coat tailing

No more coat tailing, except just this once, but we already poll 5% anyway

The word hypocrisy is fast losing its bite as wave after wave of blatant… hypocrisy hits the voters from various corners of the political spectrum. ?Vernon Small and Rob Kidd outline the latest installment

Voters have overwhelmingly rejected the “coat-tail” practice, just as Conservative Party leader Colin Craig eyes a deal with National that would let him win an electorate and bring in more MPs from his party.

At the party’s campaign launch yesterday, Craig confirmed he would stand in the ultra-safe National seat of East Coast Bays, held by Foreign Minister Murray McCully.

Craig said he expected National to stand aside for him at the September 20 election, and Prime Minister John Key has said the Conservatives are one of the parties he could work with.

Key reiterated yesterday he would announce any “electoral accommodations” with other parties, which are likely to include ACT in Epsom and UnitedFuture in Ohariu, closer to the election.

Craig is hoping that by standing in the safest of safe National seats it will signal the need for a cup of tea deal by mere inference, even in the absence of National giving a clear nudge and a wink. ? Read more »

Internet Mana Alliance party are sanctimonious hypocrites

The joke party of Internet Mana are sanctimonious hypocrites.

They want to get rid of coat-tailing calling it wrong and out of touch, but not before first using it themselves.

The combined Internet-Mana Party is tonight launching a campaign to get rid of the notorious ‘coat tailing’ clause at elections.

Internet Party leader Laila Harre is relying on Hone Harawira to win his northern Maori seat in order to get into Parliament as the alliance is only attracting 1.3% of the vote.

However, despite a plan to do it, Internet and Mana want the coat tailing provision gone.

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Green Hypocrisy on Coat-tailing and strategic voting

The Green taliban are at their sanctimonious best with their hyperbole over strategic voting and coat-tailing.

The only way they are going to get into power is because of coat-tailing and strategic voting.

But while they hyperventilate over it we should perhaps remind ourselves of their hypocrisy.

First up is Denise Roche and her outright lies despite being caught on camera,?where she?secretly endorsed Jacinda Ardern – while Labour railed against the cup of tea?

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Comment of the Day – Coat-tailing

Grendel_from_the_dead comments about coat-tailing and gives a little history lesson on the way through.

Sorry but “coat tailing” only became a bad thing when the left stopped getting the advantage from it. It was very clear when MMP came in that it was a valid way for a party to get into parliament.

I remember watching the first MMP election (also my first election at all), and the experts reminding us that getting a seat got you all your party vote % of seats. It was not good or bad, it just was. The theory I vaguely recall them saying was that if a party was able to generate enough support in one area to win a seat, it could get all of its support from across the country. But if you were just spread across the country, you needed to get more. This enabled small single issue parties located primarily in one area to get more benefit focused to one area, rather than trying to fight all over the country. This was back when everyone thought we would get heaps of parties.

To me it’s the same as the overhang from getting too many electorates. The rules state that you are supposed to get as many seats as your party vote, but if you win more electorates than you were allowed seats, you still get the number of electorates. Other than actually winning electorates, I?don’t see the difference.

But lets look at the facts:

1996 – No one gets an electorate and less than 1% and gets more than 1 seat (Dunne wins his seat but not enough party vote for a 2nd seat).

1999 – NZ first gets 4.26% and gets 4 extra seats due to winston winning tauranga. The greens were looking like needing to do the same with Coromandel, but specials put them over the line (the media had no issue with the ‘coattailing’ when the greens might have needed it). With NZ First, Labour is able to keep the Greens out of govt. If NZ First did not get the extra 4 seats, its possible the Greens would have been in govt to give Labour the majority. ? Read more »

Chris Trotter goes for the jugular

Our normally calm and considered Chris Trotter has lost his temper with Te Tai Tokerau’s Kelvin Davis


Tell Kelvin Davis to pull his head in. His outburst on Radio New Zealand?s Morning Report this morning was way beyond embarrassing.

The ill-considered slagging of Hone Harawira and the Internet-Mana Party (IMP) not only reflected poorly on his own political skills, but it also raised doubts about Labour?s overall ability to read what is happening in the run-up to 20 September.

It wasn?t just the absence of any semblance of strategic ? or even tactical ? understanding that was so worrying about Davis?s performance this morning, it was his barely concealed aggression.

There is an anger in Davis that calls into question his suitability for any kind of public office. Anger, and what appears to be a classic authoritarian character structure (the two often go together).

Kelvin Davis can see that deliberately losing to someone who takes money from Dotcom to help his party out isn’t something that he’s willing to do. ? I told you he was different to most in Labour.

So what exactly does Chris think is the worst thing about Kelvin? ? Read more »