Civilian Party

Civilian Party deregisters

The Electoral Commission said on Friday that The Civilian Party had been deregistered, following its own request.

Last year the party, which arose from The Civilian blog, scraped together the required members to contest the September general election, winning $33,000 in public funding to promote itself. Prime Minister John Key said at the time that the joke was on the New Zealand taxpayer.

Led by Ben Uffindell, the party’s humorous pledges made it popular on social media, with promises of independence from Hamilton, re-legalisation of illegal highs, a llama for every child in poverty and the banning of satire.

“We haven’t disappointed you yet,” the party posted on its website the day before the election. Describing itself as “up of centre”, it named a pineapple as its deputy leader.

The party’s popularity online did not translate into votes. Although 4141 people gave it a “like” on Facebook, it attracted just 1096 votes, or 0.05 per cent of the total cast. It did, however, attract more support than the NZ Independent Coalition, led by former MP Brendan Horan. Read more »

Winston would blow the Bribe-Meter to bits!

The Taxpayers? Union is pissed off that it?s thrown money at a respected economist to develop an election ?Bribe-O-Meter? and New Zealand First won?t (presumably can?t) provide basic policy information for its policies to be costed.

“The?Taxpayers? Union?has made numerous formal and informal approaches to Mr Peters and his party. Despite our best efforts Mr Peters continues to fob off providing transparency to the voting public.”

Our?independent?expert, who used to lead the team at IRD that costed social policy for?numerous?governments (ironically including when Mr Peters was Treasurer!) has spoken to Party officials in Winston Peters??office?but?still?does not have enough information to give?any insight as to what NZ First?s policies will cost.

Perhaps the reason NZ First has shied away from releasing their policy costings is because Mr Peters is worried it would deter voters? In 1996, the last time National was forced to go into government with Mr Peters,?it cost taxpayers $5 billion, or $2,950 per household.

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Face of the day

I love satire especially when it is done well. I love a good joke and laughter really is the best medicine.

I have really enjoyed a number of posts on the Satirical blog The Civilian but recently the laughter stopped. I am not laughing any more. Not only am I not laughing I am angry. Ben has taken the step too far. He has gone beyond the joke. It is one thing to take the piss, it is another to take money that is meant for serious political parties.

It is true that he could not rort the system without the assistance of the? Electoral Commission and by funding Ben to the tune of $33,000 they have made a joke of our democratic system.

Satirical writer of The Civilian, Ben Uffindell

Satirical writer of The Civilian, Ben Uffindell.- 3 News

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