Left Wing Blog published ‘racist’ cartoon and no one took offence

Photo-The Daily Blog

Anti-Al Nisbet cartoon Image-The Daily Blog

In 2013 when award winning cartoonist Al Nibet’s cartoon was accused of racism and a complaint was made to the Human Rights Commission, a left wing blog in protest published a similar cartoon. In their version both the white and brown faces of the adults dressed up as children in the original cartoon were substituted with white politician’s faces.

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Backstabbing back stabbers back stab stabs back

“The man behind the muck-raking blog Whale Oil…”

Now hang on a minute…

A complaint about Cameron Slater’s comment on a Newstalk ZB show that gay Labour MP Grant Robertson “enjoys being stabbed from behind” has been dismissed by the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

The man behind the muck-raking blog Whale Oil made the comment in a discussion about the Labour leadership race in August. “He’s the one who really is the natural leader in this out of this whole lot, giving that he enjoys being stabbed from behind,” Slater stated.

It came on The Larry Williams Drive Show during a segment called The Huddle.

James Clark complained that the double-entendre was offensive and ‘disgusting’, and breached good taste and decency standards in the Radio Code of Broadcasting Practice.

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Bad news for Len and his PR crew: the public aren’t letting it lie

A reader shares his communications with the Council

Tena koe Mr McKay

As a business ratepayer to the Auckland Council, I am increasingly concerned about allegations surrounding Mayor Len Brown. The latest allegation that he undertook a secret trip to Hong Kong in January 2013 (which he has now admitted), and the conflicting answers given by his media staff deeply disturbs me.

I am aware that the accounting firm E&Y is currently investigating whether or not the Mayor’s conduct and expenditure was appropriate with regard to the extra-marital affair he has admitted. I am writing to you to urge you to extend the Terms of Reference of this inquiry to include all matters surrounding Mr Brown’s trip to Hong Kong in January 2013. In particular, I believe that the following issues must be investigated immediately:

· Whether expenses were incurred by the Council, and whether reimbursements have been made

· Whether the Mayor received any gifts, including travel, accommodation and hospitality above the Council’s $300 threshold requiring declaration

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