Pour Encourager Les Autres

Mike Williams for the chop“Pour Encourager Les Autres” – to encourage the others, which is what the saying was in Revolutionary France when the heads came a tumbling down from the guillotine.

Mike Williams is trying to gild his lily – for every week he can hold onto his directorships courtesy of his Labour Party mates, he can shoulder the burden of a recession with that much more ease. The same recession his Labour mates helped inflict on the rest of us.

It’s time for National to show some guts and get rid of the brazen political appointees that infect our once proud civil service. They have a duty to each and every New Zealander to ensure those overseeing our crown organisations are able, intelligent and hardworking, rather than on the take for directors fees in return for being the ear of Clark and Cullen.

Hopefully the symbolic “execution” of Mike Williams, the dirt digger, the supervisor of smears, the Don of denigration will serve to encourage others who worked tirelessly against the new government but now find that they must serve that very government whose members they besmirch to similarly avoid the tumbrils and resign with honour.

Time is running out for them to do so with honour, the tumbrils are being drawn up, time is short.

Cullen thinks "Indigenous Peoples" has no meaning

New Zealand Parliament – 11. Terrorism Suppression Act—Government Conduct

Cullen answered a question in parliament today and said;

“…what one might call, indigenous peoples—a term, of course, that has no meaning…”

I can’t believe that he actually said it, but there it is in the transcripts of parliament, in black and white. It is undeniable that he said it. What is worse is that he said it on behalf of the Prime Minister. When another minister answers on behalf that is exactly the same the actual minister uttering the words.

Now we know why Clark refused to front at Waitangi. She simply thinks that indigenous peoples has no meaning. There goes her attempts at reconciliation with Maori, and the Maori party in particular.

She via Cullen has shown the contempt Labour shows Maori as the indigenous people of Aoteroa-New Zealand.

Labour should be looking quickly to replace Clark and Cullen before all respectability evaporates. With racist attitudes like that they have no right to govern

Sainsbury is in for a ball kicking

PM questions TVNZ’s role in hosting Iti – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on

Dear Leader, the one who was too cowardly to face Maori at Waitangi has delivered a shot across the bows of Mark Sainsbury and TVNZ for daring to pay for Tame Iti to attend Waitangi celebrations/
[quote]”Well, I understand he’s here because Television New Zealand decided to pay for it,” Miss Clark said.

“I think it’s a waste of public money.”

Miss Clark said Mr Iti faced serious charges “which is why it’s interesting that the state broadcaster’s decided its appropriate to pay a fare.”[/quote]
Which is really a bit rich coming from her when it comes to wasting taxpayers money….I seem to recall an RNZAF plane being summons to rescue her sorry ass from Sydney when the unions refused to load her plane because of the Ansett debacle, which incidentally she caused indirectly. Then there is of course the $800,000 of taxpayers money that she used without permission and only paid back when forced to do so by public opinion.

After having watched Close Up tonight it is very clear that Mark Sainsbury at least and TVNZ in general don’t think much of their public masters andy more. There will be no free rides this election that is for sure. Clark is now shit out of luck being on the two major current affairs programmes. She hasn’t been on Campbell Live since Corngate and now I bet she won’t front for Sainsbury.

The shit list of journalists is getting longer and “Citizens for Clark” roll is getting markedly shorter.

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Hung out to dry

Clark motorcade drivers 'fall guys' – National – New Zealand news on

[quote]Today a Police Complaints Authority (PCA) found police decision to charge five police officers and one civilian driver was appropriate.

The drivers were convicted after taking Miss Clark from Waimate to Christchurch airport at high speed so she could make a flight back to Wellington to make an All Blacks rugby test in July, 2004.

The convictions were later overturned.
Eventually all defendants escaped conviction.

PCA head Justice Lowell Goddard said the defendants felt that they were doing their duty but had not sought proper justification to speed.
The report said police considered whether Miss Clark and former Cabinet Minister Jim Sutton, who was also in the motorcade, should be charged.

"Police accepted independent advice, that other than the six individuals who were found to have cases to answer, there was no evidence upon which charges could be properly bought against any other person in the motorcade."[/quote]
Chester Borrows has said the drivers had been let down. Let down! more like hung out to dry.

[quote]"The judge found that they had no briefing from their superior, no indication as to how they were supposed to drive, no guidance from their commanding officer and there was no policy or protocol that applied to this type of situation," he said.

Mr Borrows said the drivers did what they were told and were "hung out to dry" by superiors, the system and the Prime Minister.

"Her continued refusal to take any sort of responsibility for what happened does her no credit at all."

"She has yet to explain why she didn't just ask them to slow down – she was in charge of that motorcade and they would have slowed down if she had asked them to."[/quote]

She won't, she didn't notice that they were going that fast did she.?….yeah right….I seem to remember we lost that game too, another victim of the Clark Curse.

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Does the PM actually know anything?

Clark denies anti-Key ‘bomb’ – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on

Yet another thing the Prime Minister denies knowledge of? A Key neutron bomb. The list of things that she has no knowledge of grows by the day.

[quote]Miss Clark said: “Those are words that appear to have been put in our mouths and I am a little surprised by.”

However, she continued to call for media scrutiny of his business links and whether in 2002 he properly enrolled to vote in the Helensville seat, when he lived elsewhere. [/quote]

In other words the lackeys they hired to break into houses didn’t find anything so she is asking the media to do the digging for them.

She is still following the Madagascar Plan whether she knows it or not.

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The smears continue

Labour through Clark and Cullen are on attack and trying to smear National in their obfuscation over the Philip Field affair and the theft of  tax dollars.

Clark and Cullen (14:25) tonight on NewstalkZB kept the line up that National has obtained money in return for policy concessions from amongst others the Exclusive Brethren and Insurance Companiies over ACC legislation.

This tack has pretty much guaranteed that Labour, Clark and Cullen in particular, could well be facing a defamation action. 

They are scurrilous attacks by people bereft of any semblence of respectability, ethics or honour. 

These guys have more spin than an Indian cricket team. It is disgusting to watch. It is simply amazing that our country has sunk so low, that we tolerate such venal actions on the part of our supposed leaders.

El Jefe must go – poll

Labour MP Philip "El Jefe" Field must go , so says 59% of us.

Of course Labour spinsters don't think this is "resonating" beyond the "beltway".

WTF is this "resonating" and "beltway" bullshit.

Jordan has been fond of using it and how Ms Clark has been quoted as using it in describing her appalling behaviour over the pledge cards.

I think Labour will find out soon enough that these things are "resonating" beyond the "beltway" wherever the fuck that is.


Clark stands by Benson-Pope

Well she would, wouldn’t she?

She taught him everything he knows.





Blaming others

Have I left anything out?

Dead give away that he is fucked as a minister is her quote;

"He’s been a very conscientious and hard-working one and that’s usually good enough for me."

What a load of arse!!!

"I think people will judge him on what he actually does," Miss Clark said.

You bet they will you stupid bint, they already know he is a no-dick bully who beats up kids, then lies about it, then tries to cover it up and now just can’t plain remember it. So I guess we judge him on what he does as she suggests.

Bully, Liar, Blamer, Spinner, Wanker.