First world problems…just chuck it in the bin

Some wombles are upset because a supposedly compostable and disposable coffee cup lid isn’t compostable

New Zealand cafes buying so-called compostable coffee cups are being “misled”, in what could be a breach of the Fair Trading Act.

Dunedin City Council waste manager Catherine Irvine said polylactide (PLA) disposable coffee cup lids were being sold as compostable when there were no facilities in New Zealand capable of composting them.

As a result, well-meaning cafes across New Zealand are paying a premium for the lids in an attempt to “do the right thing” but the lids can’t be recycled. ? Read more »


I’m surprised it isn’t breaking news


Really, I am surprised the news that a Christchurch cafe is refusing to serve trim milk isn’t breaking news on Stuff…or the Herald.

Because, you know some hipsters have got mad and tweeted and Facebooked…angrily.

Trim milk or whole milk?

Which one you like seems more a matter of personal preference than the source of a bitter, ideological argument, but when it comes to how you take your coffee we somehow lose all perspective.

It matters. A lot.

Lyttelton Coffee Company’s policy of not using trim milk drew a sharp response when it was posted on the Avenues magazine Facebook page.

“A bit rude when we are the (would-be) customers,” one poster declared.

“It’s really a case of delivering what the customer wants not what some barista thinks,” said another.

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“fluctuating value of coffee on the market would not filter through here”



Oh har de har.

It appears that it’s not just falling crude oil prices that don’t make it to the pump, the same thing is happening with coffee.

The industry worldwide is worth about $20 billion a year.

But prices on the New York Stock Exchange are falling thanks to a boost in crops from favourable weather conditions in Brazil, the world’s main producer.

Richard Corney co-founded and co-owns Flight Coffee in Wellington and deals with growers in Colombia. Read more »


Fair Trade? Apparently not


The left-wingers who buy so-called Fair Trade products to balance their middle class guilt have been delivered a wake up call courtesy of the Guardian, no less.

“Sales of Fairtrade-certified products from?Uganda?and?Ethiopia?are not benefiting poor farmworkers as profits fail to trickle down to much of the workforce, says a groundbreaking study.

The Fairtrade Foundation is committed to “better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world”.

But a UK government-sponsored study, which investigated the production of flowers, coffee and tea in Ethiopia and Uganda, found that “where Fairtrade flowers were grown, and where there were farmers’ groups selling coffee and tea into Fairtrade certified markets, wages were very low”.

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Coffee? It’s TERRIBLE

I bet it tastes like sh*t

A Starbucks in Hongkong has been busted serving coffee made with water from the toilet area.

A Starbucks? coffee shop in the heart of Hong Kong?s financial district was recently discovered to be brewing coffee with water from a parking garage bathroom faucet ever since it opened in October 2011. The unsavory revelation has sparked outrage and drawn criticism from clientele and other locals.

AFP reports?that local newspaper?Apple Daily?uncovered photos of the faucet just a few feet away from a urinal in a ?dingy washroom? marked for Starbucks use. The shop itself is located in the heart of the city?s bustling financial Central district in the landmark Bank of China building.

The store has acknowledged it is using the faucet to brew coffee. ?There is no direct water supply to that particular store, that?s why we need to obtain the drinking water from the nearest source in the building,? Starbucks spokeswoman Wendy Pang said. She added that the shop has now switched to distilled water.

?The initial decision by Starbucks to use water from toilet is a clear sign of your company?s vision and the level of (dis)respect your company has for the health and mind of your customers,? a Facebook user wrote on the Starbucks? Hong Kong Facebook wall, reports the AFP.? Read more »

Map of the Day


Worldwide Annual Coffee Consumption Per Capita

Black Ivory Coffee follow up


Last year I wrote a post about Black Ivory Coffee…the most expensive coffee in the world , even more expensive that Kopi Luwak. Like Kopi Luwak though it is processed via an animal and their intestinal tract and sifted out of their dung.

This morning I received?an email from the founder:


Thanks for your coverage on Black Ivory?Coffee?a few months back. Your?readers may be interested to learn that it is available to the public
until?August 16.?

There was this video as well:

Black Ivory Coffee is naturally refined by rescued Thai elephants. It is the world’s rarest (300 kg available for 2013) and most uniquely processed coffee. According to media reports it is also the most expensive. It has taken the founder, Blake Dinkin, 10 years and his life savings to develop this product.

Black Ivory Coffee starts with the highest quality 100% Thai Arabica beans which are then ingested and naturally refined by rescued Thai elephants.? This process removes the bitterness from coffee and infuses the fruit of the cherry into the bean. The result is a cup of coffee that is floral, chocolate in aroma with a flavour that can be described as a mix of chocolate, ripe red cherries and a hint of grass with no bitterness or burnt taste.

I’d love to try this…perhaps they will send me some for posting about their project.

What is in a cup of coffee

Shudder…look at what is in your cup of coffee….there is some good stuff too