Cloud Computing

Steve?s MBIE should be renamed The Ministry of Troughs

I can see the Taxpayers’ Union getting all exercised over this news:

Cloud storage can be insecure and people should take steps to protect their personal data online, a cyber security researcher says.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is helping fund a $12 million project, called Stratus, to increase the security of data storage.

Waikato University researcher Ryan Ko, who heads the project, told Nine to Noon his team was focusing on tools which let internet users retain more control over what they had uploaded. ? Read more »

Kim Dotcom becomes a cheap-arse farmer

Kim Dotcom had apparently become a true’ cheap-arse farmer ‘, the very thing his un -paid staff said he disparagingly called Kiwis.

Maybe it was just his heavy German accent,? or maybe like the New Zealand Dairy industry he can see the value of investing in a business providing storage for stock.

What do you think?

Asked what his post-raid business was, Dotcom said he helped create Mega, a “cloud storage website”.

Judge Nevin Dawson: “A what website?”

Dotcom: “Cloud storage.”

Judge Dawson noted and said: “Cow storage.”

Dotcom, looking exasperated, corrected: “Cloud storage.”

– NZ Herald

Cow storage

Cow storage

Dotcom: Mark of the psychopath – bends reality, believes in his own lies, ctd

In March this year we published one of Dotcom’s own conversations?where he spun a just unbelievable story to a (still) star struck Mona about how the Germans and German engineering were principally responsible for building the Eiffel tower. ?Not just that, the steel came from Germany too. ?Let’s not forget the Statue of Liberty, built by the Germans, bought by the French for 8 Billion dollars, 1600 years ago.

Enjoy this flashback, before we continue the story:

Kim Dotcom is a very, very good conman. ?He’s done it over and over again. ?But like many conmen, truth is a very flexible concept. ?Check this out: ? Read more »

Not buying Cisco products

? Boing Boing

Be very careful what you buy these days. Cisco is now off my shopping list:

Owners of Cisco/Linksys home routers got a nasty shock this week, when their devices automatically downloaded a new operating system, which locked out device owners. After the update, the only way to reconfigure your router was to create an account on Cisco’s “cloud” service, signing up to a service agreement that gives Cisco the right to spy on your Internet use and sell its findings, and also gives them the right to disconnect you (and lock you out of your router) whenever they feel like it. …

This is nothing but a shameless attempt to cash in on the popularity of cloud computing, and it comes at a price. The Terms and Conditions of using the Cisco Connect Cloud state that Cisco may unilaterally shut down your account if finds that you have used the service for ?obscene, pornographic, or offensive purposes, to infringe another?s rights, including but not limited to any intellectual property rights, or? to violate, or encourage any conduct that would violate any applicable law or regulation or give rise to civil or criminal liability.?

It then continues ?we reserve the right to take such action as we (i) deem necessary or (ii) are otherwise required to take by a third party or court of competent jurisdiction, in each case in relation to your access or use or misuse of such content or data. Such action may include, without limitation, discontinuing your use of the Service immediately without prior notice to you, and without refund or compensation to you.?

Since the Service is the only way to access your router, killing one would effectively kill the other.

Oh, and Cisco reserves the right to continue to update your router, even if you set it not to allow automatic updates.

Tech Tuesday – Well Huuuullo

Microsoft has discovered Cloud Computing. Once again instead of leading the pack they are a long way behind.

This is proof positive that Google has been reaming their ass for years and years and finally the vaseline ran out.

Except with this new revelation about the Cloud they even screw that up.

The Cloud Wants Smart Devices: Not much in this except demonstrating Ballmer’s belief in the “Internet of Things,” where the cloud helps connect devices to undestand gestures, bringing together voice, touch, speech, all in one.

It’s the future of the smart device that appears to have had had such an influence on Windows Phone 7 Series. He pointed to the mistakes Microsoft made with Windows Mobile. It was too focused on voice. The future of Windows is in the cloud. That goes for the Windows operating system and Windows Phone 7 Series.

A lot of people will say Microsoft is not in the game anymore. That notion can’t be supported when you see Microsoft discussing realistic, intelligent views about the market and backing it with how the cloud applies to its products and services.

Still, Microsoft is as guilty as anyone for hyping the cloud and further obfuscating what is meant by cloud computing.

Really, Steve. Did you actually say “cloud in a box?”