often discussed? when does a boy become a man?

Firstly, when talking with a mate about renovations to a sleep-out for their son who is about to become a teenager, the conversation drifted around, then to how much he?s grown, how he can now help with the heavy lifting stuff of renovations? but also how he is now starting (trying) to grow a moustache?

It seems in that household for him, puberty has arrived?

So is he a man now? Or will he only be a man once he?s lost his virginity? Or reached 21 and done a yard glass? Or something else? Boy one minute, man the next?

Westernised cultures don?t seem to have much by way of formal ?manhood ceremonies? marking the transition from child to man. So when exactly does a boy become a man? I know in one culture boys wear gloves filled with fire ants and need to prove their manhood by enduring the pain? ? ? Read more »


How long before Boyd Swinburn advocates this here?


Social Workers in the UK have found another reason to meddle with families…fat kids…and they are taking the kids off the parents essentially saying obesity is akin to child abuse.

Part of me thinks this may be a good idea but it is really thin end of the wedge stuff…what if another person like Boyd Swinburn gets a bee in their bonnet about kids playing on a Playstation or an X-Box…will social workers come and take their kids then as well?

What about houses where parents don;t believe in global warming…will the social workers come for them too?

Obese children have been taken away by social workers after being overfed by their families, it has been revealed.

The super-size youngsters were placed in care across the UK amid fears their weight was wrecking their health.? Read more »

Spare the rod spoil the child

We have this coming down the pipe at us in New Zealand, if it hasn’t already started.

Sweden has bred generations of spoiled brats.

Sweden’s liberal approach to parenting has bred a nation of ill-mannered brats, a leading expert has warned in a new book which calls on parents to seize back control of their families.

David Eberhard, who was a prominent psychiatrist before becoming a writer, warns in his new book, How Children Took Power, that Swedish parents are now unwilling to discipline their children in any way. Swedes in 1979 became the first to adopt a total smacking ban.

“We live in a culture where so-called experts say that children are ‘competent’ and the conclusion is that children should decide what to eat, what to wear, and when to go to bed,” he said.

“If you have a dinner party, they never sit quietly. They interrupt. They’re always in the centre, and the problem is that when they become young adults, they take with them the expectation that everything is centred around them, which makes them very disappointed.” ? Read more »

A pat on the back low enough and hard enough never hurt anyone

Now that our politicians have allegedly ignored the vast silent majority and passed a gay marriage bill perhaps we should revisit another bill that was passed despite massive public discord:

Smacking does children no harm as long as they know it is for the right reasons and feel loved, a study has found.

Being a strict mother can be good for children as long as the discipline is tempered with a little love and affection, the researchers claim.

But parenting groups and charities have reacted angrily to the findings, maintaining that a child can suffer long term damage from physical discipline.? Read more »