Whaleoil and Gay Express articles lead to review of Sonny Bill William’s BMW sponsorship

Whaleoil covered Sonny Bill William’s friendship with an extremist Muslim hate preacher in the following articles.

Time to change cars?Sonny Bill Williams appointed BMW brand ambassador?-?October 26th 2016?

BMW?s SBW PR disaster spreads?-?November 17 2016

Advice from Sonny Bill Williams ? choose your friends wisely?- January 1st 2017

Online magazine Gay Express also covered the story.?BMW?S LATEST AMBASSADOR LINKED TO ANTI-LGBT+ FIGURES?

Sonny Bill Williams’ friendship with a radical preacher has drawn complaints from community groups and forced his sponsor to respond…

BMW is “re-looking” at its ambassador deal with Sonny Bill Williams after complaints about the rugby star’s association with controversial Muslim clerics.

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I complain therefore I am

The most complained about television show in New Zealand this year was … the news. Nine of the top 10 programmes targeted by disgruntled viewers were flagship news and current affairs offerings on TVNZ, TV3, Prime and Maori Television.

The only non-news show to make the list of shame was TV2’s reality series Neighbours At War.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, The Paul Henry Show featured high in the league table of formal complaints received by the Broadcasting Standards Authority. It was the fourth most complained about show behind One News, Seven Sharp and Campbell Live.

The controversial TV3 host attracted several gripes, which included complaints about him asking a guest scientist if she had sex with Richard Branson.

He also used the “f” word a couple of times, read out a fan’s letter about “lactating boobies” and made suggestive remarks about her.

When contacted by the Herald on Sunday, Henry was unrepentant.

“To be honest, I couldn’t care less … I’m now on holiday,” he said.

Just like we have people like Giovanni Tiso that want to boycott things he doesn’t personally like by trying to get people riled up and act like a mob, there are a handful of sad people who constantly complain about being outraged about something they see, read or hear in the media. ? Read more »


Corrections and apologies

As you may recall, the current brouhaha about Whaleoil being media (or not) essentially hinges on two points: ? 1) People don’t like my work, 2) I don’t answer to anyone – like a professional standards body.

Luckily, neither of those criteria need to be met in law. ?If not liking what I do is a test for deciding if I am to be a journalist and Whaleoil media, then the game would be over for me as well as many others.

As for not answering to anyone, well, that’s also not true. ?I answer to my readers every day. ?And if I don’t do the right thing, they will refuse to come back.

But mistakes get made, and we now have a formal complaints procedure, which incidentally processed its first complaint a few days ago. ?Whaleoil open and accountable? ?Whodathunk?

The main stream media are also forced into correcting mistakes, and most of them aren’t in any way done publicly. ?But when they do, some of them are used for entertainment, rather than a genuine mechanism to correct a mistake.

Here are some entertaining examples from 2013 ? Read more »


Seven Sharp fires, and misses

Seven Sharp has topped the list for BSA complaints this year. ?They tried to be more irreverent, but discovered their audience wasn’t ready for it. ?Too much of a leap.

Just a note to Seven Sharp producers… when I am on TV, do I speak like I write on the blog?

Let that sink in for a while.

Charlie Gates reports on 2013’s biggest “controversies” on television

Seven Sharp:

Presenter’s comment “wet fart in a wedding dress” ? ruled immature, crude and a departure from the language of primetime news, but not a breach of standards.

Shortland Street: ? Read more »

Complaints, I’ve had a few, but then again, not enough to mention…



With the current debate surrounding Whaleoil being part of the Media (or not), one of the concerns that have been expressed across the debate is the apparent absence of a formalised complaints procedure.

Complaints are actually received regularly via email and are ?taken seriously. ?Other complaints may be left as comments and simply not noticed by blog staff. ? Read more »


Read about our complaints process here before adding a comment to this post. ?Adherence to the complaints process is important to be taken seriously, and for us to be able to act seriously. ?Please note your complaint is public, as will be our response. ?Any comments that are not complaints will be removed – please use the General Debate to debate your ideas/concerns/feelings about a particular complaint.

Enter your complaint, with sufficient detail in comments below. ?It should at least have a link to the page concerned. ?Please quote the text that concerns you in full. ?Also explain why you are complaining, and what resolution you are after. ?Complaints that do not have those four elements (link, quoted text, explanation of complaint, resolution sought) will be removed after some time as to keep the historical list of complaints and Whaleoil’s reaction to them with a high signal to noise ratio.

Many thanks for helping out.

UPDATE: can you please flick SB ([email protected]) an email after you leave a complaint? That way you can be sure it will be?seen in a timely fashion. Thanks.


Excuse me, can I have a moment of your time?

We’ve had complaints about the conduct of some of our commenters, and how these comments reflect on Whaleoil as a site and community.

With so many new people reading Whaleoil now, it is time to revisit a few ground rules.

1. Anyone can comment as long as

– it isn’t a lie
– it doesn’t attack another commenter personally
– it is related to the topic under discussion

2. Although it may not seem like it at times, moderators and volunteers have full time jobs besides helping out. ?As a result, we don’t actively consider each comment. ?We rely on you to report comments you feel are well beyond the pail. ?In the first instance, email me – [email protected] dot co .nz and provide a link to the post and at least the name of the commenter and the first sentence of the comment so I can track it down. ?I especially need you to do this if you think the comment is defamatory, illegal and/or suggests physical harm to someone. ? Read more »