Anger over ‘super mayor’ commentAuckland regional mayors have reacted angrily to a speech in which Prime Minister John Key appeared to give a nod to John Banks as a super city mayoral candidate. [Stuff Politics]

The Clown of Campbells Bay, Andrew Williams who also masquerades as the North Shore mayor is upset and spitting the dummy over John Key’s speech at the National party Conference where he appeared to endrse John Banks for the mayoralty of the new Super City.

Well colour me surprised that Andrew Williams is upset. He gets upset if the wine runs dry.

But can he really expect any other comment when he spams all of National’s MP’s and other party members at 9:31pm and 11:21pm and 11:26pm the night the Auckland regional conference began and coincidentally the same night my “mysterious” fax attack from the North Shore City Council arrived.

Headers of the emails show categoricially they were sent from North Shore Servers at those times. I wonder if my LGOIMA request filed this morning for all fax logs and door access logs for North Shore City between the hours of 8:30pm and 11:59pm Friday 5th June 2009 will show anything interesting.

All I can say to Andrew Williams and Penny Webster is Diddums!

Why don’t they do what Len Brown has done and hire a Labour functionary to run their campaigns for them. (More on this later)


Push them off The EDGE

John Banks needs to be weilding the axe this morning after TVNZ has revealed that;

Cliff EdgeThe Edge has lost $2.5million in the last month.

My Fair Lady needed 50,000 tickets sold to break even, but sold only 18,000 and closed two weeks early.

As well, the staging of two other classics, The Winter’s Tale and The Cherry Orchard, delivered a $500,000 loss.

The plays were part of an international arts season featuring British and American actors.

The loss is partly offset by a million dollar profit from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

But the council is going to have to cough up with another $1.1 million.

John Banks should demand a sacking from the Edge board just like someone got fired at ARC. The Edge is a council owned company outside of direct council control, with its own board. But obviously, when it loses copious amounts of money it falls to the ever faithful ratepayer to bail these chumps out.

Line ’em all up and push someone off the EDGE John, and do it today.

Mad Mayor goes Wild in Waitakere

Bob Harvey goes wild in WaitakereThe other night on the television Bob Harvey was all sweetness and light about the Super City and trying to settle down the Clown from Campbells Bay and his increasingly bizarre rantings. In the space of a weekand after a hearing from Local Government minister Rodney Hide, Brown Eye Bob has gone from the reasoned conciliator to the Wally from Waitakere and launched an attack on the Super City proposal and on the ARC in particular.

Brown Eye Bob, one must remember, is a past Labour Party president and as Labour are gearing up their Mt Albert by-election fight to be about the super city it isn’t that surprising that Brown Eye Bob has changed tack.

However his letter to the editor today is appalling in the use of his language. But then you can’t really expect much from a Mayor who thinks it is the height of decorum to drop his trousers and bare his buttocks to one of his own councillors.

What this letter shows is one of two things. Either the Clown of Campbells Bay’s preferred libations (on special at $14.99) have been put to outstanding use by Bob Harvey or the left wing are deeply divided about the Super City.

Whaleoil is in a generous mood this morning so I’ll take that the lkeft are deeply divided. On the one hand you have Mike lee who is positioning himself as the leftwing alternative to John Banks and is trying to garner support and on the other you have the Clown from Campbells Bay and now the Wally from Waitakere hellbent on patch protection.

What will be interesting is to see how Len Brown handles this. Thus far he has acted with some decorum. Whether he can maintain that is another thing.

Mad Mayor upset over text message

Andrew Williams is Crunchy the ClownWhat is the definition of irony?

The Mad Mayor, the Clown of Campbells Bay, Andrew Williams getting upset over a text message from John Banks and running off to Bernard Orsman in a tizzy.

I just popped off an email to the Clown of Campbells Bay thanking him most profusely for continuing to provide me with publicity and today he has even managed to get me to the front page of the NZ Herald, on Easter Monday, a high circulation day as well.

Of course it hadn’t occurred to the mad Mayor that Banksie might have been calling me a lunatic. You can read that text two ways.

Nevermind the Clown from Campbells Bay thinks Banksie was calling him a lunatic and so we now have a new moniker for Andrew Williams. The Lunatic of Lake Road.


Clown of Campbells Bay goes Mental

Mayor slams ‘hoodwinking’ Hide’s super city plansAn Auckland mayor has blasted Local Government Minister Rodney Hide, over the way he is pushing plans for a super city. North Shore’s Andrew Williams is accusing Mr Hide of misleading Prime Minister John Key about the shake-up. The… [NZ Herald Politics]

The Mad Mayor has launched an attack on Rodney Hide and on John Banks in what can only be described as a paranoid delusional tirade clearly penned in the middle of the night.

He has accused John Banks, Rodney Hide and the Prime Minister John Key of collusion of the Super-City proposal.

Andrew Williams is Crunchy the Clown“These inconsistencies and false statements might indicate the need for a judicial review if correct processes have not been followed, if the public of New Zealand have been misled, and if the Royal Commission’ 18 months of research and conclusions have been dismissed within a week by politicians with pre-conceived ideas, intentions and alliances. This is a very serious matter requiring considerable investigation.”

“I am also concerned to be advised that John Banks has been a long-time silent supporter of the ACT Party and has attended ACT Party meetings, sometimes as a guest speaker. This unholy alliance between Banks and Hide needs to be the subject of a great deal of scrutiny. Something smells here. I also understand ACT supporters received inside information on the Government’s decision on Auckland prior to the announcement on Tuesday. This raises questions as to whether this National Government is being hi-jacked by these extreme right wingers”.

The only thing that smells is probably the Mad Mayor’s breathe and there is a good chance it would smell of cheap whiskey. The man is also clearly mad. Any semi-competent psychologist could provide a diagnosis of paranoid delusions of grandeur. The Clown of Campbells Bay continues to prove what everyone knows. That he is a fool, mad, and out of control.

The Three Stooges

Check out these three stooges. Sainsbury cons the Clown of Campbells Bay, Browneye Bob and Aortic Len into the indignity of eating on national television.

Chomp, chomp, chomp, mmm the buns aren’t delicious but having the camera focus on this lot making fools of themselves certainly is.

What a bunch of weirdoes. Just nowhere in the same league as John Banks.


Salad Dodger makes shit up

The lying Salad Dodger Rebecca Milne made shit up in her beat up of the links of Paula Bennett and a youth crim.

It seems that the young fella in question wasn’t even a member of the gang that SDRM claimed. In further sensationalisation of the matter the NZ Herald is now running the headline;

PM expresses support for MP with gangster link

Of course he would FFS, she is supporting her daughter, trying to support the little toerag who has got himself in trouble and is in the slammer for it and she cops this shit from a Salad Dodger.

Good god everyone has something strange in their background, it doesn’t mean they will be fucked up for it or should be if a nosy fat-arsed salad dodger and her pathetic editor decide to make shit up.

For goodness sake John Banks had a crim for a father and a backroom abortionist for a mother. Tough breaks, John himself will admit it but he isn’t either of them he is his own successful self despite his upbringing. City Councillor Aaron Bhatnagar’s father was once a friend of Winston Peters. Shameful I know but these things happen in families. My sister married a drug-fucked wreck who hangs around with rather nasty criminals now. She thankfully has given him the flick but you could equally say that I used to consort with gang members who deal “P” simply because I used to work for ex-brother-in-law. I’ve seen the damage up close and personal and had the death threats against myself and my family to know that ‘P’ is insidious but it isn’t a reason for a headline even if I was an MP. John Key’s mother is a Jew but it doesn’t mean that John Key eats babies on Passover……oh wait.

Someone needs to give the Salad Dodger a good hard lesson in Shutting the Fuck Up. She has almost no chance of ever getting an interview with a politician, EVER, so she may as well find something else to do.

This story will only serve to make people more cynical of a lazy over paid mainstream news media more interested in the negative than the positive.

Bring on the SuperCity

Auckland is set for a supercity, or so says the NZ Herald according to its investigations this morning.

Bring it on, it’s high time we amalgamated the seven councils and one regional council into one voice for Auckland.

Even better – we would be getting an executive Mayor, one that would have ultimate authority to get things done.

Of interest to me was the likely lineup of Mayoral contenders.

Andrew Williams, the Cock from Campbell’s Bay was described as “odd and abusive” by the Herald. I’d go further and say is mental, a cock and a fool. Oh dear, how sad, too bad. That Goose is well and truly roasted.

Bob Harvey is an old Labour man, and I’m unsure whether to emphasise the old or the Labour party more. He’s probably due for retirement anyway.

Len Brown
of Manukau City is a great guy. He’s a hard worker, in touch with the community, and an all round nice guy. But if he had a massive heart attack only months into the role of Manukau City Mayor, he wouldn’t be a starter for the Auckland Regional Mayor. Len would only be one heartbeat away from a by-election, and Auckland deserves an executive Mayor who is stronger than that. Outside of Manukau, he wouldn’t be that well known either.

Mike Lee – competent and hardworking, but let’s face it – he was from the Alliance. Mike Lee in charge of a greater Auckland with executive power would be too much of a risk, and would be an RMA leftie lawyer’s wet dream.

So that leaves John Banks. Executive experience, strongly connected to the National Government, the most senior politician in Auckland, and having a fantastic second Mayoral term, John Banks would have to be in the drivers seat as the best choice for Auckland. He’s also the only centre-right politician in the line-up, so meets the ideological test as well.

I'm a woman hating freak and my Dad is embarrassed

That is if you believe the mad ravings of Russell Brown and fat git Mikey Havoc in their weekly twitterings on bFM.

RB: You would think it would but boy Mikey, some of the right wing bloggers and their commenters on that story, were just, have you no decency.

MH: Well I tell you what I know about some of those right wing bloggers, pack of fuckwits some of them

RB: Oh yeah, yeah the worst of them actually is a guy called Cameron Slater, ah, who blogs as Whaleoil, uhm he’s the son of the former National Party President John Slater, who I gather is quite embarrassed by his son’s activities, but boy what a woman hating freak that man is!

Not only do these tools have a go at me they also  have a crack at John Banks, Aaron Bhatnagar and Cameron Brewer.

Well this woman hating freak whose father is embarrassed about his activities also gave you some bucks for your son’s home schooling when you put out the begging bowl, so who is the fuckwit now, arsehole. I’m of a mind to ask for it back but that would be uncharitable, so I’ll just do what I hould have done long ago and remove any links to Russell Brown from my site and never post a link to any more of his drivellings ever again.

I will now also place you and you fat fuck mate in the firing line. In fact here is a challenge for you, i know Russell won’t take it up because he is a blouse but Mikey might, in 12 weeks I get in the ring, it’ll be after the election so how about huh? you big fat fuck, it’d do you good, the training and the discipline. We’ll sell tickets to it and the proceeds can go to Russell’s kids home schooling fund. Come on how about it, you think you can handle getting in the ring with a right wing blogger, one of the pack of fuckwits? It’s for a good cause, surely you can’t deny that? Come on Mikey, how about it. Do you think you can smack one of those fuckwits over?

Aaron has been thinking

Cr. Aaron Bhatnagar has been thinking, cheesy I know, but what better way to describe what he has been doing .

Aaron has been writing a book about the turn around from defeat to victoru for Citizens and Ratepayers and for John Banks.

He has given us a little sneak preview of “Transmogrification”with Chapter one being posted on Auckland Blog.

I hope Aaron will give us some more sneak previews before the book comes out.