Clayton Cosgrove

Bye bye Clayton

Clayton Cosgrove, the man who replaced and mimicked Mike Moore but who never really delivered, is quitting parliament at the 2017 election.

Labour MP Clayton Cosgrove is to stand down at – or before -?the next election.

The list MP?- who had held the Waimakariri seat for four terms – said it was not a decision he made lightly. He?had discussed it with his leader Andrew Little,”who understands this is about new challenges and opportunities for me”.

Cosgrove, 46, said he was elected when he was 30 and now was the right time to take the next step in his career.

“Before entering politics I held senior executive positions in business both in New Zealand and Australia, and so I feel extremely fortunate to have gained so much experience in both the private and public sector,” he said. Read more »

Fairfax help Labour with a clumsy hit on EQC

Fairfax reports:

The Earthquake Commission (EQC) has spent $68 million on travel-related costs since the September 2010 earthquake in Canterbury.

Documents released under the Official Information Act reveal EQC spent a total of $38m on accommodation and food for staff travelling in and out of Christchurch since September 2010, almost $20m on vehicles,?$8.2m on airfares and $880,400 on taxis and parking costs.

Almost half of the money ($29m) was spent in 2010/11, when EQC had to increase?staff numbers?from 22 before the September 2010 quake, to more than 1000 in February 2011.

The following year, travel costs kept running high at $23.4m but went down to a total of $15.6m for the past three years.

Labour?EQC?spokesman Clayton?Cosgrove said EQC should have asked more staff to relocate to Christchurch or hired local people instead of having “an army of bureaucrats with their clipboards parachuted in from Wellington”. ?? Read more »

The Bully Brigade, Ctd – Latest round of bullying exposed


Over the past few months a series of posts have exposed?significant issues of bullying within the New Zealand Fire Service. And the?problems go right to the top of the Fire Service.

Now while the bosses think that there?s nothing to worry about, they?re in for a rude shock as information continues to flow into the tip-line.

It?now?appears that Brad ?the Munter? Mosby and his sidekick Tim ?the Tool? Evans have actively been working towards disbanding the Kaiapoi Volunteer Fire Brigade, a brigade which has operated for over 146 years. Kaiapoi is one of the oldest Brigades in New Zealand. Read more »

The Bully Brigade, Ctd – Crisis meeting in Wellington


Looks like the boys at the New Zealand Fire Service are reading Whaleoil.

There is a ?crisis meeting? in Wellington today to talk about the serious issues raised on the blog.

The NZFS Strategic Leadership Team and the Operational Leadership team know they have a problem.

Are they worried? They should be.

The tip-line has received numerous emails from people within the NZFS very keen on airing their stories about the bullying behaviour by the likes of Brad ?the Munter? Mosby, Tim ?The Tool? Evans, Brendon Nally, Ron Devlin, Stu Rooney?

Whaleoil?s investigation into these allegations has opened a floodgate of people wanting to have their say. ? Read more »

Introducing the Bully Brigade: Crisis in Kaiapoi

CORRECTION: ?This article ran with a photo that was not Pete Nicolle. ?The person in the photo remains unidentified, but our apologies are extended for getting it wrong. ?Thanks to the person who highlighted this error. ? The photo below has replaced the erroneous one, and is of Pete Nicolle. ?


You wouldn?t want your house catching fire in Kaiapoi right now. The tip line is red hot with information including leaked emails from within Fire Service National HQ that the local fire brigade is falling to bits. Whaleoil will keep you updated as the story develops because things are turning for the worse. But in the meantime here?s the backstory.

Everyone outside the big cities knows the big issue in the fire service. On one hand, there?re the decent community people who join up as Volunteers, give their time for free, do the training, help out round the station and get up in the middle of the night when there?s a fire. ? Read more »

Minor Losers, Ctd – Clayton Cosgrove


Clayton Cosgrove?s career is all but over, even if he hasn?t realised it yet.

Despite a lifetime of trying to emulate Mike Moore he has succeeded only as matching his girth.

He got out muscled for the nomination in Christchurch East, then Christchurch Central, then he managed to lose in Waimakariri. ?? Read more »

Comcom’s investigation into Countdown boils down to: What is an “ask”



WOBH was one of first out of the blocks after Kiwi suppliers tipped us off about?Countdown?s Godfather type behaviour, earlier in the year.

However today we see the Commerce Commission clearing Countdown from any anti-competitive behaviour, saying that it has investigated 90 complaints.

After a disasterous PR year for Countdown, its boss Dave Chambers is now on a PR offensive saying he?s been exonerated and that ?the shadow of these false allegations? had been distracting for the company, alongside having a crack at former Labour MP Shane Jones.

All is not quite as rosy for Countdown as they would like, and the 90 complaints shouldn?t be dismissed quite so quickly. It?s not like it was one or two complaints? 90 complaints indicate they?ve got some ?communication problems?.

To have ?numerous suppliers asked that they not be identified? should further demonstrate to Dave Chambers that all is not well with their supplier relationships.

The Commerce Commission?s observations that despite ?Progressive?s conduct in each investigative case was not likely to be unlawful? they cautioned a number of parties, and included the warning:

exchanging information about future competitor behaviour, or discussing supplier interactions with a competitor. These types of exchanges create an environment in which anti-competitive agreements or conduct can ?easily emerge. This creates significant risk for the parties involved, including employees. Such exchanges and discussions should be avoided.

The Commerce Commission Report also says:

We accept that a smaller retailer may not be able to apply the same commercial pressure as Progressive. However, that in itself does not mean that Progressive has taken advantage of any substantial market power.

Meanwhile Labour?s Clayton Cosgrove is putting on a brave face and has issued a media release pushing for a mandatory code of conduct for supermarkets. He?s saying that:

The Commission was only able to look at the letter of the law. In Labour?s view the law is not strong enough. In Australia the ACCC is currently prosecuting Coles for anti-competitive behaviour and has a code of practice.

The UK has an independent adjudicator with a mandatory code of practice. In that country there are ten dominant supermarket players who effectively control 85 per cent of the market and that has been judged to be too much concentrated market power. In New Zealand there are two dominant players, with 95 per cent market share.

My spies in Parliament are telling me that Countdown chief lobbyist Sue Wood has been sent in to calm the horses. Gee that?ll be a welcoming sight.


Finally someone addresses the elephant in the room for the left wing

Philip Matthews is a Twitter troll, and a journalist. He is a lot like John Drinnan, just with a smaller newspaper to bleat on it.

His?constant harping and screeching about Dirty Politics led me to block him, he like many journalists think Twitter is the real world. He still misses the point of Dirty Politics. It was an attempt to silence, in my case permanently, opposing political voices.

Nonetheless he has written an article in the DomPost addressing the elephant in the room…the left wings very own dirty politics brigade (but without the influence or relevance).

The left?wing mistook Twitter and blogging for the real world, and failed in their attempts to get me.

But are they part of the problem rather than the solution….after all Martyn Martin Bradbury established The Daily Blog with union funding to be “a Whaleoil killer”…and failed. He never even got close to his stated goal of a million pagewiews a month before the election.

In a parallel universe, David Cunliffe is the prime minister of New Zealand presiding over a Labour-NZ First minority government in a happy arrangement with the Green Party. Internet Mana, backed by German entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, has a few MPs in Parliament, including veteran activist Hone Harawira.

ACT is already history and former Prime Minister John Key has taken a long holiday in Hawaii.

Wake up. The Left was soundly defeated in the 2014 election.

“I think it’s fair to say we haven’t had dreams in colour since September 20,” says Left-wing activist and blogger Martyn Bradbury.

He freely admits he got it horribly wrong. That was his election prediction above. He “didn’t consider for one moment” that voters would rally to National and that high levels of early voting meant that New Zealanders were backing Key.

Instead, Labour had its worst result since 1922, the Greens slipped below their 2011 peak and Harawira is out of Parliament. “Despondent” is a good word to describe how those on the Left feel.

Read more »

Clayton knows what’s coming…

Independent MP Clayton Cosgrove knows that the Dirty Politics story is far from over. ?He’s trying to cauterise some wounds…



Clayton, I think the left blogs?are to do whatever they like. ?They are the left’s best advertisement for everything that puts people off about left politics. ?Leave them be. ?Also: ?what’s with Labour trying to shut people up? ?Stop it already.

I realise there is some bad news heading Labour’s way, and it is better if there is no backsplatter from the the blogs. ?I understand that. ?But it isn’t solved by trying to make them shut down.

Read more »

Would “someone else” please step forward

Labour is trying desperately to keep things under wraps about their leadership spill.

After an initial flurry things have gone?quiet?apart from a few daggers?flying here and there.

David Cunliffe’s team are putting about the gayness of Grant Robertson, they won;t own up to it of course, such is Labour’s way of dirty politics.

Grant Robertson’s team, including Clayton Cosgrove are focussing on making sure no one else stands so Robbo can have his coronation.

It was his team who put the hit on Stuart Nash over some research done a couple of years ago. The problem was Robbo fed the media, most didn’t buy it, and so they went full retard and got Patrick Gower to run the hit…but not before trying to have it pulled because Robbo went of squeamish and gay on it. It is telling that the hit only played on TV3 and has been left along by more seasoned and sensible journalists.

So where does all this leave Labour?

Two desperately unlikable candidates, and no one else.

The problem is the public actually thinks someone else should lead the Labour party. ? Read more »