“We should be very afraid”…apparently

Why does TVNZ continue to parade Labour flunkies before us and pretend they aren’t. This one says we should be afraid.

Some government departments now have the ability to monitor New Zealanders’ online movements.

ONE News has revealed three ministries are trialling a system that’s catching public messages posted on social media.

Every tweet, Facebook post and video uploaded to YouTube could be of interest to government agencies.

“We should be very afraid. Now why are they doing this?” says Michael Bott, human rights lawyer.

Michael Bott is a failed Labour party candidate, and now he suggests we should be afraid that someone can hoover up publicly available tweets and Facebook messages.? Read more »

Twitter trying to deal with online abuse and bullying in Australia

Twitter is moving to ban online abuse and implement systems to control online bullying using their service.

INTERNET giant Twitter has moved to ban online abuse, as the Federal Government called on it to establish an Australian outpost to deal with community concerns.

The development came as still more victims of cyber hate campaigns came forward yesterday, including top surfer Laura Enever and TV personality Nathan Jolliffe.

Three days after?The Daily Telegraph?launched its #StoptheTrolls campaign, a Twitter spokeswoman finally responded to questions yesterday, saying the company was taking the issue of online harassment seriously.

“We take this issue extremely seriously and have recently updated our abuse policy to make targeted abuse against our terms of service,” Twitter spokeswoman Rachel Bremer said.

She did not specify when the policy was updated or what specifically had changed, however Twitter’s rules of engagement now clearly state: “Technical abuse and user abuse is not tolerated on, and will result in permanent suspension.”

Rules also include: “You may not publish or post direct, specific threats of violence against others” and “you may not publish or post other people’s private and confidential information”.? Read more »

Ugly couple use nicked phone to out themselves as dud roots


Someone nicked a cellphone in the US and it has ended up in the possession of this couple, who are now remotely uploading photos and videos of their dud root sessions to the Dropbox of the original owner of the phone.

A WOMAN is trying to track down the couple that is using her stolen phone after she found their raunchy selfies uploaded to one of her online accounts.

Victoria Brodsky, 39, from Brooklyn in the US, found naked pictures of the couple and even found a video of them engaging in a sex act.

“It seemed like they were getting off after taking the phone,” Ms Brodsky told?The New York Daily News?. “I would love it if they were caught. It’s one thing to steal, but they’re celebrating.” ? Read more »

Did you forget this tweet Martyn?

Martyn Bradbury was busted yesterday…in the documents I released he asked for $5000 for a new laptop, phone and tablet…becuase if he was going to represent the Internet Party he’d ned cool toys.


Bradbury claims he isn’t on the payroll…yet…but strangely re-tweets every tweet of Kim Dotcom’s…he’s worse than the Gurnard.

But did he forget this tweet on January 7?? Read more »

Keeping yourself safe from hackers the IDF way

There aren’t many people who take on the IDF and survive, so when they give you some advice it is usually sound tactics to take it.

On the IDF Blog they have published a guide to help keep you safe from hackers. It is a good article, and realistic which you don’t see often.

So while the leftwing are all running around trying to protect themselves from the NSA these guys are protecting themselves from people who actually want to kill them. So up to you who you listen to…keyboard warriors or real warriors.

IDF commanders in the field?use their mobile phones and computers every day to help them in their work. While these tools are often critical to a mission?s success, they are also vulnerable to hacking.?Israel?s enemies?are constantly trying to gain access to information in order to compromise IDF operations.

Because of the threats it faces, the IDF has developed expert anti-hacking forces, building?military-wide systems that protect classified data from hackers. But making sure that hackers can?t access data on individual commanders? personal devices is just as important. That?s where Sergeant Major Dror steps in. He travels across the country, visiting IDF bases and showing IDF soldiers and officers just how easy it is for terrorists to steal their private data.

Sgt. Maj. Dror takes the soldiers? personal computers and cellphones, and using free software easily downloaded from the internet, demonstrates how to hack them within a matter of minutes. ?If it?s this easy for me, think of how easy it would be for an organization with the will and the means to hack into your computer or phone,? he says.

We sat down with Sgt Maj. Dror, and asked him to share his top tips for how to keep your data safe: ?? Read more »

Luddites blame Wi-Fi for kid’s death

Stories like this make my blood boil.

This family have tragically lost their son to cancer and somehow it is the school’s fault for having wi-fi installed…never mind that they had it in their house as well…and nevermind that their fears are based on no evidence at all.

Two New Zealand parents think a school?s Wi-Fi may have killed their son.

Ethan Wyman, 10, died of brain cancer earlier this year after an 11-month battle.

His parents now want Wi-Fi removed from his school because they believe students there are being exposed to radiation that could lead them to suffer Ethan?s fate.

Though numerous studies have found that Wi-Fi signals do not present any public health risk, Ethan?s Te Horo School has sent a survey to all parents asking if the wireless internet should be removed.? Read more »

Crowd-scorning an accountant

Heard of crowd sourcing? …yeah..thought so..boring, much more fun is crowd scorning and a perfect example of that happened yesterday.

In this article, Steve Waite, partner at accounting firm BDO, has taken it upon himself to argue that GST should be applied to all online transactions, to level the playing field and to “give our retailers on Main Street a bit more time to adapt to the brave new world confronting them”.

Not surprisingly, the accountant has been treated to concentrated vitriol of a sort previously only applied to district court judges who believe that blogs are devil-spawn and not news media.

A couple of samples, of crowd-scorning in full scowl mode:

I must say that I am disappointed to hear comments like this from a supposed expert.

I am buying online not because it’s tax-free but because some retailers charge ridiculously high prices, and it is their own greed that is causing the problem.

For e.g. USD298 Marc by Marc Jacobs bag (NZD360) is being sold for in excess of NZD700. Why would I pay this much when I can buy online for NZD360 – it’s still going to be NZD414 with 15% tax, much cheaper than what the high-end boutique store on High Street charges me.

Read more »

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This is causing some problems for people where they are not getting updated posts.

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Bye Bye Blackberry

I used to own several Blackberry devices…I really liked them especially their secure communications…however they lagged and lagged and lagged behind the technology curve and eventually they were stuck in the middle of a fast highway with pedal car solutions…they just got run down.

BlackBerry Ltd.?will cut 4,500 jobs, write off more than $900-million (U.S.) worth of unsold phones and abandon parts of the consumer wireless market in an attempt to save a business in freefall.? Read more »

Bizarre claims, plus an instructional video for opponents of GCSB Bill

John Key said on Campbell Live that it would cost billions, and take more than 130,000 spies to wade through all the emails and phone calls in New Zealand.

Good luck with that…I get over 200 emails a day excluding spam, if the GCSB want to help me get through my inbox all power to them. On any given day I usually have around 40 or 50 unread emails.

It is absurd But that’s what the left are accusing the PM of planning – perhaps I’ve missed something but I doubt the PM has plans to expand the GCSB to?three times the size of Google?(which had a total headcount in the second quarter of 44,777 employees).

It is real tinfoil hat stuff. I found this instructional video to help the hard core opponents of the GCSB Bill.? Read more »