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Banned from New Zealand television, why?

Why is this banned?

Was it because the ute was too dirty?

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Banned for being too sexy, Carl’s Jr ecstatic with free coverage

The wowsers and fun police have ordered and ad from Carl’s Jr off air because it is too sexy. The PR and marketing firm is said to be ecstatic at the news:

Burger chain Carl’s Jr has been stopped from airing an American advertisement after it was ruled to be using sex to sell an unrelated product.

The commercial for the Memphis BBQ Burger shows two women in bikini tops and short shorts grilling meat on an outside barbecue and then entwining their arms before eating burgers, as two open-mouthed men take pictures with a mobile phone.

It has aired in the US and Mexico but the Commercial Approvals Bureau (CAB), which must approve ads before they screen locally, said it used sex in an exploitative and degrading manner to sell an unrelated product.

CAB general manager Rob Hoar said the decision followed a standard set when complaints against Burger King advertisements featuring bikini-clad women riding horses were upheld, the New Zealand Herald reported.

Russell Creedy of Restaurant Brands, which operates the Carl’s Jr franchise in New Zealand, said the decision reeked of a nanny state mentality.

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