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Keith Moon Iggy Pop Birthday Party 1974 Beverly Hills.

Keith Moon Iggy Pop Birthday Party 1974 Beverly Hills.

?Moon the Loon?

Let?s check out Keith Moon. This is a bumpy, thrill-filled ride. It seems no rocker was crazier than Moonie

Live fast and die young. Hasn?t that been the mantra of many rock stars? Or, as the Who themselves put it, ?Hope I die before I get old.?

The lifestyle?of Keith Moon, the wild drummer of the Who, one of the greatest rock bands of all time, certainly exemplifies this party-hardy lifestyle. If any rocker has partied harder than Keith Moon, who would it be?

One of the reasons the Who surged to prominence in the middle 1960s was because Keith Moon played the drums like a man possessed by a demon. He hit the drums so hard it appeared he was trying to destroy them ? as he played them. And if that wasn?t apparent, after many concerts he would kick his kit about the stage and sometimes fling it into the audience, the consequences of such recklessness be damned.

Keith Moon, commonly known to many as Moon the Loon, was also quite the joker, clown and prankster too, though his sense of humour often rubbed folks the wrong way. For instance, Moon would dress up as a Nazi officer ? accentuated by a tiny Hitlerian moustache – and then drive through a Jewish neighbourhood, throwing in a ?Sieg heil!? or two along the way. And his penchant for destroying hotel rooms became legendary, even among rockers who found this ritual de rigueur.

Likewise, Moon?s partying became monstrous in scope. He even put Jim Morrison to shame. Both would gobble pharmaceuticals by the handfuls, without even knowing for sure what the heck they were. Of course, this heedless self-indulgence came at a price for these rock superstars. Both died young, Moon at the young age of 32, though he probably looked ten years older at the time of his demise in 1978.

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It’s all in the (Clown) shoes

A reader emails:


I saw this pic, and found it hilarious that [David] Cunliffe actually wears big red clown shoes in real life, just like in the Sonovamin cartoons.

Does life imitate art, or is it the other way around?

Regards, Richard.


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The Clown show just keeps on rolling on

Aaron Gilmore may have deleted his Facebook page but the hits just keep on keeping on. Clowns be Clowning.

Beleaguered National list MP Aaron Gilmore faces more heat with claims he tried to use his status to force a couple out of their rented home unfairly.

In shades of his now-infamous rant at a Hanmer Springs hotel, he is even alleged to have asked tenants Jane and Craig Ovenden: “Do you guys know what I do for a living?”

The Ovendens have lived in the Temple Lane home, in the small South Island ski town of Ohau, for about a year but are moving out. They’ve had enough of Gilmore, who is involved in the trust that owns it. They say he:

? Threatened to tell other landlords they were poor tenants, despite saying in a letter they were good people.

? Recorded their conversations without telling them.

? Emailed their lawyer, telling him to “stop making a fool of himself”.? Read more »

A Proper Clown wins a lot of votes

He is apparently a lot funnier than Bob Parker. And he drinks less.

Italy’s parliamentary elections have ended in stalemate and the possibility of a hung parliament.

With all domestic votes counted, Pier Luigi Bersani’s centre-left bloc has narrowly beaten ex-PM Silvio Berlusconi in the lower house but has failed to secure a majority in the Senate.? Read more »


There goes Bob’s Knighthood

As regular readers know Bob Parker offered to take the fall for anything going wrong on the earthquake recovery for Big Gerry in exchange for a Knighthood and a job.

This doesn?t seem likely now though, with Gerry calling Bob a clown.

Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee has entered the political fray consuming the city council, calling Mayor Bob Parker a ”clown”.

In an unprecedented attack on?Parker, Brownlee said he was not surprised ratepayers were fed up with the way Christchurch was being run.

Brownlee fired the shot at the mayor while responding to comments Parker made about the city’s rates.

Parker said last week there had been overtures?from within the Treasury that there was scope for the city’s rates to be increased?or for assets to be sold to pay for the quake recovery.

He said it?could do this under the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) Act.

Brownlee said he was furious at the comment, calling Parker a “clown” for making it.

”That is an outrageous abdication of his responsibilities. The Cera Act specifically forbids that,” he said.

If someone really wants to piss off big Gerry they should pass on the details of the mayoress? dealings with council employees who have been bribed to stay silent.

There is a whistleblower law these days protecting those who call foul on people in authority.

Andrew Williams pulled over by North Shore police

from the tipline:

7.10pm this evening driving into Takapuna on Hurstmere Rd. Spotted cop with flashing blue lights stopped interviewing driver facing going to Milford about Minihaha Rd. On closer view it was the Clown being stopped. Dropped off my passenger at Spencer Hotel and on way back, now two cops interviewing the clown. Seems a more senior one was called in. ?Couldn’t get a pic while driving unfortunately…

The Whales deep sources on the North Shore inform him that the incident actually began at 7:05pm.

Today is the last business day of the North Shore City and it would seem that Andrew Williams is up to his old tricks. Worse still he was stopped in the council provided car, his now infamous black Nissan Maxima.

Questions that need asking and answering:

  • Why was ex-Mayor Andrew Williams pulled over by Police?
  • Why were additional resources dispatched to the incident?
  • Why does he still have his council provided car?
  • Were the mayoral chains on the back seat or the passenger seat beside him?
  • Are they his “precious”?
The Mad ex-Mayor of North Shore, Andrew Williams

The Mad ex-Mayor of North Shore, Andrew Williams

The End of the Circus

The Clown of Campbells Bay is no more. The Circus, at least his one is over.

Here is a little video tribute to the end of Andrew Williams political career. Beached by a Whale.

Andrew Williams should quit the race

Andrew Williams is a disgrace. He has sprayed all over the internet, tried to get the Police to investiogate me, tried to bully the returning Officer in having me struck off the ballot paper and now he is defaming me. Not only that he has tried ti have council officers investigate people he thinks may be connected to me. The man is a disgraceful bully, a drunk and a clown.

On his defamatory Facebook post, made under his title of Mayor Andrew Williams and sporting references to the North Shore City Council some voters are starting to take exception. One has made a carrer suggestion for Andrew Williams.

Andrew Williams gets a career suggestion

Andrew Williams gets a career suggestion

Hopefully in just 7 days the voters of Albany will have done their duty and consigned this clown to electoral oblivion. The only way to do that is to Vote Slater in Albany Ward.

Andrew Williams practicing "Would you like fries with that?"

Andrew Williams practicing "Would you like fries with that?"

Illiterate Clown denied seat

Unfortunately not here in Auckland where a drunk, illiterate clown should be denied a seat on the Super City Council at the ballot box, but in Brazil.

A former clown who is expected to win a seat in Brazil’s congress when the country goes to the polls on Sunday will be prevented from taking office until he passes a test proving that he can read and write, a judge in Sao Paulo has ruled.

Francisco Silva, a circus performer turned TV comedian who is better known by his stage name “Tiririca” – the colloquial Portuguese word for “grumpy” – is accused of being among the one in 10 of his countrymen who are virtually illiterate.

The allegation could prevent him sitting in congress, even though polls suggest that he will win more votes than any other candidate, since (for mostly practical reasons) the Brazilian constitution requires all of the nation’s politicians to be able to read.

Ahhh the problems of clowns standing for office, it seems it is world wide.

Let’s hope that the good voters of Albany Ward vote for Slater to rid themselves of the Clown of Campbells Bay.

Vote Slater - Albany - Auckland - Keeping the Buggers Honest

Vote Slater - Albany - Auckland - Keeping the Buggers Honest

Williams pissed again

At tonights Mayoral debate in Castor Bay on the North Shore Andrew Williams made an arse of himself again.

I have have?received?numerous reports from attendees shocked at his drunkeness and bully stand-over tactics against John Banks.

He arrived late, again, and staggered clearly drunk into the meeting, stating his usual excuse for when he is caught on the piss, that he was at an important council meeting. He also abused Len Brown (also late but at least had sent his apologies for lateness and wasn’t drunk), and incomprehensibly welcomed Len Brown to the meeting by saying “Good to see you here tonight Mayor…Len…Banks”. He had only been speaking for a few minutes and was swaying prodigiously.

He was abusive towards members of the public in the audience even defaming someone of being part of the “nasty national party brigade” and worse naming him but spectacularly getting the name wrong, not even the right person or the right name.

Andrew Williams is so blind drunk he doesn’t even recognise his political enemies.

But wait it gets worse. At one stage he shouted to John Banks to “Stop Lying”. John Banks retorted that Andrew Williams should “Stop Drinking”. Andrew Williams then bombastically stomped over and stood over and threatened John Banks (now this is hard for Williams because he is actually shorter than John Banks). He finally took hold of his addled senses and sat down before the hushed audience.

I recieved DM Twitter messages and txts, emails and Facebook messages of Andrew Williams appalling drunkenness at this public meeting.

Obviously the pressure is getting to him and he is hitting the bottle harder than ever before. The man is a disgrace and must resign from the race now, both for the?mayoralty?and for the sake of the residents of Albany.

I’ve faced my demons and conquered them, now it is time for Andrew Williams to face his and get help (follow the link Andrew, you need help).

Vote Slater – Albany

Keeping the buggers honest, AND sober.

Vote Slater - Vote for Whaleoil, not Well Oiled

Vote Slater - Vote for Whaleoil, not Well Oiled