Colleen Brown

A few good results in Auckland

Although Auckland re-elected Len Brown he can hardly claim a mandate, indeed no one really can given the appallingly low turnout.

Len Brown gained 148944 votes. That is less than ten percent of Auckland’s population. The turn out was just?34.33% or?341611 votes. 995080 were eligible to vote.

Len Brown has won on 14.9% of the possible vote. He can hardly claim a mandate. His best statistic he can claim is that he won 43% of those who voted…no mandate there either.

There are some more interesting council results though.

Governing Body Results

Local Board results

Veteran trougher, Richard Northey, despite skiting to those attending a recent concert that he had the race in the bag has been unseated by Denise Krum. Well done to Denise. Northey has been supping from the public trough since Adam was in nappies. Good riddance.

Ann Hartley, another of Len Brown’s flunkies has be unseated in North Shore. The North Shore returned George Wood and Chris Darby. I’m glad Joseph Bergin didn’t get elected despite him being a young Nat…he is wetter and more left than Nikki Kaye, so Auckland dodged that bullet. Chris Darby will be interesting to watch though, because he is slightly loopy, a planner, and a fair weather right-winger…I expect Len Brown will attempt to buy him off with a chair position of some sort.

In the local board races I was very pleased to see Michael Williams unseated. His little team of nasties has been destroyed with only Jim Donald and Steve Udys being returned. Bullying people and getting drink driving convictions doesn’t really help your election chances. There is now a clear majority on the local board of like minded people who can work together instead of against each other. I was very pleased to see a good friend in Katrina Bungard get elected to the local board in the Pakuranga subdivison. Michael Williams supporters Wayne Huang and the bewildered Shirley Warren were destroyed. The shame in that ward is Simon Williamson missed out despite a fair bit of hard work. Never-mind, Steve Udys is on borrowed time.? Read more »

Don’t vote for these big spending ratbags


I love it when the unions get involved in politics, especially when they highlight the big spenders, the wastrels and the useless.

What ever you do DON’T vote for these ratbags.

  • Albert-Eden-Roskill -?Cathy Casey, Peter Haynes
  • Albany -?Wayne Walker,?John Watson
  • North Shore -?Grant Gillon, Ann Hartley ? Read more »

Pot, Kettle, Black

Don’t you just love whining wankers who get caught out. Colleen Brown and her pals are having a whinge.

COMPLAINTS of “widespread police involvement” in local body electioneering in Manurewa and Papakura are being investigated by the police and the Independent Police Conduct Authority.

Inquiries into photos and comments by a police cadet and 11 sworn officers in Manurewa Action Team and Papakura First campaign tabloids have been sparked by complaints from incoming local board members Colleen Brown and Caroline Conroy.

The pair say the repeated mention of serving officers ? including comments by district police chief Mike Bush ? was a “calculated campaign” by the two political tickets to give the impression they were endorsed by the police.

“Implicitly or explicitly that is the story being sold to the public,” Mrs Brown says. “It’s use of the police brand.”

She and Ms Conroy believe that breaches the law requiring police to be impartial and neutral in elections and the police code of conduct.

“It’s like you’ve got the police endorsing one political party,” Mrs Brown says.

“Come the next general election are we going to see the police out with the National Party?”

Why is then that Colleen Brown went to so much trouble to have photos of herself and serving Police officers on her own website??(Screenshot below)

UPDATE: The police officer in the photo is Allan Shearer, he is Labour MP David Shearer’s brother.

Was she trying to give the impression that implicitly or explicitly that she was endorsed by the Police? I think the police can safely put that complaint in the bin now.

Colleen Brown with serving Police Officers

Colleen Brown and her team with serving Police Officers