colin craig defamation action

Do you think Colin Craig can’t sink any lower? Think again

This is a letter he just sent to a former employee who is now a grandma and a quilter.

Good Afternoon [name redacted]

We are aware that you have in recent months been corresponding with Mr John Stringer. In the correspondence you have made a number of defamatory statements. Here are two examples of statements you have made:

“We” are aware? ? That Colin and Mr X? ? Or Colin and Interviewer? ?Or both Colins, from the poem “Two of me”? ? It’s hard to keep track.

1. ?The Conservative Party was funded with stolen money, thousands and thousands every month.?

How exactly is private correspondence with anyone defamatory? ? Well, I’m not a lawyer, but perhaps it is. ?I suspect the damages that flow from a one on one conversation are rather limited, especially from a retired ex-employee.

2. ?You are quite correct in your descriptions [John Stringer’s] of Mr Craig?s behaviour in dealing with people who oppose him in any way. His fraudulent activities chiefly rely on blackmail and his other tactics are to discredit, isolate and threaten any opposition?

So that’s a statement Grandma made to Stringer in a private convsersation, and this Mr Craig also considers defamatory. ? Read more »