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My polite e-mail to the Cameron pool in Mount Roskill was blocked for Profane content

To my great surprise, my e-mail to the Cameron Pool in Mount Roskill to ask them some questions about their Muslim Women’s swimming lessons was blocked for profane content. I can only assume that Whaleoil is considered a profane word or perhaps that their profanity filter has submitted to Sharia law like their segregated swimming lessons. Have a read of my e-mail and see if you can spot the profanity.

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Guest Post: Christine Fletcher – Take note Mr Key, ‘Auckland is precious and worth fighting for’

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Freed from responsibilities of Auckland Transport, chairing Parks and other committees, I have had time to reflect on the queries received around accountability and CCOs and also the confusion around the centre-right during local elections. Richard Harman in the Listener and Bernard Orsman in the Herald have outlined a reasonably accurate account of the drama leading up to the election. Certainly, it wasn?t pleasant. Not because of a clever campaign from the left but rather the drive for power and the cannibalization of the vote within the centre-right. All without a coherent set of policies to an extremely confused voter base who knew that neither National or Labour over many decades have kept pace with the infrastructure Auckland requires to grow.

This election was distorted by a cunning plan hatched by a few in Wellington to gain control of local government in Auckland. It was clumsy and doomed from the start because it lacked integrity in terms of a genuine vision for Auckland. It was a simple grab for power from the right without an intelligent response to the many challenges facing Auckland. There was little understanding that Auckland is not a MMP type campaign, where a ?brand? based campaign may be effective. Elections in Auckland are won ward by ward, board by board, across the many villages that make up Auckland in much the same way that First Past the post campaigns used to be run right across the country. Underlying this fiasco was the uncomfortable relationship the right have with long overdue investment in Auckland infrastructure, in particular public transport. You have to wonder why the right allowed Phil Goff to have the absolute gift of the Auckland mayoralty. Without backing a strong right candidate there was little interrogation of Goff?s policies or his suitability for the role. Auckland is precious and worth fighting for. ?? Read more »

Union protest versus non-Union protest – compare and contrast

So when the Unite union has 20 rent-a-mobsters turn up, the MSM run it as a large 100-people protest, but when 50 citizens turn up, it?s ?a few?.

Around fifty people gathered in Aotea Square today to rally against Auckland Council’s rates increases.

Councillor Christine Fletcher said it was a small but determined group.

She said it included both political activists and community members, at least one of whom has seen his rates go up by 400 percent. ? Read more »

The delusions of Simon Wilson

Simon Wilson, the sacked editor of Metro, has written a column on their website defending Len Brown and the Terrible Ten.

In his column he blatantly misleads with some of his claims.

It is his attempt to lay blame on the government rather than on the idiot mayor.

The rates rises have three main drivers. One is the rising cost of services. The council is indeed responsible for managing that.

The second is the targeted transport levy. This was not the council?s choice. It wanted a user pays approach, with motorway tolls and/or some other kind of levy on those who use the roads. But that requires a law change and the government said no.

So the council had a choice: either scrap its plans for addressing the transport crisis, or load the cost onto rates.

Was scrapping the plans even a real option? Council officers warned of dire consequences for the city?s economic health if the council voted down the budget. And we already know that transport infrastructure will soon fail if funding for public transport, especially rapid transit, is not boosted.

Councillors who voted against the budget have not proposed useful alternatives, but have instead succumbed to narrow political opportunism and/or their own fears of a voter backlash.

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Christine Fletcher has a bloody cheek

Christine Fletcher has a bloody cheek, just a day after voting to ratchet up rates by 9.9% she is now moaning up a storm about terrible rates rises.

Auckland faces the real risk of a rates revolt, says councillor Chris Fletcher.

The Albert-Eden councillor was speaking at a budget committee debate today on providing some relief to the worst hit ratepayers.

A series of factors, including revaluations and the final step to a single rating system for the Super City, means about 30,000 households face a rates increase of more than 20 per cent.

Councillor Denise Krum moved an amendment to cap rates increases at 20 per cent, which would increase rates by 0.6 per cent.

She said there was tremendous pressure on those facing 20 per cent-plus rates increases, many of whom were in poorer suburbs like Pt England and Glen Innes.

Under earlier figures, Ms Krum said, the average dollar increase for this group was $1377.

Mayor Len Brown said he could not support adding 0.6 per cent on rates, saying it would add one inequity with another. ? Read more »

Can anyone see the problem with this? [UPDATED]

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Boag snatch to fund Sky City blowout?


There?s a new candidate for who is paying Michelle ?The Boagan? Boag and her offsider Cedric ?Senile? Allan for their campaign to snatch $2.1 billion in Vector shares from the people of Auckland and South Auckland to give to Lyin? Len Brown?s council.

Whaleoil still doesn?t quite believe it but it?s overloading the tipline so here goes: The theory is it?s SkyCity casino. Here?s why it could be true.

Since Friday SkyCity has been saying it needs another $130 million from the government to build its new National Convention Centre. Or else it?ll pull out of the deal. The government has to make the SkyCity deal work because all the rest of its convention centre plan is falling apart.

Steven Joyce seems to be saying he?ll open up some of his trough but not for the full $130 million and wants Auckland ratepayers to front up with the rest. ?

In a world first, everyone from Lyin? Len to Dick Quax have lined up and told Joyce to shove it. (The one exception is Cameron ?Mr Fiscal Responsibility? Brewer who sounds like he?s had too many nights in the SkyCity corporate box.) Read more »

Who is paying for the Boagan’s $2.1 BILLION snatch?

business woman with lots of money

Everyone smart is running a mile from Michelle ?The Boagan? Boag?s plan to snatch $2.1 billion in Vector shares from Aucklanders and South Aucklanders to give to Lyin? Len Brown for him to build his trainset.

But one question is still be to explored. Who is paying The Boagan, 60? And who is paying her offsider Cedric ?Senile? Allan, 102?

These people don?t do anything for free. The Boagan even got Doug Myers to pay her when she was running for National Party President.

The tipline is running hot with theories. Read more »

The Boagan signs up Brian “Opinion-for-Hire” Rudman


By now, regular readers will know all about Michelle ?The Boagan? Boag?s campaign to steal $2.1 billion from the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust to give to her new friend Lyin? Len Brown so he can build his trainset a bit earlier than planned.

But remember, this is The Boagan we?re dealing with here. Her campaign is going about as well as when she got caught videoing the Winebox Inquiry, or when she made Bill English leader of the National Party, or the Blackheart America?s Cup fiasco, or her ?help? in John Banks’ mayoral campaign ?

If The Boagan?s involved you don?t have to wait long for a fiasco.

And so it has happened again.

Of the original Ten Dwarfs, The Boagan recruited to her $2.1 billion snatch, it turns out some didn?t even know they were meant to be involved.

The original Ten Dwarfs were:

  1. Kim Campbell ? from the Employers? and Manufacturer?s Association
  2. Michael Barnett ? from the Auckland Regional Chamber of Commerce
  3. Tony Garnier ? from the Auckland Business Forum
  4. Stephen Selwood ? from the NZ Council for Infrastructure Development
  5. Barney Irvine ? from the Automobile Association
  6. David Aitken ? from the National Road Carriers Association
  7. Heather Shotter ? Committee for Auckland
  8. Cameron Pitchers ? from the Campaign for Better Transport
  9. Connall Townsend ? from the NZ Property Council
  10. Jeremy Sole ? NZ Contractors Federation

Whaleoil?s spy at the big meeting to plan The Boagan?s campaign say as soon as they got wind of what she planned, Barney Irvine, Connall Townsend, David Aitkin and Jeremy Sole decided not even to show up.

Tony Garnier did show up but made clear he was there only to listen and wasn?t signing up to anything. Stephen Selwood turned up and spoke strongly against The Boagan?s $2.1 billion snatch.

Now the tipline is running hot with news Michael Barnett of the Auckland Chamber of Commerce had his eye off the ball and didn?t really know how he was being used by The Boagan. His board is furious. They knew nothing about the snatch.

Even the Boagan?s old winebox mates at Russell McVeagh weren?t impressed either when they found out they were being asked to unleash the legal dogs of war against AECT. ?? Read more »

No surprises, troughers vote for trough to continue to be filled with lolly

Auckland Council troughers have voted to continue to sup fromt eh trough despite the council running a black budget process due to burgeoning debt.

Not for them to have to spend time with the smelly passengers and poor people in cattle class.

A group of Auckland councillors have managed to retain a business-class-travel perk, but a bid to give them free parking has been voted down.

The move comes as reduced library hours, street cleaning and an end to inorganic rubbish collections are on the table for sweeping budget cuts.

George Wood, Christine Fletcher, Denise Krum and Calum Penrose were among those who voted yesterday to defeat an amendment by councillor John Watson to restrict business-class air travel to health grounds only.

Councillors get to keep the perk of sitting in business class when taking flights of more than six hours and conducting council business within 24 hours of landing at an overseas destination.

It took the casting vote of finance committee chairman and Labour councillor Ross Clow to keep the status quo in the elected members’ expenses policy, despite many of his left-wing colleagues voting to tighten the rules.

Right wingers Cameron Brewer and Dick Quax supported the left to tighten the rules.

Mr Clow justified his decision on the basis that elected representatives needed to turn up fresh and fully prepared to represent Auckland after long-haul travel beyond most of Australia.

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