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Labour is the nasty party, Ctd

The Labour party is really cementing their?reputation?of being?the?nasty party.

Darien Fenton attacked Sir Peter Leitch for his bromance with John Key, David Cunliffe attacked Sir Peter Jackson. Basically if you profess an opinion that is contrary to tribal Labour’s aspirataions then you are a traitor and can be maligned, denigrated and if at all possible fired form your job.

Red Alert is running a constant series of?personal?attacks against john Key and Phil Goff has decided that their strategy is to brand John Key a liar.

So it came as no surprise that Trevor Mallard has decided to attack Clare Robinson after her comments last night on the Leaders debate:

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Nevermind that they were factually incorrect. Clare Robinson explains and highlights more nasty Labour comments:

It was felt that the fact that I worked as a Cabinet Minister?s Private Secretary 20 years ago should (a) be a disqualifier for being a political commentator ? Trevor Mallard tweeted ?if this is true than expect TVNZ resignation?; (b), that it meant that I couldn?t provide objective commentary??? Glenn Williams ?Wammo? called me a????boil on the political commentary landscape ?and (c) that I must be a National plant.?Deborah Mahuta-Coyle tweeted ?just take your national party rosette out of your pocket and slap it on your forehead.??Even TV3 reported hearsay as ?fact? on their website this morning that I had once been a press secretary for Jenny Shipley.

Now Clare points out:

For the record, however:

Fact 1: In 1991 I worked as the Women?s Affairs Private Secretary in Jenny Shipley?s Office. I was a departmental official on secondment from the Ministry of Women?s Affairs. I was appointed by Dr Judith Aitken, the then Secretary of Women?s Affairs.

Fact 2: This is not news. It is on my Massey biography.

Fact 3. I was not a political appointee or a ?Nat staffer?, and have never been on the payroll of the National party.

Fact 4: I was never press secretary. That role was first occupied by Nancy Consaul and then Bronwyn Saunders. As private secretary my job was to answer Ministerials, arrange appointments and push paper between the Ministry and the Minister.

…Fact 5: I voted Labour in the 1990 general election, just prior to taking up my role. I voted Labour in the 1993 general election, after I had left the role.

Labour really is the nasty party. The proof is?their?own?words. They are prepared to lie and denigrate and smear anyone who dares to speak against them. I bet you won’t see an apology out of Mallard and their fan boys and girls who clearly defamed Clare Robinson.

Tweet of the Week

tweet of the week

On Phil Goff

Political scientist Clare Robinson has a devastating analysis of Phil Goff in her comments about the Hughes affair:

Professor Robinson said if the Labour leadership had stood down Mr Hughes immediately after learning of the police investigation, he could have made an immediate comeback after being cleared.

Instead the party leadership kept it quiet for almost three weeks, sending Mr Hughes on leave only after the allegations became public. The next day Mr Hughes was stood down from his portfolios, and a day later he had resigned.

[But] it didn’t really change the amount of disrespect people already had for [party leader] Phil Goff. It didn’t really go up or down because it was already so low,” Professor Robinson said

That comment is devastating on the absentee Labour leader.

The person I feel sorry for the most is the political cripple who has been left as the spokesman with Goff having a holiday in the middle of election year and Annette King maintaining her silence over what happened at her house.