Chris Auchinvole

National’s Rejuvenation

Our pinko mate cuts and pastes parts of Tracy Watkins article, adds a few sentences and posts it without much analysis.

What he doesn?t point out is that there appears to be no clear strategy to National moving people on. Individuals have chosen to leave of their own accord, or ambitious new people have stacked electorates so they can successfully challenge sitting MPs. Lets look at the seven that have retired.

Phil Heatley – Was given the arse by John Key from cabinet a year ago, couldn?t see much point in hanging around. Off to a new career.
Cam Calder – Successful man going nowhere in politics, better off doing something else.
Paul Hutchinson – Difficult missus. Was going to get hammered by a well organised selection challenge.
Chris Tremain – Difficult missus, wanted to make more money, internal polling was showing he would get beaten in Napier by Stuart Nash.
Katrina Shanks – Electorate stacked against her for selection so getting out with dignity.
Chris Auchinvole – Dodgy ticker, no real future in politics and lots of interesting things to do outside of politics.
Kate Wilkinson – Got the arse at the same time as Heatley, mainly for being far too cosy with the unions. ? Read more »

The Nasty party is back, Andrew Little wishes Nat MP was assassinated

This Twitter exchange beggars belief.

Prompting this tweet from Lew: ?? Read more »

Unions besides themselves over Simon Bridges

Today starts the long convoluted select committee process over Simon Bridges? Employment Relations Amendment Bill. The unions hate it with a passion and believe that the sky?s about to fall in and it?s some cunning plot to have the rich elite take over the world ? all thanks to the Nats.

Chairing the Committee is Hamilton East MP David Bennett. This is his big chance to show he?s not afraid of the unions, and to not allow committee proceedings to be captured by whinging corrupt unions like the?EPMU?and?SFWU.

In fact, this gives him and the other Nat MPs Mike Sabin, Chris Auchinvole, Cam Calder and Simon O?Connor a good opportunity to ask questions to the unions about how they?re ripping off their members.

Along with the EPMU and SFWU it is likely they will be prsented with a submission from?The Maritime Union’s Gary Parlsoe who has also flown in to have a massive whinge about facilitation, seems he was happy to tell the Koru lounge this morning in a rather loud voice that he isn’t happy with the facilitator. He also spoke briefly with a EPMU bloke who he roundly criticised to his mates after her left, things could get tense between the unions at the select committee.? Read more »

A letter to Aaron Gilmore

Ele Ludemann is a blogger and a long time servant of the National party. She is also a decent hard working person, one of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet.

She writes on her blog a letter to Aaron Gilmore. I suggest he reads it. I suggest he thinks long and hard about what it says and I suggest he quietly resigns before anymore damage is done to his already poor reputation, and especially his family. For her to write this letter shows how deeply angry and disappointed she is. Normally Ele would work quietly behind the scenes.

Dear Aaron,

If you were at the Mainland Conference in Hanmer to the end you?d have heard West Coast Tasman MP Chris Auckinvole?s final words.

You might remember him talking about the importance of the two wings of the party, the MPs and the volunteers,? and the good that can be achieved when they?re working in unison.

That was before we knew you hadn?t been at the conference dinner as any MP who took his responsibility to the party seriously, and respected the volunteers, would have been.? Read more »

The Big Question for the Mainland Conference

This weekend’s National party Mainland conference in Hamner Springs will probably skirt around the most important issue…where is the new blood coming through to replace the inevitable retirements?

  • Colin King will be on the?pension?before the next election
  • Nick Smith is rumoured to have a major international appointment lined up
  • Chris Auchinvole has health issues and will retire
  • Kate Wilkinson got the arse from cabinet and will get beaten in Waimak if she runs again
  • Gerry Brownlee will either burst or retire ? Read more »

What 44.5% means for National

Friday?s Roy Morgan Poll had National down to 44.5%. This means it is down 2.5% on the election.

As far as List MPs go 44.5% means that National will lose 3 to 4 List MPs. On current rankings this means Tau Henare, Chris Auchinvole, Jacqui Blue and Cam Calder would all miss out.

On these numbers National would lose four electorates. Each percentage is worth about 350 votes meaning National would lose the following seats.

Christchurch Central
Auckland Central

This will likely make it even more difficult for aspiring new candidates to get in on the list as these MPs will get priority over new MPs.

Has Darien cost Damien his seat?

The latest iPredict update shows some interesting movement in West Coast-Tasman.

There has been a change of forecast winner in West Coast-Tasman. ?For the first time since March, National’s Chris Auchinvole is expected to retain the rugby league loving West Coast-Tasman (55% probability up from 47% last week). ?This follows media reports of attacks on prominent rugby league supporter Sir Peter Leitch (“The Mad Butcher”) by two Labour MPs.

That is an interesting swing in the stocks.