Christchurch is trying to take Hamilton’s STD title away

A syphilis surge in Christchurch has sparked a call for more awareness about safe sex.

In the past 18 months, syphilis cases have doubled in the city, according to the New Zealand Aids Foundation.

The jump in syphilis cases was due to gay and bisexual men having unprotected sex, Aids Foundation executive director Shaun Robinson said.

He said gay and bisexual men were “far more at risk” of contracting syphilis and other sexually transmitted infections than heterosexuals.

“87 per cent of all cases of syphilis in New Zealand are amongst gay and bisexual men,” he said.

“There is an easy way to stop this – use condoms.” Read more »

Fracking causes gonorrhoea, did the Greens know this?

Its true…fracking causes gonorrhoea…Vice explains how:

The rapid industrialization of North America?s countryside has brought a litany of big city problems to rural America. While critics accuse frackers of fouling air, drinking water, and farmland with swamp gas and carcinogens; prostitution, methamphetamine, and sexual crime have stalked drilling operations.

?There’s like 80 guys for every woman,? said an industry veteran who has watched a rising sprawl of trailer parks, dive bars, and strip clubs consume the North Dakota prairie in recent years. ?A friend of mine brought his wife here with him. If he turns his back on her at Walmart, there are guys talking to her when he returns.?

To fill the gap in available housing for a surging transient workforce, company-housing units?known as ?man camps??have sprung up on the outskirts of once meager population centers. It’s work hard, play hard. You are 7.6 times?more likely to die?working on an oil or gas rig than in any other industry, so it’s understandable that when payday comes, these guys want to burn off steam. Unfortunately for many small towns around the country, a?fracking worker’s idea of fun can be a bit debauched.? Read more »

EXCLUSIVE – Len Brown – fresh revelations

by Stephen Cook

The woman at the centre of the Len Brown sex scandal ?was treated for chlamydia earlier this year ? and suspects she may have contracted the disease after having unprotected sex with the embattled Auckland mayor.

Bevan Chuang was tonight in hiding after being publicly identified as the woman involved in a torrid two-year affair with Brown, who was re-elected to a second term in office with a resounding 50,000-vote majority.

Just hours after news broke of Brown?s affair with Chuang, the 32-year-old leveled? more damning allegations against the 57-year-old including claims that:

* She was treated with antibiotics earlier this year for chlamydia which she suspects she may have contracted from Brown.

* Brown had once expressed to her a desire to father her baby

* How the Auckland mayor had a reputation around the council office as a ?bit of a rooter? who couldn?t keep his eyes off attractive female staff ? Read more »

Gisborne still Clap Capital

The latest STI report is out and Gisborne is still where it is at if you want a good dose of the clap:

For both Chlamydia and?Gonorrhea?Gisborne is still?the?stand out city.

Their rate of infection for Chlamydia is 367 per 100,000 population followed closely by the areas covered by the Lakes DHB with 350 per 100,000 population.

For?Gonorrhoea, Gisborne is still tops with an infection rate of 114 per 100,000 population and the nearest rival is Hawkes Bay at just 44 per 100,000 population.

Hamilton has fallen way off the pace these days.


And the Clap Capital of New Zealand is…


ESR has released the latest clap figures and the winner…if you want a good hard dose of chlamydia gonorrhea, is Gisborne!

The figures for Chlamydia are a real stand out too for the region at more than double Auckland’s rate.

For gonorrhea they really are the hands down winner…or should that be pants down? It is?356 cases per 100 000?population, over 5-times the estimated?national rate.

Hamilton will be pleased with these results too as they have a much lower rate than the slappers of Auckland.

About the only figures where Gisborne can hold its head high is the rates for Genital Warts and Herpes. Auckland cleans out those awards.

Pity the same thing doesn’t happen to politicians

? Sydney Morning Herald

Koalas are a lot more useful than politicians but they are dying out.

The national icon is dwindling because of the combined pressures of development in its habitat, drought, climate change and from the disease chlamydia.

At least it isn’t being blamed on Global Warming.


Hastings is still the Clap Capital

The latest STI statistics are out and Hastings can still claim the title of New Zealand’s Clap Capital (full report pdf).

In the fourth quarter (October to December) 2011, SHCs reported 20 099 clinic visits. A total of 1176 cases of chlamydia, 157 cases of gonorrhoea, 206 cases of genital herpes, ?567 cases of genital warts, 17 cases of syphilis and 165 cases of NSU (males only) were ?reported in this quarter.

For Chlamydia infection rates for the top three were:

Hastings – 16.1%
Kaikohe – 14%
Invercargill/Gore and Wyndham ?- 12.9%

Rate = total no. cases/total no. clinic visits, expressed as a percentage.


The “Clapital” of New Zealand

Cool ad for Gib products…not sure it will air though.

The latest?statistics?show that Gisborne is still the best place to go in the unlikely event you want a dose of the clap.