Christmas songs

Christmas nightCap

Sleep well. Hope you had a good one. ?Be careful on the road. ?Better late than dead on time tomorrow.

Thanks for your support this year. ?Back to regular programming tomorrow.

All the best from the extended Whaleoil team that help you bring this every day:

  • Cam, Juana, Pete, Lux, Nige, Shiree, Alex, George, Anthony, Mary, Neil, Andrew, Bill, Roger, Peter, Wayne, Greg, Dallas, Regan, Rachel, Stephen, Bart and Steve.

A White Christmas? Not for us it’s not

What Christmas is complete without Dean and Rudolph?

Mental Health Break (the “I hate Christmas” version)

Caution: ?Language, adult themes

So this is Christmas. And what have you done?

Mistletoe and wine

Driving home for, or after Xmas

Cam’s favourite Christmas song. ?I’ll tell you mine later in the day.

…to see if reindeer are really going to fly

Santa Baby

1953 rendition


The poor relation from America