Christian Marcel Cebolledo-Gutierrez

A reader writes: Who is Paul Henry’s spitting Mexican, really?

by Vlad

Today, newspapers reported briefly on the sentencing of Diego Chavez, the twerp who spat on Paul Henry and subsequently sprayed graffiti over TV3’s walls.

He was handed the usual NZ Court damp bus ticket of Community Work and reparation of $250 to Paul Henry, which he is instructed to pay off at $50 a week.

This time he is incuriously reported by our plodding repeaters as Diego Chavez. However, at a previous appearance he was named as Christian Marcel Cebolledo Gutierrez.

Now that is a very good name to Google. There may be lots of people around named Diego Chavez but there aren’t many named C M C Gutierrez, and a quick check shows that (a) Paul Henry was very luck to escape with just a spit from this character and (b) he might have a very good reason to be using an alias.

According to an International Communist League website, Christian was in the front lines of the extremely violent Oaxaca riots of 2006, where buildings and cars were burned, missiles and bullets flew and 17 died.

Christian Marcel Cebolledo Gutierrez was arrested for sedition, arson, criminal association and obstructing arrest:

Defend the Victims of State Repression in Mexico!

Defend the Victims of State Repression in Mexico!

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The man is an idiot, needs to spend some time in the pokey


The lunatic who pushed and spat at Paul Henry is also the same man who spray painted the Mediaworks building the same day he was found guilty of attacking Henry.

A man who defaced the MediaWorks building with anti-Paul Henry graffiti was the same man found guilty of shoving and spitting at him, it can now be revealed.

The incident at the Flower St premises came just hours after 35-year-old Diego Chavez was found guilty of assaulting the controversial presenter on December 2. ? Read more »