Chris Bowen

ALP not ready for a wog leader, select union heavy instead

The ALP have selected Bill Shorten to replace Kevin Rudd as leader after the bloodbath of the federal elections. He beat out Anthony Albanese, who was linked Obeid and MacDonald corruption scandals that brought down Labor in New South Wales.

Shorten is considered to be from the right of the party even though he was a union heavy, and was instrumental in knifing Kevin Rudd to push Julia Gillard into the leadership. There was talk in 2010 that he would knife Julia Gillard and take over even getting endorsement from Bob Hawke and Kim Beazley. He did eventually assist in the knifing of Gillard ironically in favour of the person he knifed earlier.

Clearly the ALP like distrustful ratbags as their leader…either that or a union heavy is preferable to a South Sydney wog.

Bill Shorten has been elected Labor leader, despite a clear majority of party members preferring his opponent, Anthony Albanese.  Read more »

Muptard Fundies cost Libs Seats in Western Sydney

Election night in Australia was a bit of a disappointment as the Libs didn’t completely smash the ALP. They won, but they could have won a few more seats, including several in Western Sydney.

Unfortunately for the Libs the reason they lost was predictable. They had a seriously dud candidate, Jaymes Diaz. This ratbag was the muptard that couldn’t remember the six points that will stop the boats. It turns out that he is a fundy, and was backed by other fundies. The skulduggery in the selection is hard to believe.

Banks and Barton in the south-western suburbs fell to the Liberals but a string of pre-election polls had suggested that seats such as Greenway, Parramatta and even outgoing treasurer Chris Bowen’s McMahon electorate would change hands.

The failure in those seats and an extraordinary 9.4 per cent swing to Labor in Fowler has turned the heat on state powerbroker David Clarke and senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, both members of the religious right.

Mr Clarke, a member of the NSW upper house, fought off efforts by incoming prime minister Tony Abbott to dump Greenway candidate Jaymes Diaz, who imploded in a television interview in the first week of the campaign.   Read more »

CGT will lower house prices….oh wait

If capital gains tax is supposed to help deal to the so-called crisis in affordable housing… perhaps someone should tell the Aussies. They already have a comprehensive capital gains tax.

Affordable housing is shaping up as an election issue there – three years after Rudd promised to do something about it.

HOUSING affordability is a burning issue for Australian voters – more important than border security, broadband and even education.

Exclusive analysis by The Daily Telegraph has identified the hot spots for rental and mortgage stress by electorate.

And in New South Wales it’s set to heap pressure on to three of Labor’s rising stars: new Treasurer Chris Bowen, Jason Clare and Tony Burke, whose respective electorates of McMahon, Blaxland and Watson are hardest hit.

According to new research by Auspoll, 84 per cent of Australians believe housing affordability is more important to them and their family than education (82%), border security (78%) and ‘fast, affordable broadband’ (68%).

The results are in stark contrast to the policies of both major federal political parties.   Read more »

The incredible gutlessness and stupidity of Kevin Rudd

Kevin Rudd has said he will never again challenge for the leadership of the Labor Party. But he barely challenged the last two times such is his gutlessness.

This time round he pushed Simon Crean out in front to take the bullets and as a result Crean is now a political corpse lying at his feet, gunned down by the lack of spine in Kevin Rudd.

Sacked minister Simon Crean, who sparked Labor’s leadership crisis this week, says Kevin Rudd’s camp had fully endorsed his intervention to demand the Prime Minister call a spill.

His account directly contradicts the version of Mr Rudd, who on Friday said he had ”not expected the spontaneous combustion of Mr Crean’s” demand for a ballot, and promised he would never again seek the leadership.

Mr Rudd’s last-minute decision to back out of a challenge has led to bitter recriminations among his supporters, with Mr Crean describing Mr Rudd’s key support group as ”disorganised, unbelievable and shameless”.

“He reneged on our deal, it was gutless,” Mr Crean said. “At no stage did they say to me that Rudd wouldn’t run if he didn’t have the numbers.

Divided over integrity

Sydney Morning Herald

There seems to be some speculation in Australia as to whether Julia Gillard is a liar or incompetent or perhaps both. No wonder Kevin Rudd thinks he can have another crack at the leadership.

THE federal cabinet is divided over the integrity of the Prime Minister, with senior ministers disputing her claim she did not know until the last minute about a deal to allow Gina Rinehart to import 1700 workers to help build a massive iron ore project in Western Australia.

With the issue placing fresh pressure on Julia Gillard’s leadership, the ministers Martin Ferguson and Chris Bowen have told colleagues they had been hung out to dry by the Prime Minister as she distanced herself from the policy to placate a backlash from the unions who support her.

The ministers’ backers were saying yesterday that Mr Bowen had informed Ms Gillard’s office the week before last that Ms Rinehart would be the first to be granted an enterprise migration agreement. This would enable her company, Hancock Prospecting, to import 1715 workers to help build the $9.5 billion Roy Hill iron ore project in the Pilbara.

‘It was inconceivable her office wasn’t up to their neck in this,” said one minister. ”Of course she knew,” said another.

Ms Gillard, who told union bosses she had first heard of the agreement last Wednesday after arriving back from overseas, refused to elaborate yesterday. But she was backed by other ministers. ”She did not know – no question,” said one familiar with events.

”You really think Julia Gillard pursued an alliance with Gina Rinehart and said, ‘Please, Chris, announce it at the National Press Club’?”