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David Cunliffe’s Chopper Read Pitch

Cunliffe - Sh_t

David Cunliffe had an absolute shocker last night.

If David Shearer had have remained leader and polled at the same level he was polling at before he was rolled Labour would have had between 8-10 more Mps and would be looking at forming a government. ? Read more »

Will the National Party Take the Pledge and break the ‘Bro’ Code


If the Gisborne District Council can make the pledge then surely the National party can?

If Len Brown can make the pledge…well then anyone can including Peter Goodfellow. ? Read more »

There was some good in Chopper after all

Chopper Read made a death bed confession to four murders…and one of them we won’t be shedding any tears over.

Notorious Australian crime figure-turned-author Mark “Chopper” Read offered a callous confession to four murders, including two unsolved cases, in his final interview just weeks before dying from cancer.

Read, who shot to international fame after the 2000 film “Chopper” starring Eric Bana was made about his violent life, spent 23 years in jail but was never convicted of murder – despite claiming over the years to have been involved in the killing of 19 people.

In a tell-all interview with Australian current affairs programme 60 Minutes screened on Sunday night, the career criminal claimed to have carried out four murders, saying he was determined to set the record straight.

The confession was recorded just 16 days before his death earlier this month from liver cancer.

“This is the last interview, the last picture show,” said Read, who found fame in Australia after swapping his life of crime for novel-writing, including 1993’s “How to Shoot Friends and Influence People”.

“Four, that’s all you’re getting, that’s it. I haven’t killed any more than that so don’t try to make out that I have,” he said.

In a candid, often glib, recounting of the murders – three shootings and the hanging of a child-killer in his jail cell – Read denied feeling any remorse and said he felt “nothing at all” during the killings. ? Read more »

Face of the day

Notorious Melbourne crime figure turned author Mark Brandon Read has died after a long battle with liver cancer aged 58.
Read died at the Royal Melbourne Hospital on Wednesday afternoon “after a long and courageous battle with liver cancer”, his manager Andrew Parisi said.
“This is how he would wish to be remembered, as someone who spun a great yarn and made many people laugh.”
Read’s death was a tragic loss for his wife, Margaret, and his sons, Roy and Charlie, he said.
“For more than fifteen years, Mark has lived a quiet life with Margaret in Collingwood. He worked as a writer, painter and public speaker, paid his taxes and took care of his family.
“At the time of his death, we ask that people reflect on how Mark was able to overcome his past and, after more than 23 years in prison, find a way to re-enter “normal” society.
“It is as a husband, father and friend that Mark will be missed most deeply.”
The family requested privacy in their time of grief.
Read had spent much of his adult life in prison for committing multiple violent crimes, and gained infamy in his younger days for sometimes using a blowtorch or bolt cutters to remove the toes of his targets.
He also had a fellow Pentridge Prison inmate slice off both of his ears while in jail.
Read later used his career in crime as the basis for a series of bestselling true crime books, although exactly how ??true?? many of the stories are has been questioned.
?Look, honestly, I haven?t killed that many people,? Read said in an interview with The New York Times earlier this year, ?probably about four or seven, depending on how you look at it.?
Read was diagnosed with liver cancer in April last year and he also had cirrhosis. He said his illness started after contracting hepatitis C while in prison.
The owner of an inner Melbourne pub where Read was a regular said he last saw him a fortnight ago.
??He just looked yellow, as sick as I?ve seen him for some time,?? publican Glen McGee from Collingwood?s Leinster Arms said.
Mr McGee said Read was the pub?s first customer when it opened 12 years ago.
??I remember it well and that?s as sick as I?ve seen him.??He hasn?t drunk alcohol for nearly four years now because of his liver complaint.
??People took him as Chopper Read, he was just Mark to us.?? -?

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Is Chopper Read a decent shot?

What about battered husbands?

I know it doesn’t happen often, but it does happen, husbands can be battered too. So how about changing the law to say spouse…now we have gay marriage we need to be inclusive.

Moves to push for a law change allowing battered wives who kill their husbands in cold blood to plead self-defence are being considered by a government committee.

The Family Violence Deaths Review Committee says New Zealand is out of step with other countries in not offering at least a partial defence for women who kill their husbands after years of abuse. ? Read more »

HTFU Chopper

Chopper Read is in the New York Times being all soft and un-Chopper like.

MARK BRANDON READ?sat quietly drinking lemonade in a small garden behind his favorite pub, the back of his chair positioned against an aging red brick wall that afforded him a clear line of sight to all possible escape routes. He looked affable enough, and the silver-plated dentures that long ago replaced his upper front teeth only added to the disarming smile that he occasionally flashed to great effect.? Read more »

Chopper, Harden the Fuck Up

Sydney Morning Herald

Chopper Read has cancer and just weeks to live. The photo the SMH used makes it look like he is having a sook and cry. I think he needs to harden the fuck up.

Melbourne criminal Mark ”Chopper” Read has been given just weeks to live after being diagnosed with liver cancer, according to reports.

The crook-turned-author and artist used Twitter yesterday to break the news about his failing health, telling his 3428 followers: ”Looks like the big C has finally bitten. Let’s see how we go ?”

He later said he had four tumours on his liver and had been given just six weeks to live but was not afraid of dying.

“I’ve got liver cancer. They say there’s no way out of it,” the?Herald Sun?quoted him as saying.

“It depends on who you talk to. Some reckon you’ve got six weeks, some reckon you’ve got six months, some reckon if you’re looked after you could have as long as six years.

“As long as the bleeding stops, I don’t give a bugger.”

Earlier, he apologised for not ”tweeting of late – have been spending a bit of time in hospital for my liver”.

Read, whose life was immortalised by Eric Bana in the 2000 film?Chopper, later tweeted that he feels ”OK”. ”Some more surgery in a couple of weeks and hopefully I’ll be ready to rock n roll after that,” he wrote.

Chopper’s coming

Chopper?tries to make sense of the?“sheep loving”?in New Zealand.