Has Trev been moonlighting again?

Trevor Mallard must have been advising the British Foreign Office on Twitter?etiquette. Though I can’t see much wrong with what he was tweeting…sounds like he was fitting in just fine with the locals in Chile:

Britain’s ambassador to?Chile?has been forced to apologise for what was meant to be a private Twitter jibe against?Argentina?and its defeat in the?Falklands war.

Jon Benjamin, a diplomat for more than 25 years, was so happy about getting a ticket to World Cup qualifying clash between the South American countries in Santiago on Tuesday that he went more public than he meant with a posting.

Adopting a Chilean football taunt that goes “Argentines, faggots, you lost the Malvinas because you are idiots”, Benjamin tweeted in Spanish, asking: “Which islands did they take off who and for being what?” But he forgot to make it private.

Twitter criticism of the self-styled “Hammers fan, Londoner at heart, Jewish atheist” included threats of violence and antisemitic responses.

Benjamin deleted his offending tweet and apologised, saying it had been a private tweet and that he had “great affection for my Argentine friends and respect for their team”. The Argentine sports daily?Ole?said that was no excuse.

The Foreign Office said: “Our ambassador to Chile appears to have inadvertently caused some controversy in a tweet. He has deleted it.”

Palming a pen

via BBC

A video of the Czech president pocketing a ceremonial pen on a state visit to Chile has become an YouTube hit, attracting 1.5 million views.

The clip shows Vaclav Klaus admiring the jewel-encrusted pen at a news conference with the Chilean president, before discreetly stashing it away.

Chilean officials say that their visitors are free to take the pens after official signing ceremonies.

However the clip has caused an embarrassing media stir for the leader.

Czech TV broadcast the video with red circles and arrows highlighting the pen, which was then posted online with a “crime scene” soundtrack.

I wonder if McCully has ever palmed a pen?