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Winston’s double standards when it comes to taxpayer cash

Winston Peters is having a whinge about the cost of the investigation into the salad dodger Gerry Brownlee and his transgression with airport security

NZ First leader Winston Peters says Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee should pay for $43,550 in legal and staff costs for an inquiry into his security breach at Christchurch Airport last year.

Mr Peters released information obtained under the Official Information Act which showed the total cost included $21,275 for a peer review of the CAA’s findings by lawyer Mary Scholtens and $17,490 in staff time for the Civil Aviation Authority. ? Read more »

Herald now writing stories from plane spotters

So it looks like the Herald is taking uncorroborated panic stories off plane-spotters now?

An airliner about to land at Auckland Airport climbed sharply to avoid a potential collision with another plane taking off at the other end of the runway.

“It climbed like a bloody blizzard and the other plane was nose up and was taking off too,” said a witness to the manoeuvre, which the Airways Corporation and Air New Zealand are putting down to standard procedure.

The man, who did not want to be named, was parked at a lookout near the airport just after 6pm on Monday while waiting to watch a giant Airbus 380 take off.

Ahead of it in a taxiway queue was a 171-seat Air New Zealand Airbus 320 due to fly to Christchurch, while another of the airline’s A320s was on its descent from the east, flying in from Adelaide.

“You could see this plane coming in to land – it would have been between the [Southwestern] motorway and the end of the runway – then suddenly the other A320 just moved out into the runway,” the witness said.

“I thought, ‘that’s close’, but it just paused on the end of the runway – for about 10 seconds. Then it just gasses and starts rolling down the runway to takeoff speed.”

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The trials and tribulations of living in a first world country

So does the silly cow think that the whole security queue should come to a grinding halt while she decants her cosmetics into smaller containers? Why didn’t she do it before she left home?

Why does the Herald give these people breathing space? Maybe being a Grey Lynn resident helps.

A woman had her expensive cosmetics binned in front of her at the airport without an explanation – despite the goods being under the 100ml carry-on limit.

Marcela Gibson says she wasn’t given the chance to transfer the liquids – worth about $500 – from their larger containers into smaller ones she had on her.

The 34-year-old accountant from Grey Lynn was about to board a flight at Auckland Airport to Melbourne earlier this month when she was stopped and asked if a staff member could take a look in her bag.

“I told her that she is welcome to take a look and I was confident I did not have anything to breach the policies.”

Ms Gibson was carrying a cosmetic bag containing a number of items which were in bottles bigger than 100ml, but the bottles weren’t full. ? Read more »

Mass medication of our Bread – the facts don't warrant it

So let me get this straight. Annette King when she agreed to force bakers to add folate to bread thinks that it is ok to mass medicate the enttre population with folate even when more than 50% of the population has no need for said mass medication. Further the costs simply don’t stack up.

The cost isn’t justified. The rate of spina bifida in New Zealand is 0.94/1000 total births. There were 64,000 live births in New Zealand in 2008. So we are going to medicate the entire population to save 60 babies from Spina Bifida and 50 babies from anencephalus.

That is just fucking ridiculous. We are forcing the enitre population to eat bread that has been mass medicated with folate in order to save 60 babies from spina bifida.

We murder more than that each year in our abortion clinics. We kill 32 babies a day with abortion! Let’s get our priorities right FFS.

Stick your mass medication up your…

Finally we may be getting some sense on the bizarre mass medication of our bread that Annette King signed us up to.

The Minister of Food Safety has spoken out strongly against the imminent compulsory addition of folic acid to most bread.

“I’m not a fan,” Kate Wilkinson said yesterday of the transtasman food standard that requires the synthetic vitamin be added to virtually all bread from September. “I sympathise with the bakers’ frustration.”

But wait, the cardy wearing officials have advised that trans-Tasman relations could be adversely affected.

The Minister should just scoff at such a ridiculous suggestion that pulling out of unnecessary forced mass medication would harm trans-Tasman relations forged on many a battlefield.

As a 40 year old male I object to being medicated for something I don’t need or want.

Mr Invisible spotted in Hawkes Bay…I think

phil goff.jpg The other day the Labour Party decided to relaunch in the Hawkes Bay.

How many people in total turned out for the Goff and co meeting in Napier last Tuesday morning?

Was it more than in Rotorua?

Well yes it was but only because, Annette King, Maryan Street, Stuart Nash and Dazza Hughes, plus staff and driver were in attendance.

The grand total?

15 including someone purported to be the Leader of the Labour Party.

Of the 15 more than half were hangers on. Only 7 were members of the public and even then they were probably the Chair, Secretary and committee of the LEC.


Helen Clark exiting a helicopterSince Labour are all a twitter about helicopters, I thought I would do a bit of checking.

Helen Clark (left) exiting a Helicopter that took her to Motutapu Island

Helen Clark in a helicopter

Helen Clark and Phil Goff (Orange cap) in an Iroquois

I am also very reliable informed that the cackling cow beside Phil Goff yesterday in the house, Annette King, has availed herself of helicopter jaunts across Auckland several times in her role as Transport Minister. All those flights were paid for by private enterprise.



Full Moon King gets spanked

Annette King got spanked in the house today and even worse spanked by Bill English. She took Mr invisible’s question and then soudly cocked it up right till her final supplementary;

Hon Annette King: Who was the Prime Minister referring to when he said there was no room for phone-throwers or temper tantrums at the top; and can he confirm his colleagues’ belief that in fact he was talking about Nick Smith?

Hon BILL ENGLISH: No, he was talking about the previous occupants of the ninth floor of the Beehive, and not only has he decided there is no room for them; the New Zealand public has decided there is no room for them.

More Full moon stories pouring in

After I blogged yesterday about the towie’s absolute belief in the impact of the full moon several people have sent in anecdotal evidence that Annette King may well have been onto something.

One MP (the party and electorate shall remain nameless) has emailed me to say his electorate office is frantically busy around the full moon. They have a dramatic increase in mental health issues and more people through the door. Friday after 3.30 around a full moon is such a nightmare that it has been suggested that the MP shut up shop for the afternoon.

It was a full moon last night

It was a full moon last night and it is also election time. that means that politicians do stupid things. One can only imagine what is happening in this photo though. I wonder if it is like the old Japanee kamikaze pilot shots, if so then Charles Chauvel and Annette King should be arriving on the burning deck of a National battleship anytime soon.

Annette king is a kamikaze