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My heart is as pure as the driven slush – Tallulah Bankhead

Tallulah Dahling

“Hello, Dahling . . . I’ll come and make love to you at five o’clock. If I’m late start without me.”
Her voice, her wit, and her face were captivating.

On why she called everyone?dahling?she stated that she was terrible with names and once introduced a friend of hers as Martini. ?Her name was actually Olive.

Tallulah, with her signature ?dah-ling?s and her notorious peccadilloes and her endlessly caricatured baritonal gurgle of a voice?a voice that was steeped as deep in sex as the human voice can go without drowning?would be easy to dismiss as a joke if she hadn?t also been a woman of outsize capacities. As it is, the story of her life reaches beyond gossip and approaches tragedy.
It was Tallulah’s real-life behaviour that really got people’s attention.

Tallulah’s scandalous career began at her seminary when, aged twelve, she fell in love with Sister Ignatius.? As she grew to adulthood she developed her romantic and sexual interests in a way which can really only be called trisexual: she would bed heterosexual men, preferably well hung, women and homosexual men, again preferably well-hung.? She stumbled across this life unprepared but took to it with enthusiasm and a breathtaking lack of concern for the proprieties.? She once said: ?My father always warned me about men, but he never said anything about women!? And I don?t give a stuff what people say about me so long as they say something!?? She managed to keep them talking for the rest of her life, but her most admirable trick was always to pre-empt the insidious leakage of malicious gossip with reflexive innuendos so frank as to seem hardly believable.? Personal eccentricities, such as the refusal ever to wash her hair in anything other than Energine dry-cleaning fluid, probably helped to create the conditions in which she then felt able to defy more serious conventions in riskier ways.

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boosterCocaine Cowboys

Back In the Day

When They Used To Market Cocaine

Through the 70s and 80s, one drug rules them all.?That drug was cocaine.

Before it was rendered illegal, the sale of drug paraphernalia was big business.?These vintage commercials show luxurious black sofas, sexy women, and lots of cocaine.

These advertisements, ripped from magazines such as?Head,?High Times,?Rush?and Flash?offer a glimpse of the wide range of flashy gear and accessories offered to the cocaine connoisseur of the late ?70s and early ?80s.

The 1970s were a weird time, not least because you could apparently advertise cocaine in magazines despite this being the first decade of President Nixon?s Controlled Substances Act.

In June 1971, Nixon declared a war on drugs. He said that drug abuse was ?public enemy number one in the United States?. Which is right where all of these ads were published.

The devices and gadgets up for sale include the practical, such as a spray to ease irritated nostrils and products to keep the powder dry and free of clumps. Then there’s more performative and ostentatious gear, including gold-plated razor blades and ornately carved, ivory snorting straws. For a drug as classy and luxurious as coke, a rolled-up dollar bill simply won?t do.

While the War on Drugs was underway???Ronald Reagan popularized that infamous?phrase???and cocaine was still very much illegal, selling and marketing paraphernalia (?Not intended for illegal use!?) was a legitimate and lucrative business.

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John Holmes; John Holmes by Mark Sullivan; John Holmes, Self Assignment, November 1, 1975; Los Angeles; California. (Photo by Mark Sullivan/Contour by Getty Images)

John Holmes; November 1, 1975; Los Angeles; California. (Photo by Mark Sullivan/Contour by Getty Images)

The Devil and John Holmes

John Holmes was a porn star. Eddie Nash was a drug lord. Their association ended in one of the most brutal mass murders in the history of Los Angeles.

Holmes?s biggest commodity had been trouble. He was freebasing one hit of coke every ten or fifteen minutes, swallowing forty to fifty Valium a day to cut the edge. The drugs affected his work, he couldn?t work in porn. Now he was a drug delivery boy for the Wonderland Gang. His mistress, Jeana, who?d been with him since she was fifteen, was turning tricks to support his habit. They were living out of the trunk of his estranged wife?s Chevy Malibu. Holmes was stealing luggage off conveyers at L.A. International, buying appliances with his wife?s credit cards, fencing them for cash.

Since the late Sixties, Holmes had traded on his natural endowment. In a career that would span twenty years, Holmes made about 3000 pornographic films, had sex with 14,000 women. At the height of his popularity, he earned $3000 a day on films and almost as much turning tricks, servicing wealthy men and women on both coasts and in Europe.

He got hooked on drugs, primarily cocaine, which eventually rendered him incapable of performing. He was always late to the set, and when he finally did show up he’d disappear into the bathroom for hours at a time. After which point, of course, he was scatterbrained and unable to perform. Then he stopped getting roles.

During the height of his drug addiction, Holmes went broke and turned to crime to support his habit. He stole luggage from the baggage claim at LAX, sold things he purchased with his wife’s charge cards, broke into cars. Somewhere around this time, John got involved with alleged drug dealer Eddie Nash, who had an unsavory reputation.

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Do we need a House of Lords?


The Telegraph provides us with some evidence that a House of Lords would be quite useful…at the very least for the entertainment prospects having one delivers.

Some people, such as the Prime Minister, think that Lord Sewel should quit the House of Lords after apparently being caught in a sex and drugs sting. What they do not realise is that John Buttifant Sewel was simply upholding the finest traditions of the Upper House.

Indeed his exploits look positively tame compared to some. If you really want to see a rogue in ermine, check out this list – gathered from our extensive obituaries archive – of seven deadly miscreant peers.

Snorting cocaine off of a hooker’s tits is hardly resigning material…hells teeth there is a prominent Auckland business man and knight of the realm whose son in law does that. He should be the first candidate in a NZ House of Lords.

One of the Telegraph’s naughty peers is Lord Kagan:

Kagan’s domestic arrangements were also far from straightforward; he claimed to have had 40 mistresses by the age of 60. “My wife is not interested in fidelity,” he explained. “But no-one has ever taken her place in my life. Marriage is for keeps.”

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Proof that coke and meth don’t help you lose weight…

The DaIly Mail has provided categorical proof that coke and meth don’t help you lose weight…or even ketamine.


Shamed ‘Chrystal Methodist’ Paul Flowers has been filmed ‘snorting cocaine and ketamine’ with rent boys until 8am in his Methodist Church-owned house Source/ Daily Mail

Stripped to his grubby shorts and polo shirt, this sordid image of ?Crystal? Methodist? Paul Flowers? shows him doing what he loves best ? entertaining rent boys and apparently snorting cocaine.

Holding court in his rent-free Methodist Church house, the disgraced minister and former Co-op Bank chairman is shown for the first time indulging in the addiction? that brought about his downfall and wrecked his stewardship of the? ?caring? bank. ?? Read more »

A look inside Colombia’s cocaine industry

Vocativ has an interesting video on Colombia’s cocaine industry.

What is really interesting is the drug trafficker’s view on legalisation.

[A] British journalist living in the region, our reporter Toby Muse was curious about the current ?state of the art? for Colombia?s processors, traffickers and dealers. What are the latest tricks to outsmarting the authorities? He made a few calls and obtained rare and potentially dangerous access to a processing laboratory. It?s not in the jungle as you might expect, but in an urban center of a Colombian city, which we agreed not to name.? Read more »


Want to borrow a book from the library? Uhhmmm perhaps not

Who would have thought that people would be doing lines of coke and spreading herpes in a library?

No weed traces though…what a relief.

Scientists at the?Catholic University of Leuven?tested ten of the most popular books at the Antwerp library for microbes and bacteria. What did they find?

Herpes and cocaine.

Every title?including erotic novel?50 Shades of Grey?by English writer E.L. James?tested positive for cocaine, while other titles had traces of herpes simplex virus 1, which is associated with cold sores. Microbiology professor?Johan Van Eldere?s lab tested the books for herpes and toxicology professor?Jan Tytgat?s lab tested them for cocaine and THC. In no cases was THC found.

The books included Belgian detective writer Pieter Aspe?s?Tango?andDimitri Verhulst?s Flemish bestseller?The Misfortunates.?Even children?s books, like the?Jommeke?comic strip, tested positive for cocaine.

Why is there so much cocaine in Antwerp? There is a ton of drug trafficking at the seaport, which made news last month when?traffickers fused forces with hackers. Antwerp is the second largest city in Belgium after Brussels with a population of about 512,000.

While the levels are too low to be harmful to those leafing through the books, they had roughly 25 to 40 percent more bacteria than the less-popular books. Still, if even the smallest trace of cocaine is found?let?s say an athlete gets a urine test by the?World Anti-Doping Agency?they will be condemned, Professor Tytgat said.

Your Brain on Crack Cocaine


Makes Andrew Williams look tame

Andrew Williams got hammered, urinated in the street and drove drunk which is nothing in?comparison?to this mayor:

Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto has long been dogged by controversy over his often boorish behavior and less than diligent attention to work. On Friday, Mr. Ford faced his greatest political test following two reports that he is seen in a video apparently using crack cocaine.The Toronto Star?and the Web site?Gawker?reported on Thursday night that they were shown the video on a smartphone by two men who were trying to sell it. The Star, which said that two of its reporters had watched the recording, reported that it was made by a man who said he had sold crack to Mr. Ford.

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We need to do this here

? The Independent

Yesterday I blogged about Portugal and today it is?Uruguay and their solution with?regard?to drugs…I think a combination?approach?of these two jurisdictions would have?immense?benefits here. Especially if we removed the money and the drugs from the gangs, and in particular for methamphetamine. Make it available on prescription and price control it really low…the gangs would then have no cash and no hold:

Uruguay ? in a bid to curb a narcotics-fuelled violent crimewave across the country ? has unveiled plans to nationalise its cannabis market and become the first government in the world to sell the soft drug to consumers.

The measure is aimed at both reducing the rising power of drug gangs and the growing number of users of crack and freebase cocaine in what has traditionally been one of Latin America’s most peaceful nations.

“We want to fight two different things: one is the consumption of drugs and the other is the trafficking of drugs,” said the Defence Minister Eleuterio Fern?ndez Huidobro.

“We believe that the prohibition of certain drugs is creating more problems in society than the drug itself. Homicides have risen as a result of the settling of accounts [between rival drug gangs] and this is a clear symptom of the appearance of certain phenomena that did not exist previously in Uruguay.” Under the plans, the government would initially grow cannabis and sell it to registered users. But once the scheme is up and running, it hopes to cash in and allow private companies to take over the production of the drug.

Possession of small amounts and consumption of marijuana is currently not illegal in Uruguay but growing and selling it is. The new bill would seek to put the drug dealers out of business by making it easier, safer and possibly cheaper for users to buy marijuana from official dispensaries.