Community Service

60 hours community work? [POLL]

I find this extraordinary.  Caleb Harris reports:

A former Ministry of Transport manager sentenced for his second drink-driving charge in less than a year hopes others learn from his “fall from grace”.

Bruce Johnson, 47, was a key promoter of road safety with a 30-year public service career until he resigned last October after being caught drink-driving at more than double the legal limit in Martinborough, where he lives.

On August 2, less than four months after getting his licence back, he was again stopped while over the limit in the same town. A breath test showed 751 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath. The legal limit is 400mcg.

Until last year’s conviction, Johnson was the ministry’s aviation and maritime group general manager.

He told The Dominion Post on Friday he had been unemployed since his resignation, and the conviction had cost him his job and career. He is getting professional help to deal with his drinking. Read more »

Should we try public shaming?

Sheena Hardin avoided a school bus by driving on the footpath and a Judge sentences her to stand on the street with a sign saying she’s an idiot.

Is this more effective, and cheaper, than a Community Service sentence?  Perhaps New Zealand can use some pragmatism at this end of the ‘crime’ scale.