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OldmanNZ cuts to the chase after an interaction with a chugger:

I got approached by the SPCA on the street yesterday, asking for donations.

You know how it goes, they talk nice, how was your day, what you do yo do… Blah blah get to the point.

She told me they look after animals, they have too many and need my help…$$.

I told her, if you have more than you can handle, just shoot them.

Then she got a little taken back and said, would you shoot people?

I said shooting animals is not illegal, I kill pests on the farm, shooting humans is illegal.

She kind of stop bothering me for donations after that.

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Do you hate chuggers?

The word chugger is a blend?of charity and mugger.

There’s a call for charities to stop putting people out on the street to collect money.

Wellington city councillor Iona Pannett says “chuggers” profit from a form of mild harassment.

She says there are ways of encourage fundraising without making people feel uncomfortable.

“I do just worry a bit when it’s about money, and the mechanism for accessing it when there is no consent implied.”

“There’s a bit of pressure that goes on to support the organisation, and it could be seen as a form of mild harassment even if it is done politely and with good intentions.” Read more »


SAFE – are they a charity or just charity muggers?

We’ve all seen those charity collectors dressed up as animals holding boxes and soliciting cash. Are they really a charity, or just another bunch of charity muggers or chuggers as they have become known?

I have asked myself if SAFE is not just the animal equivalent of Greenpeace.? After all the SPCA does all that real work while SAFE struts around tut-tutting. ?Like Greenpeace, SAFE is a nice little earner for a registered charity engaged in what seems to be political lobbying activities.

If you go to the Charities Commmision website:

You will find its financial records there as a download an eye opener (it was lodged 10 November)
Full time employees: 9
Part time employees: 4
Number of paid hours worked in total by all employees in an average week: 439
Number of ?volunteers in an average week: 28
Number of volunteer hours worked in total by all volunteers in an average week: 68 ? Read more »