Christopher Pyne

The religion of ignorance and hate

How much longer can Islamic leaders keep saying this has nothing to do with their faith?

Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne has asked the principal of al-Taqwa College to explain why he told students that Islamic State was a Western plot.

The move comes as a former teacher at the school said principal Omar Hallak also told students that Israel did not exist and Jews were horrible people.

Mr Pyne condemned the principal’s controversial statements on Wednesday and said he would write to al-Taqwa, which is the largest Islamic School in Victoria, seeking an explanation.

Mr Pyne will also write to Victorian Education Minister James Merlino to ask what action the Education Department is taking.

“The comments of the al-Taqwa College principal are wrong and damaging,” he said.

Ajit Somers taught at the school in 2001 and said Mr Hallak had “shockingly” anti-Semitic views.

He said the principal came into his class and set an assignment in which students had to research a country of their choice. When the principal discovered one student had chosen Israel, he became furious, Mr Somers said. ? Read more »

Sledge of the Day

I was going to give John Key sledge of the day for his hit on David Cunliffe’s recycling of Rodney Hide’s epithet for the budget…but I’ve found a better sledge.

It was from Christopher Pyne in the Australian parliament against Bill Shorten, and to round it off he called Shorten a c**t .

What a coincidence – we think the same of Russel Norman, but please make Pete and Travis’ day ok by remembering our moderation rules.? Read more »

Headline of the week

headline-snh?The Sydney Morning Herald has a winner with their story of the opposition attempt to rinse Bronwyn Bishop.

Labor’s Tony Burke, opposition manager of business, might as well consider a future emptying night carts, for his motion, a thing of fury, and his long list of gruesome complaints against Ms Bishop, foundered. His life, you’d imagine, will barely be worth living.

Worse, perhaps, he was accused of being a “sook” by the carefully coiffed Christopher Pyne, who invoked Paul Keating to inform him cheerily that opposition was a dreary life of cold cups of tea at 11 o’clock at night, and three long years of it lay ahead.

It had been coming for months, of course, as Ms Bishop cut down Mr Burke’s attempts to move points of order, as he tried to argue with Madam Speaker’s rulings, as he watched his colleagues tossed from Parliament day after day, as he was taunted by Mr Pyne, and as only this week, he had sought vainly to persuade Ms Bishop that outbreaks of laughter from the opposition benches did not constitute unparliamentary behaviour.

Mr Burke has not been an obvious favourite with Ms Bishop since the first day, back in November, she ascended the throne she had so long desired. Feigning to welcome her to the high office of Speaker, he offered that he found the moment reminiscent of the Harry Potter novel in which the evil witch Dolores Umbridge is made headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. ? Read more »

Abbott hooking into teacher unions, removing leftist dogma from curriculum

Tony Abbot’s government is making great strides, not for them the meek appeasement of unions that our government has in its approach.

Their education minister is set to start reefing leftist dogma from the school curriculum.

THE Abbott government will move today to reshape school education by appointing strong critics of the national curriculum to review what children are taught, amid fears a “cultural Left” agenda is failing students.

The Education Minister, Christopher Pyne, is seeking a blueprint by mid-year to overhaul the curriculum, warning that the rise of “remedial” classes at universities proves the depths of the problem in Australian classrooms. Vowing to restore an “orthodox” curriculum, Mr Pyne will today name author and former teacher Kevin Donnelly and business professor Ken Wiltshire to lead the review.

The appointments clear the way for reforms that could expunge parts of the history syllabus that Tony Abbott has blasted for favouring Labor and the unions but glossing over the work of Coalition prime ministers.? Read more »

Labour parties are the same the world over

The headline is scarily similar to what happened here in NZ.

Labour the world over booby traps the economy of their victim countries.

When Joe Hockey was growing up and dreaming of becoming prime minister, he would not have imagined that his dream would lead him to joining a bomb disposal unit. Tomorrow, he will unveil the first bomb he must dismantle and it is almost nuclear in its capacity for destruction.

At 12.30 on Tuesday, Hockey, who has also been the stand-out thespian of the new federal parliament, will unveil the real horror, dysfunction and narcissism of Kevin Rudd’s contribution to Australian political history, disably assisted by Julia Gillard. Hockey will release the mid-year economic and fiscal outlook, known in the trade as MYEFO, which will show a budget deficit much worse than Labor led us to believe, probably close to $50 billion, debt obligations much higher than Labor led us to believe, and unfunded liabilities that are so irresponsibly crushing the government will have to walk away from many of them. The most monumental folly is the National Broadband Network, whose economic rationale was worked out on a piece of paper by Rudd. The scheme subsequently created by former communications minister Stephen Conroy would cost more than $70 billion and never recover its cost of capital. The Abbott government will have to start again.? Read more »

Charter Schools coming to Australia…wait for union howling

There is going to be a donnybrook in Australia of immense proportions as Tony Abbott seeks to change education by wresting control from the unions.

PRINCIPALS and parents will be put in control of public schools under the first rollout of Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s schools revolution.

Promising to take on the education establishment, including unions and the bureaucracy, Mr Abbott pledged during the election campaign to make public schools “independent”, and wants 25 per cent of public schools to make the switch by 2017.

But the plan is opposed by teachers unions, who have accused the Coalition of trying to turn public schools into private schools and cover up a cost-cutting agenda. ? Read more »

A bit of Aussie low bastardry

Kevin Rudd is starting up the rumour mill again after his last cowardly leadership challenge. He always does this with a bit of seeding from the back benchers who then leak to outside sources.

Senior Liberal frontbencher Christopher Pyne says a Labor source has told him Kevin Rudd will again challenge for the leadership in June.

Mr Rudd this week revealed he now supports gay marriage, having voted against it in parliament in 2012.

Mr Pyne told ABC radio on Wednesday the change of stance on gay marriage was a signal Mr Rudd intended to challenge Prime Minister Julia Gillard.? Read more »

Does the whole ALP wear skirts or what?

I mean seriously what a pack of blouses,?moaning?over being compared to Downfall. All the Mark Dreyfus has done is ensure they get mocked with heaps of Downfall parodies:

Remarks comparing the federal government to the Nazi party are offensive and hurtful, new federal Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus says.

Coalition frontbencher Christopher Pyne on Sunday said the federal government was unravelling like Hitler’s government in the movie Downfall.

Mr Pyne said the resignation of two senior ministers and Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s subsequent reshuffle showed the government was divided and dysfunctional.

Mr Dreyfus called on Opposition Leader Tony Abbott to direct Mr Pyne to withdraw and apologise for the comments.

“These immature and offensive comments have no place in Australian political debate,” Mr Dreyfus told journalists on Sunday.

“There is no place in Australian political debate for a comparison of any Australian government with Hitler’s Third Reich.

“These comments are deeply hurtful to holocaust survivors, they are deeply hurtful to any right thinking Australian.”

Of course where would you be with the Labor party without the hypocrisy:? Read more »

A sensible policy from a senior Australian Politician

Aussie politicians are stepping up over boy buggering Catholic priests:

Senior federal Liberal frontbencher Christopher Pyne has declared that priests should report child sex abuse crimes revealed in the confessional to police.

On Wednesday, Mr Pyne – who is a practising Catholic – said that as a member of Parliament, it would be wrong of him to advise citizens not to report crimes, particularly something as serious as child abuse.

”If a priest, or anyone else, is aware of the sexual abuse of children that is going on, I think there is an obligation on them to report it to the appropriate authorities,” he told ABC Radio.

On Tuesday, in the wake of Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s announcement of a royal commission on child abuse, Cardinal George Pell said that the seal of confession was?”inviolable”.

Mr Pell said that if a priest knew what would be confessed prior to the confession, then they should refuse to hear it.