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Lemmy was the ultimate bachelor. The frontman was never married and he even hated the thought of living with a woman. He once said: "If you move in with someone, you lose all respect for them. All them dirty knickers on the towel rail, all that snorting and farting. Does that appeal to you? Because it doesn't to me. "When you first start dating someone, it's all about being on your best behaviour, and that initial magic. I never wanted the magic to stop." Brilliant.

Lemmy was the ultimate bachelor. The frontman was never married and he even hated the thought of living with a woman. He once said: “If you move in with someone, you lose all respect for them. All them dirty knickers on the towel rail, all that snorting and farting. Does that appeal to you? Because it doesn’t to me. “When you first start dating someone, it’s all about being on your best behaviour, and that initial magic. I never wanted the magic to stop.” Brilliant.

Ian ?Lemmy? Kilmister

1945 -2015

Born to Lose, Lived to Win

Baddest Mother?? of Rock ‘n’ Roll

This is for Nige Baby…

Lemmy was a true hell-raiser and his tales of half a century of hard partying often left interviewers lost for words. Even in his older years he’d hang out in The Rainbow Bar on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, with a glass of bourbon in one hand and a Marlboro red in the other, wearing his famous cowboy hat and the Iron Cross around his neck. And he sure lived life to the full. So much so, fans were beginning to think he was actually immortal.

He previously admitted he drank a bottle of Jack Daniel’s every day from the age of 30, he took speed for THREE decades, had run ins with the police and was rumoured to have bedded 2,000 women.

Lemmy made the shocking admission about his whisky addiction in the documentary Live Fast Die Old and fans were stunned when he revealed he’d cleaned up his act in 2013 after a health scare.

But he didn’t give up on his unhealthy lifestyle altogether, instead, he cut down on cigarettes and swapped from Jack Daniel’s and coke to vodka and orange – reportedly to help with his diabetes. Although, during an interview his assistant wondered whether swapping from one 40 per cent spirit topped with sugar to another 40 per cent spirit topped with sugar was really going to help.

“I like orange juice better,” Lemmy said. “So, Coca-Cola can f off.”

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Sugar Tax in Mexico increases sales of sugary drinks

The Wall Street Jounal reports on the…uhmm…success? …that a soda tax has had in Mexico:

Sales of soda are climbing two years after Mexico imposed a roughly 10% tax on sugary drinks?a bright spot for an industry that has feared it could be cast as the next tobacco.

Mexico?s tax was an attempt to cap alarming obesity and diabetes rates in a country where per capita soda consumption is the highest in the world. It came at a time when then Mayor Michael Bloomberg was trying to limit sales of the beverages in New York City, and more countries are weighing a similar tax.

Purchases, however, are rising in Mexico after an initial drop, making the country a key-growth market again for soda giants Coca-Cola Co. and PepsiCo Inc.

Underscoring the resiliency of sugary drinks, the tax of one peso per liter has raised more than $2 billion since January 2014, about a third more than the government expected.

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The UK sugar tax scam

After the UK made the mad decision to tax sugar in beverages there has been a push from the health troughers to do the?same here.

Oliver Hartwich from?the?NZ Initiative out lines why that is just silly.

[T]he sugar tax claims to address a real problem: child obesity. Everything else about it is slightly surreal, to put it mildly.

To start with, the tax won?t raise a sugar cube in the ocean of government finance. If everything goes according to plan (and what does?), it will yield ?520 million a year. To put it into perspective, the UK budget deficit stands at ?55 billion.

Okay, you might say, the limited scope of revenue-raising for HM Treasury does not matter. Taxing sugar is not about the money but about reducing the amount of sugar consumed. Fair enough. But then it is surprising what is taxed ? and what is not. Though they call it a sugar tax, it is actually a fizzy sugary drinks tax.

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne probably did not draw up his tax plans over a Starbucks coffee. Otherwise, he might have realised the great irony in the tax he is about to introduce.

Starbucks? ?Mulled Fruit ? Grape with Chai, Orange and Cinnamon Venti? holds the record for the most sugary drink available anywhere in the UK. If a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, Mary Poppins could serve you the content of a travel aid kit with this monster of a drink. It contains 25 teaspoons of sugar ? or 99g. By comparison, a standard can of Coke has about two-thirds less sugar.

Under Mr Osborne?s tax, however, coffees like this are exempt from the sugar tax, no matter how sweet they are. In fact, any milk-based drinks or fruit juice will not be liable for taxation.

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Wicked Campers vigilantism leaves me unhappy

“I wrote to them multiple times, wrote to the general manager, wrote to the owner, tried to speak to them, left voicemails — no response,” National MP Shane Reti said on the Paul Henry programme this morning.

The Advertising Standards Authority has called the company’s van art “deliberately provocative and offensive”. Some bear slogans advocating rape, drug use, murder and racial hatred.

After receiving several complaints from constituents in his Whangarei electorate and struggling to get in touch with Wicked Campers, Mr Reti decided to try another approach.

“We had a number of constituents write to us saying, ‘You know, Snow White smoking crack? I think Disney is going to be upset with that. Maybe you should approach them.’ And so we did.”

Disney was “very angry” with Wicked Campers’ use of their trademarks, as was Coca-Cola, whose logo is used in a reference to cocaine. Meanwhile, Pepsi was “furious”.

“Pepsi basically said, and I quote, ‘Pepsi New Zealand can confirm that it is in no way associated with Wicked Campers, and we will be following up with the company about the inappropriate and offensive use of the Pepsi trademark.’ They are really angry,” says Mr Reti.

As well as the “legal weight” Disney, Coca-Cola and Pepsi will bring to the fight, Mr Reti is warning tourists their own wallets might also be hit hard.

“When you go and pick up a rental van, often you’re asked if you’d like to take up the extra insurance, what they call collision damage waiver — and sometimes that fee can be as much as the daily hire,” he explains. Read more »

Anti-Sugar troughers want to ban the use of professional athletes


4,018 words and not one mention of exercise.

In a paper with the tainted titled ?Young adults: beloved by food and drink marketers and forgotten by public health?? you only had to read the names of a couple of the authors to know where they were heading.

One is Becky Freeman, previously the director of taxpayer funded ASH New Zealand another is NZ?s academic trougher and pro tax lobbyist Stefanie Vandevijvere.

What is becoming abundantly clear with the release of yet another academic moan about obesity, is that the only solution these troughers are lobbying for are bans and restrictions.

So, to save you from reading the whole paper, here?s some excerpts showing how these academic activists really want to control your life:

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NZ Hits on Coke strike the trifecta


It was only last week that the NZ Herald pimped junk science by running another hit job against Coca Cola.

While the Australian Business Insider did the journalistic work questioning the Renegade Pharmacist?s work, on this side of the ditch, the NZ Herald seems hell-bent on turning itself into nothing but a tabloid rag.? Read more »

It’s child abuse actually

Rob Beaglehole reckons that food and beverage manufacturers are to blame for rotten children’s teeth.

He is wrong, it is the parents fault.

The soft drinks industry has hit back at claims that its products are to blame for a rise in the number of toddlers needing to have rotten teeth pulled out.

Dentist and veteran anti-sugar lobbyist Rob Beaglehole said earlier this week that cavities in children’s teeth were on the rise, and some as young as 18 months were having multiple rotten teeth pulled out after parents fed them soft drinks through sipper bottles, and chocolate biscuits as bedtime treats.

“The issue of young children with rotten teeth is one of poor parenting. No more and no less,” Kerry Tyack, executive director of the New Zealand Beverage Council said.

The council represents soft drink giants Coca-Cola?and Frucor,? as well as boutique manufacturers such as Phoenix.

Tyack said parents should be “in complete control” of what young children ate and drank, and said it was “a complete evasion of parental responsibility to shift the blame for the state of these children’s teeth onto the manufacturers of products which should, after all, be consumed as treats or in moderation”.

“It’s not the products. It’s the decision to use them inappropriately.” ? ?? Read more »


The Whaleoil Supreme Sugar Award goes to…

The sugar debate is an interesting one. It?s now full of troughers so high on their own sense of importance that they lose their rag when people take them on.


They call it #DirtyPolitics.

But this new Whaleoil Award doesn?t actually go to a trougher sitting in Otago University?s Department of Troughers in Wellington???tempting as it may be.

No, this award goes to a successful businessman. A man so rat-shit cunning he uses the obesity troughers? conferences to run hits against the fizzy drink industry.

The strategy is simple. Wind up as much noise as possible against a competitor so that they end up buying your business just to shut you up.

To help with this #DirtyPolitics strategy, this man also ran print ads in the Herald on behalf of Australian class-action lawyers calling for a class action against Coca Cola and Frucor ? and then claimed he had never heard of them.

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Photo Of The Day

Photo: US Office of War Information

Photo: US Office of War Information

When Coca-Cola Made ?White Coke? For a Soviet War Hero

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US teacher union bullying Coca-Cola

When the left don;t like you, or what you have to say they start their vilification and bullying.

We have seen this many times in NZ. Willie and JT and Radio Live attacked by left wingers intent on brand destruction, Paul Henry hounded out of a job, vilification and attacks on me by the left-wing to attempt to silence me.

This is the way of them. Bullying, intimidation, threats, and blackmail…all stock in trade of the left-wing?and Union movements.

Now a teacher’s union in the US is taking on Coca-cola with a wonky jihad.

American Federation of Teachers, one of the largest teachers unions in the United States, passed a resolution last week to ban Coca-Cola from its facilities and events.

The teachers union stated?its decision was based on human rights violations, which have been detailed in three books published several years ago.

The questions?remain: why now and why is this important to a teachers union?

Because AFT is a labor organization, it will stand in solidarity with other labor organizations that have taken a stance against Coca-Cola, AFT spokesman Michael Heenan told

Coca-Cola responded to AFT?s claims in an email to, saying they were based on ?outdated and erroneous allegations that we have repeatedly addressed.? ?? Read more »