Todd Barclay wins

Incumbent MP Todd Barclay survived an attempted ratfucking by Glenda Hughes and the Evil Six and won the Clutha-Southland Selection.

There are some steps that need to be taken immediately within National.

Glenda Hughes, who should not be meddling in selections should do the honourable thing and resign from the board. If she does not she should be invited to resign. If she does not resign caucus should arrange for her to be voted off at the earliest possible time, even if it is in election year. Fortunately, this is likely to happen anyway as the inside word is the PM wants her off the board. ? Read more »

Clutha-Southland Selection

This blog has a longstanding position of not taking sides in any National selection, believing that the local electorate are by far the best people to select their candidate. Any interfering from outside the electorate, or skullduggery in the electorate needs to be outed, so the locals know who is trying to manipulate them, or ratfuck a candidate.

This cycle has been very, very clean. National has not indulged in the kind of bullshit we have had to publicise in the past, except in Clutha-Southland, where board member Glenda Hughes and the ?Evil Six? have been playing the kind of games that need to be outed.

We have not taken a position on either of the candidates, incumbent MP Todd Barclay and challenger Simon Flood. We will not be taking a position, but the tipline has been running off the hook about this selection so we will run our traditional pros and cons for each candidate.

Todd Barclay


  • Local boy well connected with the electorate
  • Well liked by his intake and other MPs, which is not always the case with new MPs
  • Understands the local issues and local economy, especially the all important agriculture
  • Has delivered some big wins in health and education, showing he is well connected and understands the system in Wellington

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The final two members of the Evil Six in Clutha-Southland revealed

The other day I exposed four members of the “Evil Six” in Clutha-Southland who are mounting a bitter and twisted rear guard action against sitting MP Todd Barclay.?Local delegate Lloyd Anderson coined the phrase the ?Evil Six? who are out trying to rat-fuck Todd Barclay.

They are:

1. Alison McLeary-Moore

2. Mary Pullar (Mother of Bronwyn Pullar)

Those two were former staff who weren?t offered jobs when the MP changed. You be the judge of why not. ?

3. Glenys Dickson ??Bill?s former staffer who Parliamentary Services had to deal with because she was speaking ill of Barclay, Invercargill MP Sarah Dowie and other National MPs, and is now working for NZ First List MP Ria Bond. Quite why she is involving herself in National party matters now is beyond me.

4. Stuart Davie ? The former electorate chair who was removed by the electorate when they discovered he was working with the others to find someone to challenge Todd Barclay.

Word has reached my ears that Glenys Dickson, a NZ First staffer who has been meddling in this selection, is so angry she’s incandescent with rage, which at this time of the year when there are longer sunlight hours is somewhat pointless. ? Read more »

Who are the Evil Six?

Earlier today we posted about the skullduggery going on in the Clutha-Southland. This blog does not take a position on selection, believing it is the decision of local delegates, that board members should get the hell out of the way and any skullduggery needs to be outed publicly.

Local delegate Lloyd Anderson coined the phrase the ?Evil Six? who are out trying to rat-fuck incumbent MP Todd Barclay. Since we posted the tipline has been running hot with who the Evil Six are, and their shabby behaviour motivated by what appears to be a good hardworking local MP not employing them after he took over from Bill English.

The tipline is saying these are the four of the six.

1. Alison McLeary-Moore

2. Mary Pullar (Mother of Bronwyn Pullar)

Those two were former staff who weren’t offered jobs when the MP changed. You be the judge of why not. ? Read more »

Bullshit claim about MP debunked

Some merry band of idiots have decided that they don?t like Todd Barclay, Bill English?s replacement in Clutha-Southland. This includes Glenda Hughes, National party board member who has been meddling in a number of selections rather than observing the strict neutrality a board member with integrity would observe.

One of the stories that has been seeded is that Todd Barclay did something dodgy that required a police investigation. Unfortunately for Glenda the complaint went nowhere.

Clutha-Southland MP Todd Barclay will not face charges in relation to an allegation that he recorded private communications.

The allegation came after the resignation of his Gore-based senior electorate agent Glenys Dickson in February, with a party official citing an “employment problem” between the pair. ? Read more »

Why is Glenda Hughes involving herself in selections?

The tipline has been running hot since we outed National Party Board Member Glenda Hughes as being the person behind the challenge of Clutha-Southland MP Todd Barclay. Hughes is Wellington based, and the National Party membership have a long-standing hatred of outsiders meddling in their selections.

What is worse than meddling in selections outside your own region is meddling in selections in your own region and losing. ? Read more »

More Boag/Hughes Spin on Clutha Southland

You can always pick a hit job when you know the people behind it. Someone fed their tame journalist Lloyd Burr at Newshub.

Burr has been fed all the lines. We will decode them here for him because he is obviously so far out of touch he practically needs something written for someone who has barely migrated beyond ?Go Dog Go?.

It starts with the headline “Bill English refuses to back embattled MP Todd Barclay? giving the impression that English is backing his opponent. Let’s look at what English actually said and explain it for Lloyd Burr.

Finance Minister Bill English, who held the seat before Mr Barclay, is refusing to endorse him for a second term, meaning Mr Flood has a good chance of taking over the seat.

“It’s a matter for the party. I’m not a participant. The party is doing the selection,” says Mr English.

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Is Michelle Boag spinning against Todd Barclay?


Hot on the heels of the attack on Todd Barclay in the ODT came a predictable attack on him on Radio Live. Radio Live reckon that Barclay is going to be beaten by challenger Simon Flood, ?a Merrill Lynch Banker?. They then go on to say that Barclay was the youngest MP to be elected and will be the youngest to be unelected.

The tip line is saying that Glenda Hughes? ally Michelle Boag is all over this. Boag is forever meddling in electorates she has no business being in, and Hughes is stupid to get an Aucklander involved in the deep south. The article is from a?journalist who simply doesn’t understand the National Party selection process, or who has spent any time on the ground in Clutha-Southland. ? Read more »

Board skullduggery in the Clutha Southland Selection


Glenda Hughes, dabbling in selection skullduggery

There is skullduggery going on ?in Clutha-Southland with a shabby move against Todd Barclay which is being orchestrated quietly by the former MP, currently residing in Karori, and assisted by at least one stroppy board member intent on taking the presidency.

Richard Harman has the first signs of the skirmish:

[S]peaking yesterday to POLITIK, Barclay said he welcomed the challenge.

?The party has got a democratic process, and that’s one of the strengths of the party; anybody can put themselves up to stand in any electorate at any time,? he said.

?I think my team and I have done a great job over the past three years of working really hard to try and build up the seat to where it is now.?

Barclay implies that the electorate was slightly rundown when he took it over from English.

?Having a senior MP as the local MP for a long period of time has meant that he has obviously had other responsibilities whereas now I live here, I’m based here, and I’m doing a lot of hard work to try and build up what we’ve got in terms of the party infrastructure.?

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Gutless little twerp

Todd Barclay is a gutless little twerp.

He put a comment on Facebook about Campbell Live which was pretty innocuous, but it got the Twitter and Facebook bullies all exercised.

The fool?subsequently deleted it.

A comment made by National MP for Clutha-Southland Todd Barclay on his Facebook page regarding Campbell Live has left people seething.

Yesterday it was revealed the prime-time current affairs show was under review, due to a decline in ratings.

A petition to save the show was then quickly launched.

Following the announcement, Mr Barclay posted a comment on his Facebook page that said: “No surprises that it’s only Labour Party MPs scrambling to keep Campbell Live running… #goodjobmikehosking.”

The comment has since been deleted.

Today, 24-year-old Mr Barclay, who is New Zealand’s youngest MP, apologised for any offence.

“I stand corrected, Campbell Live does have a lot of supporters. I guess it’s down to personal preference etc.”

Despite his apology, many of Mr Barclay’s followers remained unimpressed by his earlier comment.

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