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John Key has a no dickheads rule too

All good team captains, coaches and politicians have a “no dickheads” rule.

I do, I won’t work with dickheads…and I tell them that.

It looks like John Key has a no dickheads rule.

Prime Minister John Key says there is “zero” chance of Aaron Gilmore?returning to Parliament.

Gilmore, a former National Party back-bencher, reluctantly quit in?2013 over a boozy night in Hanmer Springs.

It was claimed he abused a waiter, demanding “don’t you know who I am?” and threatened to have Key intervene to have the man sacked. He also allegedly called the waiter a dickhead. Gilmore denied the allegations, but later apologised for his behaviour.

“I’m sorry for my arrogance and rudeness to the barman when I was leaving the restaurant,” Gilmore said. ?? Read more »

The Huddle at 1740


I am on The Huddle tonight with Greg Boyed and Josie Pagani. Larry did the morning show for Hosking.

We will be discussing:

Christchurch by-election and not so much the result but the fact that Labour appear to run by-elections more successfully than they do general elections.? Read more »

Dare you to run Aaron

He knows what you are...a cocksmoker.

He knows what you are…a cocksmoker.

Aaron Gilmore should put his money where his mouth is and prove he is right about the right person being able to win Christchurch East in the general election.

I’ll bet good money that even the Green candidate would beat him.

Disgraced former Christchurch list MP Aaron Gilmore says National picked the wrong candidate for the Christchurch East by-election campaign and will probably lose badly this weekend.

Just four days before the vote, the man who helped National win the party vote in the electorate at the last election predicted a Labour win.

He said new electorate boundaries should make it National’s to lose in next year’s general election, but only if the party picked the right person.

That is unlikely to be Gilmore.

However, he said yesterday that he had “huge pressure” to stand as an independent candidate and would not rule out another tilt at politics.

Prime Minister John Key poured cold water on those aspirations yesterday, saying it was “unlikely” Gilmore would stand for National again.? Read more »

The Nation on the Christchurch East by-election

The Nation covers the situation in Christchurch East by-election.

Poto Williams spends a considerable amount of time explaining why she isn’t a carpet-bagger from Auckland. She needs to be educated on Whaleoil’s Rule of Politics, especially rule number one.

Read more »

No upside in stupid attack from Cunliffe

David Cunliffe launched an attack against Christchurch East National party candidate Matthew Doocey.

For the life of me I can’t work out where the upside is of a leader of a party engaging with a candidate in a by-election that the candidate is unlikely to win.

It just gives Matthew Doocey some free runs on the board , shows Labour supporters that their leader is running scared (I mean why else would he attack the under-dog) and says more about Cunliffe than Doocey.

It also gifted Matthew Doocey a free hit in The Press.

1402941_697023380315915_1459997055_o Read more »

A neutral mayor? Yeah right

I seem to remember Lianne Dalziel saying she would be neutral Mayor and would be dumping her Labour Party affiliations at the door.

One also has to ask why fly in an Aucklander who from this blurb we should only vote for her because our Mayor thinks it’s a good idea.


We’re going to lose – Labour

Corin Dann at TVNZ is trying to ?put a positive spin on what is shaping up to be a dreadful loss for Labour in Christchurch East

Labour Party President Moria Coatsworth has warned that Labour has a real fight on its hands to win the Christchurch East By-election later this month.

In a speech to the Labour party annual conference in Christchurch this morning, Ms Coatsworth reiterated that Labour lost the party vote at the last election in Christchurch East by 14 percent and that the voters in the electorate are tired.

Tired of what?



CV Embellishments?

Dead Fish?

Union tail wagging the party dog?

It is generally thought that by elections are used by the electorate to send the Government a message. ?With Christchurch East not going to Labour it would be a pretty good endorsement that the National-led government is doing just fine. ? Read more »

Why does Labour break the law?

via the tipline

I think Parliamentary Services and the Electoral Commission ned to look into this. There is growing evidence that in this by-election but also in the local body elections that Labour is using considerable parliamentary resources in order to campaign on behalf of candidates.

I think someone local is going to need to lay a complaint about the unauthorised advertisements. Of course getting the Police to prosecute is another matter entirely…they still haven’t done anything about the outstanding complaints from the last election.

This photo was taken in the window Rino Tirikatene and Lianne?Dalziel’s Electorate office this afternoon of Poto William’s Billboard?for the by-election in Christchurch East.? Read more »

Cosgrove not first choice for Labour

Temporary Labour Leader David Shearer was on?TV One?last night, talking about his plans to do a deal with the Greens in Christchurch East.

He has such little faith in the Labour Party that he’s hoping to convince the Greens not to stand a candidate there so they don’t split the vote.

Meanwhile, the prospect of Clayton Cosgrove standing in the by-election generated the expected response from locals… ? Read more »

Will Labour’s Man Ban affect Clayton’s prospects?

I’ve been thinking a little bit about Labour’s Man Ban rule changes.

They are designed to allow woman only selections in electorates in a bid to maintain or enhance the quota of women MPs for Labour.

This rule change is likely to come into effect prior to any selection battle for Christchurch East to replace Lianne Dalziel.

Lianne of course is a woman caucus member and so with the new rul in place it is conceivable that the party will need to hold a women only selection in order to maintain the current ratio of men to women.? Read more »