National Selection 101 – Don’t run “for the experience”

National selections in blue seats with big memberships are closed shops to carpetbaggers. The locals look at carpetbaggers with disrespect, and hand them their heads in selection.

This doesn?t deter some of the silliest carpetbaggers from saying that they are running ?for the experience?.

This is bullshit and only the most politically inept would think it is a good idea to go and run in a seat where you are going to lose, then turn up at another seat and say ?select me?.? Read more »

Can a Carpetbagger Win Selection in a Safe Blue Seat?


Selection season is coming around and as usual the National Party has tits for hands and has really dropped the ball. Instead of having selections all lined up in the year before the election someone suddenly remembers they need to run a selection late in the year before the election, so selections in the late summer and autumn, rather than in the previous spring.

This selection season there are two very safe blue seats coming up. Hunua and Clutha-Southland offer a job for life so they will attract carpetbaggers like flies to shit. The problem for carpet-baggers is that these two electorates are high membership electorates and the local delegates will decide the selection, rather than having HQ impose their choice on the electorate.? Read more »

Can a Carpet Bagger Win Selection Safe Blue Seat?

The National Party has some safe blue seats coming up for selection in 2014. Hunua and Clutha-Southland are the two safest blue seats in the country, and the candidate selected in these seats will have a long career in parliament without ever having to worry about their majority.

This means carpet baggers looking for a easy seat that takes them straight to Wellington without having to campaign seriously will be buzzing around Hunua and Clutha-Southland like flies around shit. I don’t object to this, opportunists can win, and because National has been so useless at succession planning they do not have a stable of good candidates ready to run in safe blue seats like Waikato, Taranaki-King Country or Clutha Southland.

Carpet baggers can win selections in safe blue seats even if they have little connection to the seat. John Key won Helensville despite not having any real connection to the electorate. Though to be fair that was a head office stitch up of monumental proportions. Maggie Barry won in North Shore when there was no good local. My oldest friend in caucus Scott Simpson won Coromandel despite having no real connection to the electorate other than a bach. The common factor in these seats was the low party membership, meaning the Party HQ could stitch up selection for a chosen candidate.? Read more »

National Selection Update, Ctd

Readers should remember this blog does not take sides in selections and always encourages people willing to run to have a crack. The only time it will take sides is to highlight unethical or immoral campaigns by dodgy candidates who think they can rig a selection.

Waikato: – ?Lindsay Tisch has stared down the party so far and will run another term. He was told he should spend more time with his family but his family are better at kicking doors down and shaking the shit out of people so when they told him to run again he thought he had better listen to his family.

Napier: – Some poor sap is going to get badly beaten by Labour?s Stu Nash. Nash has the earliest campaign hoardings in living memory.

photo Read more »

Bill English moves to list only

National is certainly showing the way for other parties in how to renew while in government. Labour is looking like going into next years election with the same old tired faces, like Phil Goff and Annette King amongst many others.

Bill English has decided to move to the list freeing up a nice safe seat for some renewal.

Deputy Prime Minister Bill English has announced he is stepping down as the MP for Clutha-Southland after eight terms but will seek re-election next year on National’s list.

English said the demands of representing one of New Zealand’s largest electorates required considerable travel and time away from his family.

“I have therefore decided that it is a good time to strike a better balance between my family and government commitments,” he said today.

“It has been a privilege to represent the electorate since 1990 and I have particularly enjoyed working for my constituents.? Read more »