Chris Christie

Chris Christie has a message for Republicans

Chris Christie?has a message for Republicans…and for Vic Crone’s social media flunky and former Young Nat President, Sean Topham, who is due to jet off to help on Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Jersey governor Chris Christie has drawn a line in the sand, telling reporters that if you’re not helping Donald Trump win the presidency, then you’re helping Hillary.

Speaking to reporters, Christie said that Republicans refusing to help Trump only help Hillary win the nomination for president, and they need to “get onboard”:

Enough of everybody complaining.?If?you’re a Republican, it’s time to get on board and help the nominee. ?Or if you don’t, you’re helping Hillary be elected president. One or the other, there’s no choice anymore. We now know who the two nominees are going to be, there’s no speculation any longer. So, if you’re a Republican and you’re not helping Trump, then you’re helping Hillary.

Chris Christie has remained one of the real-estate mogul’s most ardent supporters. Fox News commentators even went as far to call the New Jersey governor Donald Trump’s “enforcer.”

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Interesting that money in politics doesn’t always change things

The left wing always moan about big money in politics. They cry that people can buy elections with loads of money.

Were that true then we’d have an Act Party/Conservative Party coalition government.

Jeb Bush has pissed away $150 million proving, yet again, that money can’t buy you an election.

Jeb Bush, unable to muster enthusiasm for his presidential bid beyond the family network that helped him raise a record sum exceeding $150 million, is suspending his campaign following a disappointing finish in South Carolina.

The decision follows a string of underwhelming primary finishes for the former Florida governor, including in New Hampshire where he invested heavily and bet on a massive ground organization but still finished behind Donald Trump, John Kasich and Ted Cruz. ?? Read more »

Chris Christie’s presidential hopes are dead

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Chris Christie’s presidential hopes are stuffed, there is little chance he will gain the Republican nomination after moving to introduce tougher gun control laws.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie?s (R) administration is proposing more gun control in the form of ?security requirements? for firearm retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers?and employees of the same?in the state.

The proposals originated with the State Police and are the result of ?several thefts and lapses in oversight?that led to at least one death? during the past 10 years. ? Read more »

So how bad is this Ebola thing anyway?

Well, pretty bad if you catch it, but what are the chances of that?

Again not high. Look at this map:


It comes from an article in the Washington Post about the mis-conceptions about ebola.

Ebola is a frightening, unpredictable disease. Nearly 5,000 West Africans have died from the current outbreak with more than 13,000 people thought infected.

However, so far the problem remains largely limited to Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. Two other countries, Nigeria and Senegal, have had cases, yet are now Ebola-free. The DR Congo had an outbreak of a different strain of Ebola that now looks like it might be contained. And while there has been one case of the disease in Mali, the patient died and no others have been confirmed at the time of writing — though that may well change. Read more »

Is Robertson making a move?

It looks like Grant Robertson is planning on making a move against David Cunliffe.

David Farrar reports that his Labour sources are saying that Robertson has the numbers in caucus and has done for some time.

My sources are telling me that though Robertson has the numbers he is scared of taking over in case h loses and ruins his chances forever.

One thing for sure though is Grant Robertson is back on a diet…losing weight too. Sources tell me that he has been on a diet for s short time.

Last night he appeared on 3News:

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This will be handy for Matt McCarten

Foreign Policy has an article on “How to Justify Any Policy, No Matter How Bad It Might Be“.

This will be real handy for Matt McCarten as he deals with the two David Cunliffe’s, the one who tells business in private he will be moderate, and the very public lurching left David Cunliffe.

I think they may well have interviewed Winston Peters for some of these techniques.

Whatever your circumstances might be, here’s a simple 10-step program for excusing bad behavior. (It may also come in handy in your personal life, if you’re not good at resisting temptation or making sound decisions.)

Step 1: “It’s a lie. It never happened.”

When accused of bad behavior, the first instinct of many politicians (or their supporters) is denial. Bill Clinton told us he “never had sex” with “that woman” (Monica Lewinsky), and the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria at first denied that chemical weapons?had even been used. Similarly, when Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) asked him about the NSA’s domestic surveillance activities, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper’s first response was to deny it was happening, a lie he later described as the “least untruthful” statement he felt he could make. Step 1?is tempting for an obvious reason: When a bald-faced lie works, the problem goes away.

Step 2: Blame someone else.

If you can’t hide what happened, blame it on someone else. This line of defense has at least two variants. The first option is to acknowledge that wrongdoing occurred, but pin the blame on one’s opponents. Once the use of chemical weapons was confirmed in Syria, for example, Assad’s defenders tried to pin the blame on the regime’s opponents. Similarly, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan now seems to think any criticism of his government or domestic political setback is the result of some sort of foreign conspiracy.

The second variation is to admit that somebody did something wrong, but pin the blame on subordinates. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie claims he knew nothing?– “Nothing!”?– about Bridgegate, while George W. Bush administration officials claimed that the abuses at Abu Ghraib were just unauthorized acts by low-level enlisted personnel. If you successfully make someone else the fall guy, the people at the top can skate away scot-free.? Read more »

No one cares about Christie’s Bridgegate

The leftwing and the media are all trying desperately to hurt Chris Christie over his so-called bridgegate but it appears no one give a toss.

A?Pew poll?from this week?found the public paid little attention to Christie’s Bridgegate?less than the polar vortex (which was, after all, truly nation-wide) or even the Washington debate over unemployment benefits and the jobless rate. Meanwhile, national opinion of the governor has barely budged.

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Chris Christie not longer a huge fat bastard

You can always tell when a politician is about to make a serious bid for a top spot…they lose weight, get laser surgery for their eyes and wear better clothes.

Chris Christie was a massive fat bastard…and now he is shedding kilos…fast. In the video on the link you can clearly see his clothes are hanging looser on him. He is still big, but is losing weight.

On top of that he is combative and calls a spade a f**king shovel.

Watch Chris Christie work the crowds at the Jersey shore, and he may look like your typical glad-handing politician. But the New Jersey governor would be the first to tell you — proudly — there’s nothing typical about him.

“I’ll tell you what I think most American politicians sound like — and more important, what I think what citizens think, remember Charlie Brown’s teacher??Wah, wah, wah, wah. It all sounds the same, and you can’t really understand what it is? No one says that about me. Nobody says that about me.” ?? Read more »

The right approach to Teacher Unions

Hekia Parata continues to fete the teacher unions in her office, “engagement” it is called in softer circles. I call it consorting with the enemy.

The teacher unions are never going to be Hekia’s friend. They are cozying up so they can get on the inside then when it suits them they will gank her.

Chris Christie shows the correct approach to dealing with teacher unions.

?You got two choices as a governor,? he said. ?You either sidle up next to them and whisper sweet nothings in their ear or try to hope they don’t punch you. Or your second alternative is you punch them first.?? Read more »

Rift? What Rift? Rand Paul makes a good play

The media are beating up a supposed spat between Chris Christie and Rand Paul.

Well, that was a splendid little war.

Over the past week, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul took the GOP?s intraparty bickering to a new level, openly savaging each other on issues of national security, privacy and government spending. When Christie wasn?t challenging Paul to explain himself to the families of Sept. 11 victims, Paul was accusing Christie of demanding federal handouts for hurricane relief and, in an obvious double entendre, labeling the Garden Stater the ?king of bacon.?

Both men stepped back from the brink of nuclear-level confrontation on Wednesday, as Paul told a New Hampshire radio station that while Christie started the fight, he?d be glad to ?ratchet it down.? Christie dismissed Paul?s barbs as ?juvenile? in his own radio appearance.

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