clock boy

“Clock boy” just got spanked in court by Ben Shapiro


In New Zealand, we know all about bullies with money who use the court system to try to silence others. “Clock boy” like almost every other Muslim activist was bankrolled by the terrorist aligned organisation CAIR that has plenty of cash to spend on vexatious lawsuits thanks to funding from Saudi Arabia. His family assisted by CAIR were able to attack Ben Shapiro for his opinion?about what Clock boy and his family did, claiming that he defamed them. Thankfully having the deepest pockets does not always guarantee a win in court.

…Remember ?Clock Boy,? that kid who parlayed a class project ?clock? that was mistaken for a bomb into a White House visit and about 15 minutes more fame than the incident should have warranted? Turns out, Ahmed Mohammed is in the news again, except this time it?s for a hefty court-whipping at the hands of none other than conservative Daily Wire Editor-In-Chief?Ben Shapiro.

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Are you all “Islamed out”?

Some of our readers report some kind of “Islam fatigue”, as if they’ve watched enough rugby and it’s time for some cricket now. ? Or they have had enough ice-cream and are hanging out for some cheese cake. ? If that’s you, then you are part of a wider problem with our society.

Here’s a short video that should give you some insight that the Islam problem is a Western culture problem; that Islam can’t advance its cause without it, and how we are essentially helping it along through guilt, tolerance and fear of being seen to place ourselves ahead of others.



Face of the day


Remember Bomb Boy? Also known as?Ahmed Mohamed.

Ahmed Mohamed, who earned the nickname ?Clock Boy? as well as a White House invitation from President Obama, is headed to the Gulf nation, where he has been given a scholarship at the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development. The 14-year-old?s family announced they will accompany him to the new home, which is a world away from Texas ? in more ways than one.

?Qatar has harsh Shariah law – stoning for apostasy, lashing for alcohol, death penalty for homosexuality – and is an absolute monarchy without even a shred of democracy,? Tim Furnish, who holds a doctorate in Islamic Studies and served as an Arabic linguist in the U.S. Army, told ?The analogy between Texas and Qatar is the heat. Ahmed should be careful about what he wishes for.?

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