Conor English

Bludging Socialist Ratbag wants Dodgy Dam Built

Federated Farmers are the biggest pack of bludgers in the country. They always want hand outs for farmers, tax breaks for farmers, free water and a free right to pollute. Conor English has continued the fine tradition of bludging in his tenure at Federated Farmers.

English seems to think that farmers deserve the free right to pollute the Tukituki catchment without understanding that a free right to pollute is just a subsidy in drag.

“I found the interim decision disappointing. It said you can build the dam but you can’t use the water.

“It’s a dumb decision and very unfortunate for Hawke’s Bay and will condemn [the Bay] to Third World country status,” English said.

“That dam is finished, that dam will not be built under this current decision. I stand to be corrected on that but it won’t be built and Hawke’s Bay will continue to have amongst the highest unemployment in the country.”

The board of inquiry has come back and told the extremely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council that they cannot turn the Tukituki toxic, but can build their dam if they don?t set N levels at toxicity.

Lets get some facts straight on this.

The extremely dodgy HBRC lead by Fenton ?Jong-Un? Wilson bullied and blustered saying that they could build a dam without managing nitrogen. They paid scientists to change their minds about whether nitrogen management was needed. The Board of Inquiry found the council?s submission to be very, very dodgy saying they couldn?t understand how the scientists who had said N needed to be managed elsewhere in the country could say N didn?t need to be managed in Hawkes Bay.

The extremely dodgy HBRC wanted to turn the Tukituki Toxic so their dodgy socialist dam could go ahead. ? Read more »

Random Impertinent Question

I wonder if Conor English’s resignation from Federated Farmers is in anyway related to the coming selection battle developing in Clutha-Southland?

Federated Farmers, Chief Executive Officer, Conor English, today announced that he would be resigning from the Federation, effective?23 July 2014.

?After a great Christmas break and a great deal of thought, I have decided it is time for me to move on and do other things.? There are many opportunities out there that I would now like to pursue,? Conor English said.

?In July this year, I would have been at Federated Farmers for six years as Chief Executive Officer, which, I believe, is a good length of time. Along with the almost three and a half years I worked at Feds in the 1990s, my total time at Feds is almost 10 years! ? Read more »

Fed Farmers boss gives Greens an old fashioned shellacking

Over the weekend the?Sunday?Star Times?(also in the Press) repeated Green MP Eugenie Sage mouthing off that rural New Zealand?s drinking water is being destroyed by dairy cows.

Next we expect the Green Taliban will blame WW2 on Adolf Hitler?s desire to set up a mega dairy farm.

TV3?s gun researchers read the?Sunday?Star Times then called up Feds CEO to come in.??What they got was Conor English firing on all eight cylinders.? Even better he had the report to hand and you can?read it right here.? The summary is that 96% of water meets the standard.? Read more »

Gareth Morgan is a sanctimonious prick

Gareth Morgan and Conor English slugged it out on Country99TV about pollution:

OK, so it is Gareth?s world view but since he has just purchased a slice of the ?Canes and as international aviation spirits are excluded from both taxation and the ETS, which Mr Morgan is a massive fan of, will he dig into his deep pockets and voluntarily pay the emissions his teams use travelling to games (Phoenix and now the Hurricanes)?

How about voluntarily paying?the tax given he has a social conscience about?

Presumably, as he believes in social equality, he will also pay the real cost of stadiums rather than letting rate and taxpayers subsidise him to be one of the boys.? Yeah Right!

I see the Green Taliban are sticking?their?jowls up Mr Morgan’s cheeks on Twitter – judging by traffic at the Federated Farmers site from some right royal?pinko slime.

Tell me then, what do they reckon about the carbon pumped out by eco-crusading, sport team owning twat?

I envy people like Morgan for doing well, I really do,?but I spew when they turn around and suck on the tit of ratepayers with their sport teams, then get holier than thou about others trying? to earn a crust.