Climate Change

Like all frauds, it is based upon lies

There are many who read this blog who have known for years that honesty and climate ‘science’ are not great bed-mates, in fact, they are hardly ever seen in the same building, let alone the same room.

But little did we know how bad the lies and deception really were.

A new study that has taken a diligent researcher more months of his life than he would probably want to count has recently been published.

Australian researcher John McLean has just released the first ever audit of the world?s most important temperature data set and has found it to be so riddled with errors that it is effectively useless.? James Delingpole rips into it. Quote.

HadCRUT4 is the primary dataset used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to make its dramatic claims about ?man-made global warming?, to justify its demands for trillions of dollars to be spent on ?combating climate change? and as the basis for the Paris Climate Accord.

But according to a groundbreaking analysis by Australian researcher John McLean it?s far too sloppy to be taken seriously even by climate scientists, let alone a body as influential as the IPCC or by the governments of the world.

?It?s very careless and amateur,? he says. ?About the standard of a first-year university student.?

Among the many errors found by McLean were:
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Shaw will be happy when we are all miserable

Climate Change Minister James Shaw says that he will be happy if? the rest of us are “equally unhappy” with the final state of the Zero Carbon Bill.? That is so comforting to know.

Newshub reports: Quote.

More than 15,000 submissions were made on the proposed Bill. More than 90 percent [mostly from Greenpeace] said they want a target of net zero emissions across all greenhouse gases by 2050.

“The results that we’re seeing through this consultation are broadly consistent with the messages we’re getting from public opinion polling,” the Green Party co-leader told Newshub Nation on Saturday.

He said there were responses from every industrial business sector and lots of environmental organisations, but the vast majority came from individuals. End of quote.

I realise that politicians are not known for their honesty so that is probably why Shaw did not clarify that last statement with “on identical boilerplate submissions provided by Greenpeace and Generation Zero.” Quote.

“While there’s a very clear steer that’s coming through from these submissions, there are some quite strong voices in there with concerns about the speed or the scale of the transition, or how it’s going to affect particular industries, and you have to pay attention to those voices as well otherwise you just don’t have a sustainable solution.” End of quote.

Well, I have some breaking news for you James, zero carbon is NOT a sustainable solution. It is a pie-in-the-sky nonsense slogan. Quote.

The Bill won’t be a partisan push. After all, as Mr Shaw points out, it was [to their eternal shame]?a National-led Government that signed New Zealand up to the Paris Agreement, which commits New Zealand to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to 30 percent below 2005 levels by 2050.

“We are talking through the detail of the targets between the Government and the Opposition as we negotiate the final form of the Bill,” said Mr Shaw. End of quote.

That is what is so disheartening about this whole deal. Muller (National’s climate change spokesman) and Bridges et al completely buy into this carbon is evil nonsense.? Quote.

“I have a view, but there are options that are in front of us and we are talking through the detail of how we do that. I think the thing that people are going to have to realise is that it’s going to involve some compromise from everyone. No one is going to get everything that they want as a result of this process? As long as everyone’s equally unhappy, we have a chance of getting this over the line.”

But Greenpeace NZ executive director Russel Norman disagrees with this approach. End of quote.

Russel is unhappy, there’s a surprise. Quote.

“Do you really want climate policy in New Zealand to be hostage to the backbenches of the National Party? […] End of quote.

Huh?? National is onboard, they want a cross-party solution. I can’t see any hostage takers in their ranks. Quote.

[Climate change] is too important to water down to some kind of commission that has no powers, doesn’t even affect all gases.”

But Mr Shaw says while they may not end up with a “perfect” Bill, it’s more important to establish clear targets, a pathway for reaching them and set up the independent Climate Change Commission.

“If you get those things in place, then you’ll see a huge signal sent into the economy about the scale of change, and things will start to unlock and move very quickly.” […] End of quote.

I think ‘unravel’ would be a better word than ‘unlock’ in that sentence. Quote.

No date has been set for the Bill’s introduction to Parliament.

“In my view it’s more important to get it right, than it is to worry about a few weeks here or there.” End of quote.

But it may not be “perfect”.

Six questions for James Shaw

These questions were part of a much longer post on corruption in the science community.? They are worth highlighting in a short post that you can clip and send to your friends who believe in the whole climate change schmozzle. They were worded as questions for the ‘experts’ in climate science so I have slightly changed the original wording.

What actual, replicable, real-world evidence have you seen that convincingly demonstrates that:

  • It is possible to distinguish relatively small human influences from the many powerful natural forces that have always driven climate change?
  • Greenhouse gases now control the climate, and the sun and other forces play only minor roles?
  • Earth is now experiencing significant and unprecedented changes in temperature, ice caps, sea levels, hurricanes, tornadoes and droughts?
  • These changes will be catastrophic and are due to humanity?s fossil fuel use?
  • Computer climate models have accurately predicted the real-world conditions being measured today?
  • Wind, solar and biofuels can replace fossil fuels in powering modern industrial economies and living standards; can be manufactured, transported and installed without fossil fuels; are ?sustainable? into the foreseeable future; and will not have serious adverse impacts on wildlife, habitats, air and water?

Every politician at both?national and local body level should be required to answer these questions.

Ardern’s NY commitments today

The second edition of the One Planet Summit is to be held between 2 pm to 4:30 pm on September 26, 2018 and will review the commitments made at the first One Planet Summit in 2017

The official website tells us?the summit,?will further accelerate the implementation of the Paris Agreement by putting finance in service of climate action. It will contribute to strengthening multilateral collaboration, building trust between public and private actors, to ensure a collective response to the climate change.

All this in just 2.5 hours.? Fantastic! Quote. Read more »

I’ll drink to that

German wine harvest overlooking the Rhine, 12 September 2018. Photo: Boris Roessler/dpa (Photo by Boris Roessler/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Bloomberg reports that climate change has hit Germany and winemakers couldn?t be happier.?From Riesling to Pinot Noir, extreme summer boosts quality and quantity of German wines. Quote. Read more »

Ardern steps up

According to Newshub, last Saturday Ardern was “off to New York […] for the General Assembly, where she’ll deliver the keynote address at the opening of UN Climate Week.”

Not even the official?United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change website is claiming that “Climate Week” is a UN event.? Obviously, they are supporting and promoting it but Climate Week is run by The Climate Group, a UK based charity.

The official website for Climate Weak?Week says this about the opening ceremony: Quote.

Climate Week NYC 2018 will be a key moment for global climate action. The Opening Ceremony is one of the most critical events in the climate calendar and will set the agenda in a crucial week for those making the changes needed to meet the Paris Agreement. Taking place just a few blocks from the United Nations General Assembly, The Opening Ceremony also plays an important role in bringing together world leaders from both the business and political spheres to act on climate.? End of quote.

So while the New Zealand media may be big-upping the whole boondongle, here at?Whaleoil we know the facts. Read more »


Opera singer to call the tune

From Earth’s End

In a “you could not make this stuff up” moment, a student of?educational psychology,?operatic?singing and?film production (oh, and a convicted fraudster to boot) has been appointed to a top job advising Maori on climate change.

Clearly, Donna Awatere Huata is well qualified to advise Maori on climate change as her educational psychology background will assist in teaching the mantra of impending climate doom.? Her operatic background will ensure that everyone is singing from the same page and the film production experiences will assist with the needed special effects when the climate departs from the script. Read more »

As thick as two short planks

What is it about the whole global warming climate change boondoggle that seems to knurgle the brains of politicians?

The EU has decided to promote the use of wood as a “renewable fuel”. This will likely greatly increase Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions and cause severe harm to the world’s forests, according to a new paper published in Nature Communications. examines this crazy decision. Quote.

European officials [have agreed] on final language for a renewable energy directive earlier this summer that will almost double Europe’s use of renewable energy by 2030. Against the advice of 800 scientists, the directive now treats wood as a low-carbon fuel, meaning that whole trees or large portions of trees can be cut down deliberately to burn. Such uses go beyond papermaking wastes and other wood wastes, which have long been used for bioenergy, but not to this magnitude.

The paper, co-authored by eight scientists from the United States and Europe, estimates that this bioenergy provision in the Renewable Energy Directive will lead to vast new cutting of the world’s forests. This is because additional wood equal to all of Europe’s existing wood harvests will be needed just to supply 5 percent of Europe’s energy. End of quote.

Wasn’t it a fantastic advance when our grandparents could simply plug in and turn on a heater instead of having to go out a chop down a tree to heat their homes?

Let’s all race back to the future.quote. Read more »

BBC: Biased belief compliance

Carbon Brief reports that the BBC, one of the world?s largest and most respected news organisations, has issued formal guidance to its journalists on how to report climate change. Quote.

Carbon Brief has obtained the internal four-page ?crib sheet? sent yesterday to BBC journalists via an email from Fran Unsworth, the BBC?s director of news and current affairs. The crib sheet includes the BBC?s ?editorial policy? and ?position? on climate change.

All of the BBC?s editorial staff have also been invited to sign up for a one-hour ?training course on reporting climate change?. Carbon Brief understands this is the first time that the BBC has issued formal reporting guidance to its staff on this topic. End of quote.

Gulag re-education camp? Quote. Read more »


Why Ardern had to fly to Nauru

“It is our nuclear free moment” so Ardern could not possibly miss the signing of the joint declaration of the 49th Pacific Islands Forum which names climate change as the single greatest threat to the region.? ?The small cost of $100,000 so that Ardern could have her signature on such an important declaration was completely worth it. Read more »