Chris Laidlaw

Is Fran Wilde making a comeback via proxy?

A couple of weeks back Fran Wilde was pushed out of the chair?of the Greater Wellington Regional Council.

She is very?annoyed by that and personally blames the deputy chair Barbara Donaldson for her demise.

It was expected that Barbara Donaldson would take the role of chairperson of the council, talk was either her or Paul Swain, but a wrinkle in that plan has occurred.

A number of calls to the tip line suggest Fran Wilde is attempting to making a comeback by a very circuitous route.

It seems Fran Wilde has managed to convince Chris Laidlaw to put his name forward for the chair position, causing a run off situation to arise.

Chris Laidlaw is widely regarded as being tits when it comes to governance and effectiveness. So it seems that Wilde’s machiavellian plan to regain the chair is predicated on Chris Laidlaw delivering up his usual ham fisted efforts at governance.

It is thought that Wilde thinks that if Laidlaw does his expected poor job, then people would prefer a return to her leadership to fix the expected mess that Laidlaw will leave behind.

It all seems a little…well…un-transparent.? Read more »

The left LOVE asset sales. What?

It seems asset sales, partial ones at that, are to be resisted at all cost.

Except, of course, if you are a leftie trying to sell them. ?Then it is JUST FINE. ?Catherine Harris reports

Cutting rights to a large Wellington forestry estate have been sold to US company Resource Management Service (RMS).

Described as one of the largest forestry transactions to hit the open market in recent years, the rights give access to Greater Wellington Regional Council’s 5430-hectare forestry estate near Wellington and in the Wairarapa.

The sale price was undisclosed but LJ Hooker agent Warwick Searle, who handled the sale, said the valuation on the cutting rights was $28.5 million.

He was “very happy” with the figure which exceeded the $31m debt that the council had incurred over the years managing the forests.

The tender process also showed there was “plenty of offshore interest” for forestry assets.
“We’re definitely seeing buyer demand from the US and Europe matching or even surpassing the high level of interest coming from Asia.” Read more »

TVNZ as Labour’s candidate kindy, promoting another candidate

TVNZ really is becoming the candidate kindy for the Labour party.

There was Brian Edwards, Chris Laidlaw who once used to comment on rugby games, one failed to become an MP despite trying and other failed as an MP and went on to embed himself at Red Radio.

Then we had Kris Fa’afoi, who went from TVNZ gallery team to the leader’s office and then became an MP.

Shane Taurima wanted to be an MP, failed in one selection, was preparing for another selection battle and ran branch meetings and fundraising committees from TVNZ offices.

And yesterday Tamati Coffey pushing himself forward as potential candidate in Rotorua.

Now we have TVNZ using another Labour candidate on television.


Kieran McAnulty, bookie, and Labour candidate for Wairarapa

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Karl du Fresne on Radio NZ

Karl du Fresne hooks into the left wing jobsworths at Radio New Zealand. TVNZ returns a profit and a dividend to the taxpayer, Radio NZ is nothing but a cost centre.

It is funded by the taxpayer and generates no commercial revenue. Its funding has been frozen since 2009, which suggests it doesn’t rate highly in the Government’s priorities. In fact, if Wellington gossip is to be believed, there are influential figures in the Government who are at best indifferent, and possibly even hostile, to the state broadcaster.

Take Steven Joyce, for example. As the fourth-ranked minister in the Cabinet, he carries a lot of clout – probably more than his ranking suggests.

He is also a former broadcasting entrepreneur who built a small New Plymouth radio station into the RadioWorks network and pocketed $6 million when he sold his interest.

Mr Joyce is said to be less than sympathetic to arguments that RNZ deserves more money. And while there may be others in the Cabinet who don’t share his robust support for private enterprise (it would be interesting, for example, to know the attitude of the attorney-general, Chris Finlayson), the brutal reality is that National probably takes the view that there’s little electoral risk in upsetting RNZ listeners because most of them vote Labour anyway.? Read more »

Unqualified poets, cranks, busybodies, former cricket and football players and other B-list celebs tells us to live like the Green Taliban

A reported 100 self-important but otherwise completely unqualified poets, cranks, busybodies, ?former cricket and football players and other B-list celebs have signed up to a meaningless, mealy-mouthed campaign aimed at making ordinary New Zealanders feel bad about the Global Warming scam.

Wayne Smith says he is making a “moral stand” on climate change in joining 100 celebrated Kiwis in a major call to address New Zealand’s most critical risks.

The former All Black coach is among a high-powered cross section of public figures and thinkers who have lent their names to an appeal demanding politicians face up to what the group sees as the five biggest issues facing the nation.

You can read this list of attention-grabbing nonentities and not find a single person who would know global warming if it reared up and warmed their cans of Tui. The very first thing anyone from the climate change is our fault team say when anyone pipes up and calls them on their bullshit is “You’re not qualified, not peer-reviewed.yada yada yada”….Well same same for them. Wayne Smith should stick to coaching rugby, not espousing?quackery?and pseudo-science.? Read more »