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I wonder how many of these guys Bill promised a ministerial portfolio for their public endorsement

A whole bunch of MPs declared earlier today for Bill English. This ultimately led to Judith Collins jacking in the race. But, at least one of them at least was promised a ministerial portfolio if he did so…that will come at the expense of Jonathan Coleman who will get stabbed first for daring to interrupt his coronation.

Judith Collins is likely to get stabbed too because Bill English has such a deep and abiding vindictive streak.

Bill English’s bid for Prime Minister continues to build momentum as more MPs declare their support for him today.

Twenty-one MPs have now committed to backing English in a vote on Monday, while none have yet publicly backed the other contenders Jonathan Coleman and Judith Collins.

To get a majority within the National caucus a candidate will need 30 votes.

The growing level of support for English could put pressure on Coleman and Collins to withdraw from the race.

National’s Jami-Lee Ross, Jonathan Young, Todd Muller, Chris Bishop and Brett Hudson are the latest to say they will back English. ? Read more »

Trevor Mallard reacts under pressure

As reported on Whaleoil, Chris Bishop is contesting Hutt South against Trevor Mallard and is doing so well that Trevor’s return to parliament next year is hardly a certainty.

A journo was rating various political figures’ Twitter habits and found that Bishop was one of the more entertaining, informing and effective communicators.

As part of that article, the journo reported Bishop’s tweet proving the NZ Labour party had petulantly blocked him, petulantly, from following their Twitter feed.

I know – it already sounds like lemon-sucking sore losers acting like kids. But, Trevor Mallard manages to up the ante:

Mallard Read more »

Chris Bishop, again

He seems to be popping up a lot lately.

Jenna Lynch at Newshub is a huge fan of Chris’s tweeting.? Read more »


Is Mallard rooted? Part II

Who is taking who for a walk?

His own dog doesn’t even like him

Arts, Travel & Lifestyle blogger David Farrar gives some very high praise to Chris Bishop.

I am not sure I can recall a more active local MP than Chris Bishop. Every week his newsletter is full of the numerous activities he is doing around the electorate ranging from lobbying the Council on parking, to setting up youth awards, promoting businesses, supporting community groups etc.

There is no one in the National party with the institutional intelligence of Farrar, or the massive array of informal contacts throughout the party. For him to say this about Bishop means a lot, and is a very clear hint that Farrar, New Zealand?s best poller and predictor, is thinking that Bishop has an exceptionally good chance of winning the seat off Mallard.

If Chris can win Hutt South he will have confirmed his already-stellar parliamentary reputation.


– Kiwiblog

Is Mallard rooted?


The consensus candidate for the best new National backbencher, Chris Bishop, is doing the hard yards in Hutt South against Labour party veteran Trevor Mallard. Bishop has had a very, very impressive start to his parliamentary career, but winning in parliament is no substitute for proving you are actually electable.

Prime Minister John Key visited Wainuiomata ?recently to open an office for? National List ?MP ?Chris Bishop.

The Hutt South electorate has never been held by National, nor were the electorates of Pencarrow or Petone that preceded it before MMP. Read more »

Twyford epitomises Labour’s chasing passing cars strategy

Phil Twyford, the architect of Labour’s assault on people with Chinky-sounding names, has again?wrapped himself in the Cloak of Hypocrisy and strode forward hiding behind his Shield of Sanctimony.

Labour?s housing spokesman Phil Twyford has been accused of being a hypocrite after calling out the government for turning the housing debate into a ?race issue.?

In Parliament last night, Mr Twyford accused the government of standing on the side of foreign, non-resident speculators against the interests of young Kiwi first-home buyers.

He was?speaking on?Labour?s bill that would amend the Overseas Investment Act to apply new restrictions on non-resident buyers of New Zealand residential properties to ?better protect New Zealand home buyers.?

He says most New Zealanders want to see more restrictions on foreign buying but the government is telling voters that they are ?xenophobic.?

But National MP Christopher Bishop says Mr Twyford?s comments are hypocritical. ? Read more »

The Rise and Rise of Chris Bishop

The National Party List MP Chris Bishop has had a huge amount of positive press in the last few months.

In the eyes of the media he is the next man coming in National, and a man who will clearly test John Key?s promise to caucus that he will not promote anyone to a cabinet position in their first term.

Richard Harman gives him a glowing review:

In other words he had precisely the sort of CV that cynics around Parliament believe means its owner is inevitably headed for a fall.

But it hasn?t happened.

Instead he has confounded his critics to the point where his name appeared last year on virtually every media shortlist as backbencher of the year.

Maybe this was predictable. ? Read more »

Richard Harman has a bro-crush on National’s Chris Bishop

Chris Bishop came into Parliament as a National list MP in 2014 with what you might call form.

He?d been a lobbyist for a tobacco company, had worked for Cabinet Ministers Steven Joyce?s and Gerry Brownlee and had earned a reputation at Victoria University as a far right libertarian with an undisguised ambition to be an MP.

With a father who had been a TVNZ Press Gallery journalist and a mother who is a top environmental lawyer, he was born into what you might call the Wellington political establishment.

Like both his parents he has been a champion debater.

?When I was elected I knew where the toilets were here,? he jokes.

In other words he had precisely the sort of CV that cynics around Parliament believe means its owner is inevitably headed for a fall.

But it hasn?t happened.

Instead he has confounded his critics to the point where his name appeared last year on virtually every media shortlist as backbencher of the year.

To be fair, all his “critics” have been pointing at is his tobacco lobbying job, completely ignoring all of the other qualities and skills Bishop possesses…like losing to Trevor Mallard when Labour stitched up the boundaries to help Mallard lose. Or bragging loudly in pubs about his brilliance and abilities. Read more »

The Pressure is on Chris Bishop

New National List MP Chris Bishop has been getting rave end of year reviews from all the media. Bishop is a brilliant speaker in the house, and very adept at getting on with the media. but quietly arrogant when amongst friends.

Back bencher of the Year. National’s Chris Bishop. It’s not easy for a rookie MP to rise above the rest but Bishop did. He is destined for bigger things in a future National government.

The problem for Bishop is he is a scum List MP and a second class citizen as a consequence.

He failed in his first test, beating Trevor Mallard in Hutt South, much to the disappointment of the Labour Party?hierarchy (including neighbouring MP Chris Hipkins) who?arranged for the Hutt South boundaries to be redrawn so Mallard would lose. In fact Mallard won by 709, following a relatively?lacklustre?campaign from Bishop. ? Read more »

Seems National have run out of real problems to tackle


A Bill that makes it easier to become a marriage celebrant has been drafted by a National Party MP.

Chris Bishop says his Member’s Bill ensures that if applicants meet the current good character test, they’ll be approved as independent celebrants. Read more »