Conservation in New Zealand

Conservation is all about killing things

The liberal elites think hunting is evil…because people like me kill things and eat them.

Despite these attitudes, they also agree with tonnes of 1080 being dumped into our forests, lakes and streams…in order to kill things. At least I am eating my kill.

The bottom line though is every=thing I shoot, kill, and eat is introduced and a pest…someone has to do it.

We all need to do our part.

New Yorker has an article about New Zealand and our desire to rid ourselves of these introduced pests.

In the days?perhaps weeks?it had spent in the trap, the stoat had lost most of its fur, so it looked as if it had been flayed. Its exposed skin was the deep, dull purple of a bruise, and it was coated in an oily sheen, like a sausage. Stoat traps are often baited with eggs, and this one contained an empty shell. Kevin Adshead, who had set the trap, poked at the stoat with a screwdriver. It writhed and squirmed, as if attempting to rise from the dead. Then it disgorged a column of maggots.

?Look at those teeth,? Adshead said, pointing with his screwdriver at the decomposing snout.

Adshead, who is sixty-four, lives about an hour north of Auckland. He and his wife, Gill, own a thirty-five-hundred-acre farm, where for many years they raised cows and sheep. About a decade ago, they decided they?d had enough of farming and left to do volunteer work in the Solomon Islands. When they returned, they began to look at the place differently. They noticed that many of the trees on the property, which should have been producing cascades of red flowers around Christmastime, instead were stripped bare. That was the work of brushtail possums. To save the trees, the Adsheads decided to eliminate the possums, a process that involved dosing them with cyanide.? Read more »

US Journalist knows nothing about NZ, and quotes anti mining snail hugger Nikola Toki to prove it

Bloody hell, I don’t even know where to start. The article that I am about to pick apart piece by piece has almost left me beyond words….almost. It just goes to show you why intellect depleted vegans should stay off the internet, and out of other peoples business.

The following article is riddled with mistakes, bullshit, misinformation, ignorance and downright stupidity in regards to a pest at the centre of decades of controversy: the common brushtail possum. ?Chicago based journalist Rachel Gross ?(trained and skilled?)?writing for?The Atlantic who would feel more than at home at the Herald, has given her worthless empty thoughts towards a NZ problem.

And she doesn’t get off to a good start either. This is what a possum in NZ is meant to look like:

whoops, wrong picture!


But here comes the slurry of incompetence, please bear with me because this is a long one. Some of the insanely stupid comments will be in bold text, but not all. That would incorporate the entire article. Read more »