Clive Palmer

What Will Winston Do?


The outcome of this election has always looked most likely to involve Winston Peters having the balance of power. It still looks that way, although Colin Craig may end up sneaking into parliament which would mean John Key could play the mad off against the bad.

If Colin Craig doesn?t make it into parliament Winston could hold all the cards. He can go with Labour and shaft John Key and the Greens. He could go with National and shaft Labour and the Greens. He?d get a vote of thanks from the country for shafting the Greens whatever way he goes. ?? Read more »

I think Winston just wants to sit on cross benches

Last night was the minor leaders debate and Colin Craig got in a good hit on Winston Peters.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters avoided stating a preference for who should be the next Prime Minister during last night’s political debate – and Conservative leader Colin Craig sought to use that against him.

Mr Craig, who hopes National’s John Key will win the election, said it was the biggest point of difference between his party and New Zealand First, which are both gunning for voters with a conservative lean.

Voters deserved to know which way Mr Peters was leaning, Mr Craig said.

Internet Party leader Laila Harre agreed: “It concerns me that Winston is still not making it clear.”

Mr Peters, who may hold the balance of power after the election, would say only that the voters will decide the next Prime Minister.

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All about bogans

Hands up if you re a bogan.

Apparently there is a bit of bogan in all of us as ‘outrage’ breaks all over Australia over the word bogan.

I’ll bet real bogans don’t even care.

Clive Palmer has dismissed the leaking of an internal email from one of his MPs, which described voters as “bogans”, as the actions of a disaffected former candidate exacting revenge against the Palmer United Party.

The mining magnate also said he had an affection for bogans and had “spent most of [his] life as a bogan”.

The email, allegedly sent by a Queensland MP in Mr Palmer’s party, Alex Douglas, reportedly describes voters as “bogans” living “empty lives” fueled by a “diet of grease”.? Read more »

Fat Rich Pricks are supposed to race yachts not run for office

Clive Palmer has the shits with the Australian Electoral Commission and reckons he is going to take them to court.

JUST as Clive Palmer’s lead in votes was plummeting, his outrage over the electoral process was growing, leading the billionaire to seek a court injunction and a new poll.

Mr Palmer was being reeled in by the LNP?on Monday?and?Monday?night was just 362 votes ahead in counting in the Queensland seat of Fairfax – down from more than 1000 last week – as he made claims of “tampering” by authorities.? Read more »

Kev Gives the Lebs a big Bribe

Australian politics is shameless, especially when it comes to bribing the special interests groups.

Kevin Rudd is chucking pots of cash at the Lebanese community in Sydney.

AT least $20 million in grants will be given for aged care facilities in western suburbs seats as Labor continues to woo Sydney’s Muslim and Lebanese Christian communities.

The government has pledged $10 million for the Lebanese Muslim Association to build an aged care home, expected to have 80 to 100 beds, near the Lakemba Mosque to help “culturally and linguistically diverse” seniors.? Read more »

Too rich to be corrupted…classy

You have to admire the sheer ballsy-ness of explaining you are too rich to be corrupted…but that is what a politician in Queensland has declared.

Mining magnate turned political candidate Clive Palmer says he’s “uncorruptible” because he’s already really rich.

Mr Palmer, who’s launched his own political party to contest the federal election, says he’s not susceptible to the corrupting influence of money.

“I’m uncorruptible (sic). You could offer me a billion dollars and it won’t change my view because I’ve already got a billion dollars,” he told the ABC on Friday.

Mr Palmer also said he’d been stereotyped as a fat, dumb man.

Nice little earner

? Brisbane Times

I wonder if our Greens have got the same nice little earner that it appears the Australian Greens have scored for themselves:

Mining magnate Clive Palmer has accused the Australian Greens and Queensland environmental campaigners of “treason” in conspiring with US powers to destroy the nation’s coal industry.

Mr Palmer was expected to give his response to the passing of the Gillard government’s mining tax at a media conference called this afternoon, but the multi-billionaire was concerned only with perceived collusion between the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency and the environmental lobby.

Mr Palmer turned his attention to a report by Greenpeace and other anti-coal groups, titled?Stopping the Australian Coal Export Boom, which outlined an environmental campaign designed to disrupt and delay the expansion of the industry.

While brandishing a copy of the report this afternoon, Mr Palmer said it was the result of a CIA conspiracy involving the US-based Rockefeller Foundation.

“This is funded by the CIA,” he said.

“You only have to go back and read … the report to the US Congress that sets up the Rockefeller Foundation as a conduit of CIA funding.

“You only have to look at the secret budget which was passed by Congress last year – bigger than our whole national economy – with the CIA to ensure that.

“You only have to read the reports to US Congress where the CIA reported to the president that their role was to ensure the US competitive advantage – that’s how you know it’s funded by the CIA.”