Comment of the Day

Comment of the Day

BigNose wrote

My protest vote for Mt Albert: I’ve voted for the Communist Party.

It’s like voting Labour/Green, but cuts out the middle man.


Morning routine

by George

As a young man, during the late sixties and early seventies, I would undertake an indispensable ritual every day of the week. I would sit on my balcony, first thing, every morning with three essential components. A strong black coffee, my packet of Rothmans and the New Zealand Herald. For the next hour I would drink at least two coffees, smoke goodness knows how many cigarettes and read the NZH from cover to cover. Merve Smith would add a little light relief in the background from the trannie. (That’s a transistor radio, not a sexual companion!) And the morning chorus of birds identified they had rituals too. The point of difference each morning was the NZH. It provided the anticipation of the yet unknown, whilst my coffee, cigarettes, Merve and the birds were in corroboration. Read more »

Comment of the Day

Whaleoil reader Rosco has given Murray McCully’s predicament a good think-through

So… I have been scanning the tea leaves and coming up with some interesting theories (of the conspiracy kind!!).

1. McCully has resigned from parliament and therefore doesn’t care a hoot what happens to NZ – he is guaranteed a sinecure at the UN or with his best-est buddies in the ME.

2. English and the cabinet were kept largely in the dark about what he has been up to.

3. McCully and Kerry have been hatching this for quite some time – hence the rushed trip by Kerry to NZ.

[there was no 4! – Ed]

5. English is caught between a rock and a hard place – and he is showing a complete lack of leadership by not making some sort of statement.

6. If Key had been PM, he would have fronted the media and probably fired McCully. Read more »

Comment of the Day

OldmanNZ cuts to the chase after an interaction with a chugger:

I got approached by the SPCA on the street yesterday, asking for donations.

You know how it goes, they talk nice, how was your day, what you do yo do… Blah blah get to the point.

She told me they look after animals, they have too many and need my help…$$.

I told her, if you have more than you can handle, just shoot them.

Then she got a little taken back and said, would you shoot people?

I said shooting animals is not illegal, I kill pests on the farm, shooting humans is illegal.

She kind of stop bothering me for donations after that.

Read more »

Comment of the Day: on regional newspapers failing their readers

In response to the Marlborough Express asking readers why it’s not doing well, cows4me writes

Our local rag is also struggling and they also wonder why.

I’ve had my issues with them over the years and more times than not the editor would not print letters I’ve submitted. ?I guess I’m just not readership material.

I suspect more it is more likely because I’m not a slobbering dribbling lover of AGW or do not endorse the policies of socialism, hate political correctness and am generally just a cantankerous old fool. ? They think it wiser not to poison others with my madness.

And here lies the real problem.

Most rags in NZ have chosen deliberately to follow a particular political leaning, they have been hijacked by the left and they can not see falling readership as a symptom of this direction. Read more »

Comment of the Day


Jimmy wrote last night:

The Police shoot one man yesterday who apparently was a meth addict and possibly involved in the illegal supply of meth and also dealing with illegal firearms. Read more »

Comment of the Day


Staunch Whaleoil supporter and John Key fan KGB wrote:

I was raised by a generation that believed in “doing your dirty laundry at home”. It is in fact my fundamental criticism of the ‘outrage’ displayed by the left of politics. The yelling, the protesting, the whining, the crying. The keyboard warriors on social media, the pimping of poor and pathetic, the twisting of truth, and omission of facts. All of which I believe to be the difference between left and right-wing behavour.

Now I’m a John Key fan. I believe he is the best politician I have seen in my lifetime. Do I support everything he says or does? Far from it. Do I cringe when I read negative posts about him? A bit. Read more »

Comment of the Day

From today’s General Debate,?Phantom Citizen comments:

Andrew Little has short memory. Attacking National Party donors has not been a fertile area for Labour to win political points in the past and it continues to be a counter productive strategy now. I think I’m going to coin a new political term. I’m going to call it “The Little Standard”.

“The Little Standard” is a new Labour internal policy whereby the party will block any of its donors (company or shareholders) from:

– tendering for government contracts let by a Labour led government, ? Read more »

Impertinent questions from a Comment of the Day

Kim Dotcom on his Pirate Ship. PHOTO-facebook

Kim Dotcom on his Pirate Ship.

Greg M?wrote

Some random impertinent thoughts re the Panama papers sideshow.

1: Mossack Fonseca was illegally hacked, not a leak, not a whistleblower.

2: The paymaster is almost certainly a european citizen, but also likely not living there, likely German given the advantage that was given to S?ddeutsche Zeitung over other media outlets.

3: Mossack Fonseca is a worldwide company, it even has an office here in little old NZ, which means the hack could have happened anywhere in the world. It’s a whole lot easier for the hacker, the paymaster and the intermediaries to be close so what is discovered can be discussed and assimilated.

4: “John Doe” appears to have a better knowledge of NZ politics than a lot of kiwis, a lot of European political tragics wouldn’t even know the name of our PM.

5. The whole modus operandi is boringly familiar.

Am I joining the dots or do I just need to loosen the tinfoil ?

Also Read more »

Comment of the Day

Jacinda Ardern

George is at it again

Jacinda Ardern has found 27,000 of the missing million. ?About 27,000 voters made the effort to vote last election but their ballot papers were disallowed because, for instance, they were not on the electoral roll”. She criticises the government for not taking up the recommendation of The Justice and Electoral Select Committee which suggested that enrolment could take place at the polling booth on the day of the election. She continues: “Refusing to make these changes disenfranchises people. That’s hardly a reputation the Government will want”. Read more »