Christine Rankin

Why won’t anyone step up to lead the Conservative party?

The Conservative party have approached a number of people to lead it since Colin Craig’s leadership fell under a rain cloud.

Here’s a list, which may not even be complete.


Bob McCoskrie

The moral crusader considered the position for a while, but in the end declined. ?Just like in court, where he said he had not been part of the production of Colin Craig’s “Dirty Politics” booklet, and then had to be recalled to be given a second chance to explain why he had email correspondence with Colin Craig that proved … his memory was faulty. Quite?how a moral crusader justifies?giving evidence in support of Colin Craig after the sordid revelations in court and in the Human Rights Tribunal is beyond me.?A conservative party with McCoskrie at the helm would be constantly tested against Family First policy and inevitably would be found to be supporting more than one position depending on which organisation he was fronting. Read more »

Williams v. Craig – Week 1 summary

I have spent the week in court observing, as media, the Williams v. Craig defamation trial.

You have all seen the other media coverage But I thought I would give my observations in a quick reference format of what has been revealed this week. Nothing is suppressed so far, so it is safe to publish these details.

Only two witnesses have given evidence so far. The evidence in chief of Jordan Williams and evidence from Christine Rankin. Jordan Williams was cross-examined?for more than the time he gave evidence.

What we have found out:

  • Colin Craig told the board that there were no allegations of sexual harassment, and it was an employment dispute only.
  • Colin Craig repeatedly told the media that there was no inappropriate conduct. He stated numerous times on camera and in radio interviews that?any allegations of “inappropriate behaviour” were “scurrilous baseless and just wrong and retractions would be demanded”.
  • Craig’s defence is now claiming there was a relationship and it was consensual.
  • Colin Craig repeatedly told the board that there was no inappropriate conduct.
  • Colin Craig has asserted in sworn affidavits in other proceedings that he is not a Christian.
  • A video of the sauna interview and another news clip shows Mr. Craig clearly claiming he is a Christian.
  • Colin Craig has asserted in sworn affidavits in other proceedings that the Conservative party did not stand on moral values.
  • Christine Rankin informed the court of regular Thursday morning prayer sessions, the fact that Colin Craig often took days off to read the bible, and that he used to fill his press releases with bible quotes that were removed by Ms MacGregor or Christine Rankin herself. ? Read more »

Rankin quits Conservatives saying she has “had enough”

Christine has had enough of the silly games of Colin Craig.

She’s quit stating that she has “had enough” after Colin Craig started his PR onslaught trying to shame Rachel MacGregor and digging in to keep his party under the thumb.

Conservative Party chief executive Christine Rankin has resigned, saying she has “had enough” of the swirling allegations around Colin Craig.

Craig, who stood down as leader last Friday, is also said to be in the process of setting up a new party if the board expels him.

“I’ve resigned from the party, and I’ve resigned from the board. Enough is enough,” said Rankin.

She criticised the board over its inaction in dealing with Craig.

“I don’t want to be part of that, I’ve hung on long enough.”

Rankin said Craig had appeared to accept his future with the Conservatives was over. ?? Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Emails reveal Conservative party meltdown

Whaleoil Media has obtained fresh email correspondence that shows a complete meltdown now occurring inside the Conservative party.

Legal threats are being hurled around and this blog has also received threats from Colin Craig.

These emails are as a result of the farce of a press conference on Friday afternoon and the subsequent cancelling of a special board meeting.

Since then Colin Craig has been framing this whole debacle as a stand down.

Board member John Stringer emailed other?board members the following on Friday night.

From: John Stringer
Sent: Friday, 19 June 2015 10:19 p.m.
To: Andrew Craig; Laurence Day; Melissa Perkin; Paul Young; John&Laurie Stringer; Christine Rankin; Colin Craig; Brian Dobbs; Nathaniel Heslop; Regan Monahan
Subject: Sexual Allegations vs Colin

I am disappointed half of us were missing tonight from the special meeting called to discuss these matters (that are of some years standing). We had documentary evidence in the form of hand written notes, letters signed by Colin, his SXTs and emails for you to see, and I wanted to hear Colin’s side of the story.

That was the appropriate place to deal with all this; but Colin called a press conference, and now this has become a media storm. The bizarre nature of the press conf. today is feeding that media interest.

Colin had no right to arbitrarily “postpone” the scheduled Board meeting without consulting us or to call the conference without letting us know.? The first most of us knew, was hearing it in the media. But like always, Colin acts arbitrarily and without consultation.

It is unconscionable to me that some of you could still be supporting Colin.? As an ex pastor I cannot.

As a Conservative I cannot. I have therefore spoken to the media tonight to protect my own reputation and that of the party from a man who is morally bankrupt and has lied to us as a Board for months and months.

The explicit and salacious details of Colin’s indiscretions with women other than his wife will be leaked out every day over the next several days by several media outlets and from numerous sources. His large payout to one victim is already being discussed.

We will all be forced to choose what kind of politics we support and are publicly identified with.? Our faces have already appeared on TV. It would have been better to have met with you and Colin in private tonight to discuss all this; I came all the way from Christchurch to do that.

Disappointed some of you couldn’t make a short drive across AKL to reciprocate.

Let the cards fall where they may.? But Colin’s tenure as a leader of anything political is over as his victims begin to speak out. That is now out of our control.

Read more »

Who will take over from Colin Craig?

With Colin Craig?s departure now confirmed, let?s look at what a primary race might look like in the Conservative Party.

The one thing the Conservatives have on their side is time.? The election is still at least two years away so they can take months deciding on a new leader.

Initial front-runners:

Former CERA boss, Roger Sutton
Pros: Roger is both competent and available. He?s better liked by the Government than Colin Craig and would more likely be able to get a Epsom-style deal from John Key.
Cons: Two?leaders in a row with sexual harassment allegations in their past is a bad look, even for the Conservatives.

Christine Rankin
Pros: High profile, media capable. Experience in senior government position would bring an element of credibility should the Party find themselves a part of fourth term John Key Government.
Cons: It?s Christine Rankin.? Read more »

Politically rank Christine Rankin won’t rank in Epsom


via Stuff

Tell her she’s dreamin’

Conservative Party candidate Christine Rankin has “no chance” of winning the high-profile Epsom seat in next month’s election, Prime Minister John Key says.

The former Work and Income NZ boss, who is the party’s chief executive, announced yesterday that she would stand for the Conservatives in the electorate.

But Mr Key has already signalled that National voters in Epsom should give their electorate vote to Act Party candidate David Seymour.

The signal has gone out very clearly: ?every vote for the Conservative Party is a wasted vote. ?And in Epsom, they are both the most experienced and savvy tactical voters in the country. ? Read more »

New Rule: Only report Winston’s utterings that aren’t bluster

John Armstrong opines:

As captivating and entertaining as such a contest would have been, Winston Peters is unlikely to throw himself feline-like into the pigeon loft and stand in Murray McCully’s East Coast Bays seat.

The idea of putting himself up as the New Zealand First candidate initially seemed like a very cunning plan to disrupt the political footsie being played by Colin Craig’s Conservatives and the National Party in order for the former to get a toehold in Parliament and the latter to remain in power.

But the warning bells ought to have been ringing in the New Zealand First camp after Christine Rankin, the Conservative Party’s chief executive, urged Peters to “bring it on”.

That was a call to arms. While not ruling out standing, Peters has wisely left any decisions until closer to nomination day.

When does Winston not do bluster, bluffing and intimidation? ?It is actually safer to bet that he won’t do what he says, because he has a loooong history of… not doing what he says.

No wonder Rankin is all excited at the prospect of a bit of limelight here. ?After all, before Winston put the spotlight her way, she’s not featured anywhere. ? Read more »

Colin Craig doesn’t want a cuppa deal? Pull the other one

Now that the public’s reaction to coat tailing is starting to solidify against such cosy deals, thanks largely to all the publicity the and Mana Parties have generated about it, Coling Craig is getting cold feet.

Colin Craig launched his Conservative Party’s election campaign by assuming a strong moral stance ? including ruling out any “bland and inspid cup of tea” electoral deal with National like the one used to keep Act in Parliament.

But while Mr Craig, who confirmed he will stand against Foreign Minister Murray McCully in East Coast Bays, said he would turn down a cup of tea with Prime Minister John Key to give him he nod in the electorate, it would help if National let him win the seat anyway.

Mr Craig announced his well-telegraphed decision yesterday at Rangitoto College, which lies within the electorate. He said his party’s campaign theme was “Stand for Something”, and the four main things the Conservatives would stand for were binding referendums, tougher sentences for criminals, an end to race-based policies that he said were favouring some groups, and a tax-free zone to ensure everybody received a tax cut.

He and party chief executive, Christine Rankin, both railed against both National and Labour led Governments of recent years, saying they appeared more concerned with attaining and holding onto power than doing what was best for the country or what they’d promised voters.

Actually, they are doing their best to keep Colin Craig from becoming the next minor cult party to hit parliament.? Read more »

No more coat tailing, except just this once, but we already poll 5% anyway

The word hypocrisy is fast losing its bite as wave after wave of blatant… hypocrisy hits the voters from various corners of the political spectrum. ?Vernon Small and Rob Kidd outline the latest installment

Voters have overwhelmingly rejected the “coat-tail” practice, just as Conservative Party leader Colin Craig eyes a deal with National that would let him win an electorate and bring in more MPs from his party.

At the party’s campaign launch yesterday, Craig confirmed he would stand in the ultra-safe National seat of East Coast Bays, held by Foreign Minister Murray McCully.

Craig said he expected National to stand aside for him at the September 20 election, and Prime Minister John Key has said the Conservatives are one of the parties he could work with.

Key reiterated yesterday he would announce any “electoral accommodations” with other parties, which are likely to include ACT in Epsom and UnitedFuture in Ohariu, closer to the election.

Craig is hoping that by standing in the safest of safe National seats it will signal the need for a cup of tea deal by mere inference, even in the absence of National giving a clear nudge and a wink. ? Read more »

Another Missing Chapter – Mona Dotcom gets her kit off [IMAGES]


Rachel Glucina has tracked down some photos from FHM magazine of Mona Dotcom from 2006 in FHM magazine.

Strangely these seem to have been missed out of David Fisher’s hagiography of Kim Dotcom…another missing chapter…along with the BBQ in Corsica, the incident on Isola Butelli and the card game that went wrong in Manila amongst others.

She is seen in the media as the passive wife of extrovert Kim Dotcom, but Mona Dotcom wasn’t always so shy and unassuming. In 2006 she went by the name Monica Verga, posing in various states of undress in a five-page spread for the Philippines edition of lads mag FHM.

Alas, The Diary can show you only the family friendly photos. In one pic, Mona wears merely a knowing look and dangly earrings that Christine Rankin would envy.

These days, Mona, 26, is a mother of five toting US$40,000 Hermes bags with a ladylike demeanour. But as an 18-year-old topless model in FHM, Mona, or Monica as she called herself then, told the mag she likes her “foot being kissed”, playing “PC game Warcraft” and “bad-boy types who can sing well”.

In 2006, one year before she met her future husband at a Manila nightclub, Mona cherished her freedom, telling the lad mag she doesn’t make plans and faces life with a devil-may-care attitude.

She said she used to sing in a band in her hometown, Davao, and pulled out of college in her first year, where she was studying tourism, to move to the bright lights of Manila.

[…] Read more »