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The Left come with labels to take your power away

In the light of the growing Pegida movement ? a grouping of disillusioned citizens, neo-Nazis and football hooligans who oppose Muslim immigration and have been backed by the anti-immigration party Alternative f?r Deutschland (AfD) ? the debate in Germany since the attacks in the French capital has been particularly nervous.

Such organisations, just like other populist and anti-immigrant parties gaining support in the polls across Europe, have been quick to make political capital from the attacks, citing them as proof that all their fears about Islamism were true.

?This bloodbath proves that those who laughed at or ignored the fears of so many people about a looming danger of Islamism were wrong,? said Alexander Gauland, a regional leader of AfD, which has its roots in the euro crisis and is currently riding at 25% in nationwide polls, on the day of the Charlie Hebdo attacks. ?This gives new weight to Pegida demands.?

I consider myself a disillusioned citizen, and ?I suspect you might include yourself as well.

But you can see what’s happening by being grouped with football hooliagans and neo-Nazis. ?It makes our opinion evil, extreme, wrong and we’re part of an ugly mob. Read more »

“Drive them into the sea”

Joe Sacco

Joe Sacco, The Guadian