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Minimum pricing

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The strangest thing about all this is turkeys don?t usually vote for Christmas so why is Patsy trying to push up the price of alcohol?

In?the?UK minimum pricing is being fought hard and?deservedly?so…why should everyone be punished with high drinks prices because soaks can’t control themselves?

Scotch whisky producers are planning to protest to the European Commission over proposals to set a minimum price per unit of alcohol in the UK.

The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA), which represents?drinks groups?including Diageo, Chivas Brothers and Glenmorangie, will today step up its campaign against minimum pricing, which is being pursued by both the UK and Scottish governments.

Many drinks companies believe the plans are illegal, will raise prices for responsible drinkers and would do nothing to solve alcoholism.

However, in a major blow to drinks manufacturers, the health select committee has today given its backing to Downing Street?s recommendations for a minimum unit price in England and Wales.

The ruling was greeted with dismay by industry groups, which called for the addition of a ?sunset clause? that would force ministers to repeal the legislation if it does not work.

Miles Beale, chief executive of the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA), said: ?We regret the committee?s readiness to support minimum unit pricing when by its own admission there is a lack of evidence about the specific effects of different price levels.?

?Given that, it must make sense for the Government to apply a ‘sunset clause? to minimum pricing,? Mr Beale added.

Andrew Cowan, director for Diageo in Great Britain, said minimum pricing ?unfairly penalises all consumers?.