Communities and Residents

AECT results 5-0

C&R continue their lock on the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust after the recent election. They won all five seats on the board. The turn out was just 17.13% showing once again that the left can’t get their voters turned out even in a postal ballot.

Friday 26 October 2012 – Voting closed at 5pm today for the AECT Election of Trustees. The successful candidates are Mike BUCZKOWSKI, William CAIRNS, James CARMICHAEL, Warren KYD and Karen SHERRY. The full results and media release can be viewed below. Dale Ofsoske, Returning Officer, Auckland Energy Consumer Trust. Final Results

Candidate Votes Received
ARMSTRONG, Douglas 15,078
BUCZKOWSKI, Mike (C&R – Communities and Residents) 24,217
CAIRNS, William (C&R – Communities and Residents) 21,665
CARMICHAEL, James (C&R – Communities and Residents) 23,355
FRYER, Glenda (Your Power Team) 21,118
KYD, Warren (C&R – Communities and Residents) 23,388
LECKINGER, Richard (Your Power Team) 16,905
MCMAINS, Tim (Your Power Team) 15,645
MEURANT, Ross 5,442
OLSON, Chris (Your Power Team) 18,751
SHAND, David (Your Power Team) 17,582
SHERRY, Karen (C&R – Communities and Residents) 27,483
Blank Votes 56
Informal Votes 161

I’m sorry, but it is just gay

NZ Herald

Citizens and Ratepayers has ditched their brand for a new green, gay one. Communities and Residents is just lame, the only plus is the retention of C&R, and the logo is limp. It looks like they had it donated for free and has all the quality of something that is free.

Citizens & Ratepayers, the right-leaning political ticket that ran the former Auckland City Council for most of its 74 years, has retired its name and partisan style of politics.

Auckland’s oldest political organisation has become Auckland Communities and Residents – still C&R for short – to broaden its appeal across the Super City.

President Mark Brickell said Citizens & Ratepayers was associated with the former Auckland City. C&R, often referred to as Citrats, performed poorly at the first Super City elections, winning just five seats on the 20-strong Auckland Council.

Mr Brickell said Auckland Communities and Residents was a new organisation for a new city with the aim of establishing citywide branches.

It would still focus on limiting rates rises and affordable policies, but planned to abandon the “whipping” system previously used to compel members to vote the same way.