Has New Zealand become humourless?

It would appear that one of Helen Clark’s last legacies was to neuter our sense of humour. She was humour-less herself and went all po-faced at the slightest hint of enjoyment.

It appears that her legacy of humourlessness has remain far longer than her political corpse stayed in New Zealand. Just last week there was faux outrage over some comments a COMEDIAN made during a ROAST. Today there is further outrage at comments another COMEDIAN made at a COMEDY show about the first COMEDIAN.

South Auckland Bungas?A second comedian has used a racial slur in front of an audience, calling shamed celebrity David Fane a “bunga”.

Paul Ego, who appears on TV3’s 7 Days, used the term – which relates to people of Polynesian descent – on Friday’s late-night comedy show.

The comment was made in reference to Fane’s racial outburst against Jews and HIV sufferers at a high-profile media event.

“Let’s be honest, Dave Fane’s comments were offensive, but then he is a bunga,” Ego said.

Ego, whose real name is Paul Jones, could not be contacted last night.

But TV3 publicist Nicole Wood said she did not expect any fallout from his comments because the show was supposed to “push the boundaries”.

“It is an adults-only comedy slot on at 10pm and there are a lot of things said that could offend people.”

Speaking at his Auckland home yesterday, Fane said he was feeling a bit “sore” a week after the furore over his comments.

FFS New Zealand get a life. If you spend any time down in South Auckland you will find that the coconuts use far worse descriptions of each other than a quaint 70’s descripter like “bunga”. Almost everyday I hear people calling themselves blacks or niggaz in the street gibberish that seems to be the mode of communication around the multitude of “training” institutions that abound in Manukau.

New Zealand has become a very sorry place when comedy shows now apparently can’t tell jokes about anything lest some precious po-faced liberal elite wanker gets all snotty and runs to the press. Imagine if Billy T was alive today the howls of outrage about his comedy and portrayal of Maori.