Citizens & Ratepayers

Why are the centre/right letting Len Brown get away with it

C&R, which is the old Citizens and Ratepayers in drag, have?really dropped the ball on holding dodgy rooting ratbag Len?Brown to account.

Insiders at C&R say that the position is?that Len should be allowed to get on with being mayor,?rather than putting him under more pressure for his?shamelessness.

The soft option was taken when Len was forced to pay on?$40,000 of the legal fees.

“The group’s chairwoman, Christine Fletcher, says there has?been a “full and final agreement” that he will contribute?$40,000, in addition to paying $20,000 for his own legal
costs, which are separate to the $250,000 cost of the?review.

The group also included Dick Quax, one of Mr Brown’s?staunchest opponents, along with Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse,?George Wood and Penny Webster.”? Read more »

C&R = Catastrophe and Ruin for the Auckland centre-right

In around 7 months, NZ will be in the thick of local body elections, the most important for the Auckland Council.

At this stage, there isn’t a declared centre-right candidate to take on Len Brown, though the rumour mill is running overtime on a couple of names.

However, Len for know is very much in the box seat, which is why Auckland needs a strong centre-right council to hold him to account.

The centre-right in Auckland Region is normally represented by the Citizens and Ratepayers ticket, who have historically done well on the former Auckland Regional Council and the old Auckland City Council.

Since the 2010 elections, when C&R did poorly in the first ever supercity elections, there has been a rebrand by C&R’s executive board and National Party hacks Alastair Bell and Mark Thomas, to try and refresh their image. But while the colours and names have changed, their political fortunes have not. ?The new C&R, now known as Communities and Residents, has barely registered in the media over the last year. The C&R caucus is badly divided, and their board ineffective. Wags have said they should have renamed themselves Catastrophe & Ruin instead.

National has all but washed their hands of C&R in the elections this year, its caucus refusing to make available any organisation to the adrift group, instead encouraging individuals to participate if they feel like it. Candidate selections that were supposed to take place in November have been deferred and deferred as people go cold on standing for an organisation heading for defeat. Big fundraising plans have turned to dust and instead, a big levy is likely to be imposed on the hapless cannon fodder that stand.? Read more »

I’m sorry, but it is just gay

? NZ Herald

Citizens and Ratepayers has ditched their brand for a new green, gay one. Communities and Residents is just lame, the only plus is the retention of C&R, and the logo is limp. It looks like they had it donated for free and has all the quality of something that is free.

Citizens & Ratepayers, the right-leaning political ticket that ran the former Auckland City Council for most of its 74 years, has retired its name and partisan style of politics.

Auckland’s oldest political organisation has become Auckland Communities and Residents – still C&R for short – to broaden its appeal across the Super City.

President Mark Brickell said Citizens & Ratepayers was associated with the former Auckland City. C&R, often referred to as Citrats, performed poorly at the first Super City elections, winning just five seats on the 20-strong Auckland Council.

Mr Brickell said Auckland Communities and Residents was a new organisation for a new city with the aim of establishing citywide branches.

It would still focus on limiting rates rises and affordable policies, but planned to abandon the “whipping” system previously used to compel members to vote the same way.